REC’s Operation Round Up Hits a “Grand Slam” With the Caroline Little League

Operation Round Up (ORU), a voluntary, member-funded program at Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC), is pleased to announce that the Caroline County Little League was the recipient of its largest donation to date in the amount of $10,000. The ORU governing board, Community Awareness of Rappahannock Electric Charity Inc. (C.A.R.E. Charity Inc.) reviewed numerous applications and determined that the Little League’s need for bleachers and replacement light bulbs would benefit not only the Caroline County community, but also the visiting teams and groups using the fields.

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative's C.A.R.E. Charity Inc. board chairman Dan Wallace (L) and board member Josephine White (R) presented a $10,000 check for field improvements to the Caroline County Little League president Lisa Dutton at the league's opening ceremonies on April 9.


Lisa Dutton, Caroline Little League President said, “This is a wonderful gift that the league really needs. We are so grateful to receive this award and know that it will benefit so many in our community who utilize our fields.”


Caroline County Little League received their donation during opening day ceremonies on April 9. C.A.R.E. Charity Inc. board chairman Dan W. Wallace (who represents Spotsylvania and Stafford) and board member Josephine E. White (who represents the Town of Bowling Green and the counties of Caroline, Essex, King and Queen, and King William) presented the check to Lisa Dutton.


White said, “This donation will provide the facilities needed to accommodate the youth that are in dire need of productive activities during their spare time. I would like to thank all the volunteers who are lending their time and talents to help enhance the development of our youth into productive citizens for the future and encourage REC member-owners to volunteer to have their electric bill rounded up through Operation Round Up.”


REC members who have voluntarily enrolled in ORU donate approximately $6 to $12 per year, and all donations are tax deductible. While less than a dollar a month may not sound like much, it offers significant support for groups like the Caroline Little League, school programs, philanthropic groups, non-profit organizations, rescue squads, fire departments and other deserving causes within REC’s service area.


If you are member, REC asks that you consider enrolling in the ORU program. Once you enroll, the extra change from your electric bill will be dedicated to charitable causes. Enroll online by visiting REC’s website or call 800-552-3904 for more information.


  1. I guess my $825 electric bill went to a good cause after all………..

    • I am so sorry for you that your bills are so high! Once again, I can’t figure that out. I live in the town, have a 2,000 sq ft home with four people, kids running in and out, tons of laundry, and I leave a light on outside all night. We try, but we are not very frugal. I just checked and here is my latest bill: $146.96 RAPP ELEC PAYMENT.

    • Electrofly says:

      If your bill is $825, you are totally doing something wasteful. Unless there is a mansion on Main st that I don’t know about.

  2. Allan "Bugs McWilliams says:

    I hate to admit this but my last bill actually went down a small amount from the same period last year.

  3. Go to work every day and turn off just about everything in the house…..[redacted] I should be able to provide electric for half of Main St. for $825!

  4. My 2 Cents says:

    Pushing $700.00 here. I am at a loss for words. I have never seen one company so concerned about their image more than REC!!!!!!!!!! They are killing people with their fees…. How people are making it is beyond me…… But yet every month they are out giving money [redacted]

  5. another 2 cents says:

    I’d love to know how someone has a $146 bill! We have a small house, everyone is gone all day, and ours is $500. Almost double what we paid last year in a larger house. When I lost my job, Allegheny was very helpful about moving the due date to correspond with a payday, or split up the payments over the next couple of bills. Now I’m trying to get back on my feet, Rappahannock just says, no we can’t help. Glad they can help send out PR releases and slick magazines.

    • That would be me with the $146 bill. I live in Battlefield Estates (behind Food Lion). Maybe other residents in this neighborhood could share if they have similar bills? I need to pull out my usage levels/rates though so we could all compare apples to apples. Are you ALL electric as in baseboard, etc? We have gas heat, all electric kitchen and all electric laundry.

      Also, as I read the article above, this money is from donations, not taken from customer payments. Maybe what you are suggesting (which would be nice) is that a fund be created that helps to pay bills when people run into difficulty? Doesn’t the electric company do something like that? I would pitch in for a charity like that…