Receding River Leaves Mud (and Fish) in its Wake

Flood waters that had closed several roads over the weekend in Clarke County, Virginia have receded by Monday night. Although roads are now open, motorists should still use caution because as rapidly receding floodwaters have left debris and thick mud in many places.

Heavy rain over the weekend resulted in flooding of area rivers and streams - Photo Bonnie Jacob

Large carp were witnessed in the roadway in at least one location.

According to the National Weather Service, flood stage for the Shenandoah River is 13.5 feet. River gauge MILW2 at Millwood, West Virginia indicated 10.3 feet at 8:00 am Monday morning.

A special thanks to Bonnie Jacobs for contributing her excellent photos!

Road crews caution drivers and close flood-prone roads on Saturday - Photo Bonnie Jacobs

Route 603 was closed by high water on Monday after heavy rains covered over the weekend - Photo Edward Leonard

A woodland path in Shenandoah Retreat was transformed into a rushing brook - Photo Bonnie Jacob

Flooding Sunday around 4:00 pm on Lockes Mill Road - Photo Bonnie Jacobs



Flooding provides a photo-op for young river watchers - Photo Bonnie Jacobs

Flood waters remained high on Lockes Mill Road as of Monday morning - Photo Bonnie Jacobs


Flooding at Lockes Mill Road on Monday - Photo Bonnie Jacobs

Carp stranded by flood waters near Elerslie Farm - Photo Bonnie Jacobs

Carp stranded by flood waters - Photo Bonnie Jacobs



A horse fence is submerged along the Shenandoah River in Clarke County, Virginia - Photo Edward Leonard

Route 603 was covered in mud and water from flooding - Photo Edward Leonard

The Shenandoah River was still near flood stage on early Monday morning - Photo Edward Leonard


  1. HOLY CARP!!!

  2. River Watcher says:

    It was crazy, my neighborhood is still a mess! My road has 3-4 ft ditches on one side, the water took a good portion of the road. Its now a one lane road in that section. Part of my driveway is somewhere down the road…
    Saturday night we were all trapped, there was no way out that didn’t have water over 2ft deep.
    I was finally able to get down to the river Monday, I was pretty shocked that there was still huge trees booking down the river. The beautiful blue bells so sad they were under water getting destroyed.
    Be careful along the river there is some unstable trees.