Remodeling Project Underway at the Former Lighthouse Restaurant

House of Light 3A major remodeling project is underway at the site of the former Lighthouse Restaurant.   Brian McClemens, owner of the Berryville Grille, has leased the space which is directly beside his restaurant and plans to open  a combination coffeeshop and bookstore there  on June 1st.   It will be called, “The House of Light,” and fulfills a long-standing desire on McClemens’ part to honor his commitment to his faith in the Lord.

The business will sell Christian books, cards, videos, CDs, and other gift items.   Members of his church are helping with the selection of these items.   If you have admired the interesting gospel-inspired message tee-shirts worn by McClemens you will have the opportunity to find them in a section he will devote to Kerusso products.

Brian McClemens

Brian McClemens, owner of The Berryville Grille

The former Lighthouse bar will be refurbished with a deli case.   For sale will be a variety of beverages such as  gourmet coffees, teas, juices, and soft drinks.   Soups, salads, and simple sandwiches will be offered.   McClemens is trying to partner with Greg Malucci of Bon Matin to provide the pastries.   Plans for the kitchen?   It will be refurbished and become the base of operations for a catering business McClemens hopes to launch later this year.

Overlooking the deli will be an inviting lounge with sofa, comfortable chairs and tables.   “It will be a place where people come and get relaxed and reenergized,” said McClemens.   The hardwood floors will be restored to a gleam.   Group meeting space will be created.   Don’t be surprised to hear a guitarist or small combo providing entertainment one of these days when The House of Light opens its doors and let’s some sunshine in.


  1. Sharon Strickland says:

    Brian and Heidi and other family members are to be congratulated for their forward thinking in bringing great businesses to our small Blue Ridge town. We so enjoy eating at the Berryville Grille with the nice bright environment and great food.

    As a writer of children’s stories, I hope to sell my material in their new House of Light. I know other writers in our county will also enjoy seeing their work featured in such a place.

    Good luck to them in this wonderful new endeavor. And, as I told Heidi on Monday evening, open up the front of the new store and let the light in.

  2. Soldiers Rest says:

    The End of an era. The place needs to stay a bar, it was the only “Local” one in town. Now just another boutique like business is being put up to cater to people driving thru. The town has a coffee shop already.

    • Right Winger says:

      Well, if it needed to stay a bar, then the Lighthouse would probably still be open. Camino Real has a bar, doesn’t it? At least, there was a bar when it was the Olympic Flame.

      • The Camino Real does have a bar !! Check it out !! Abel is a Great Owner and a Great Friend of mine !!! He would love for all to check his bar out !! Thanks !! Have a BLESSED Day !!

    • Actually there a number of bars and taverns in Berryville. Battletown Inn, Camino Real, even the new Berryville Grill.

      I have to disagree with you about catering to people “driving thru”. As is evidenced by the Berryville Grill and the Daily Grind, they bring the people of Berryville together.

    • I agree. The end of an era. The town is changing with the cul-de-sac transplant folks.

      • Sharon Strickland says:

        Wish you felt better about the cul-de-sac folks because our dollars are helping the town to stay alive. We shop here and we eat here as much as we can. Too bad the “dude” doesn’t like us. We really are nice people.

        • Never said I didn’t like anyone. Please dont’ generalize saying “we are nice people”. It really makes no sense regarding this topic. I like a lot of people.
          Things have changed in town over the past several years. You would have had to live here to see how. The older regulars do not want to “Loudoun” Clarke County, unfortunately, Berryville has not gotten that message.

          Your dollars are helping the town to stay alive? Yes, you pay your share, we all do, but the infrastructure was not ready for the growth in town. You may be helping to keep Berryville alive, but the surge in Berryville population is killing a great school system.

          • Right Winger says:

            “…Yes, you pay your share, we all do, but the infrastructure was not ready for the growth in town. You may be helping to keep Berryville alive, but the surge in Berryville population is killing a great school system.”

            And who allowed the growth? That’s who your beef should be with.

          • There is no beef, just calling it like I see it.
            The schools have suffered, fact. Lack of planning. is anyone to blame?

          • Right Winger says:

            The people that approved the growth but did not plan for it are to blame. The lovely gentrified BOS.

          • Town or County?

          • Right Winger says:

            Well let’s see…Hermitage is in the Town, so blame them. Boyce Crossing, Roseville Downs, etc. are in the County, so blame them.

          • tickytack_homeowner says:

            Unwelcoming sentiments like yours are exactly why after 10 years I’m ready to move out of this town. I brought my family out here for the same small-town life you seem to enjoy, having no interest in a local Starbucks or a WalMart or any of that, but the petty behavior by the “older regulars” has made it clear that outsiders are not wanted.

            Congratulations, you win. Savor your victory, and don’t worry, I won’t let the door hit my butt on the way out.

          • Welcome to small town America.

      • Jeane Cromer says:

        Dude-if it helps you file, the Governor outlawed any more cul-de-sacs about a year ago.

  3. Berryville can always use “New Light” & “HOPE”, however my concern is that we will now have “2” coffee shops, This will take the entire town to continue to support these local business’s !!! Let’s make sure we as a town support both !!!

    • Actually the town will have 3 coffee shops. Bon Matin counts too. Also, I hope everyone will continue to support some of our other fine restaurants too. Focaccia Grill is a wonderful place to eat. I hope they survive.

      • Lonnie Bishop says:

        Part of why some don’t make it is just that – there are perhaps TOO many of them to support adequately. Folks can only afford to eat out but so frequently.

    • The entire town cannot support, because of the limited parking

  4. Michelle says:

    This will be a coffee shop AND book store. No more running to Winchester for gifts! I can’t wait to shop & hang out with a cup of coffee. Heidi and Brian care about this town, let’s support their efforts!

  5. Brian stole my idea, but he has the money, so good on him. I respect that you represent your faith and all that, but it’s kinda not an attention grabber for the non-secular people in the community. Sadly, if I feel like the Lord is being pushed down our throats if we patron there, I probably won’t be going back.

    NOW… that said, the restaurant does not exhibit this kind of behaviour, so I’m praying 😉 that the coffee shop doesn’t either.

    p.s. – What happened to the French guys that owned Bon Matin ?

    • Right Winger says:

      What happened to the original owners of Bon Matin? His wife made him sell it, he was “working there” too much. 😉

    • Jesus is big business.

    • you mean it is not an attention grabber for the secular people within the community.
      i don’t get why it has to be a “christian” bookstore/coffeeshop. the idea is great–a bookstore/coffeeshop is nice, but the exclusive label is going to turn a lot of people off.
      we already have a bookstore and we have a coffeeshop.

  6. Krystin Ryder says:

    I think its awesome what Brian and Heidi have brought to this community and I encourage it 100%. I have been to the Grille several times and the food is awesome. I still give Camino Real and Battletown business even though they are also restaurants in town. The fact that Brian is working with the local bakery is even another reason I think I will be going to the coffee shop. Via facebook Brian and Heidi have both encouraged something my father instilled in me since I was a child and that is always to give to my local community first and go outside when and if its the only option left. Good luck to Brian and Heidi in there new adventure and you will be seeing us frequently! 🙂

  7. I gotta agree with Soldiers Rest about this representing the end of an era…of course, I still miss the Avalon II, so I guess my age is showing.

    Best of luck to the new proprietor.

  8. Tony Parrott says:

    Can’t wait for it to open so we can check it out.

  9. Prediction – Out of business within a year

    • Harsh…

      • Syd Barrett says:

        I am betting they make it !!! I am willing to bet that the other coffee shops will be gone with in 3 months !!!!

        • doubt it. not enough religous nut jobs in B-ville

          • Lonnie Bishop says:

            That sort of incendiary, shallow-minded claptrap has nothig to do with anything but pushing ill will when such does not need to be pushed. Give them a chance. The businesses surviving will do so because (A) they offer an experience that enough people enjoy, and (B) folks think with their wallets. Good value and experience and products = more customers.

            Snarky slurs of a religious conviction aren’t necessary.

          • Agreed. Snarky sums up Jim’s comments quite well.

  10. Hey, another “Christian” making money off the “Lord”
    Oh the shame.

  11. And the Grill sells booze! What hypocrites

    • Right Winger says:

      They sell beer and wine. What’s hypocritical about that?

      • It’s anti Christian to consume alcohol. the devil’s liquid

        • Lonnie Bishop says:

          Not according to my Bible. It says to do all things in moderation, and to avoid drunkenness. 1 or 2 beers does not make one drunk (but perhaps should suggest a designated driver).

        • Sharon Strickland says:

          Sorry! Do your research about the Wedding Feast of Cana –Jesus changed the water into wine.

      • Consuming alcohol is not a christian way

      • Syd Barrett says:

        That right !!! What is the issue !!! I think this is being fueled by an owner of a coffee shop who is scared of having another Coffee shop… I heard that the House of Light is giving away FREE Coffee for the First Month the open !!! They Rock !!!

    • Who says Christians can’t drink beer?

  12. Lonnie Bishop says:

    There’s nothing hypocritical, as long as folks remember that anything taken to excess is a sin. Having a beer with friends at The Grill isn’t a sin.

    My point, to echo an earlier posting, is this: “I can’t wait” for the day when folks don’t have to drive to Charles Town, Winchester, or Stephens City to purchase clothes and shoes not already worn by someone else; when folks don’t have to drive very far to purchase electronics; etc.

    Until the town elders and the owner of the property near Food Lion end their squabbles, all downtown will become are eateries, small-time professional offices, and an art gallery. The parking issues remain the same. The land near Food Lion is ideally suited for a Creekside-type small retail place. Heck, put a restaurant out there, like Applebee’s, and catch some of the evening commuter traffic.

    I do wish Brian and Heidi much success, as I hate seeing storefronts become revolving doors of businesses that launch but then fizzle. It sounds like they have a really solid business plan for their operations. That is impressive.

    • Common Sense says:

      The reason we don’t have clothing, electronics, etc. in B’ville is because people prefer to drive to anywhere there is a Wally World or a Target to save money. Local businesses can’t compete with that.

      No one can require a creekside style shopping center. If we get a strip mall we will end up with what the developer proposeses. Perhaps a Walmart would make some folks happy but then those of us who came here to get away from that mess would have to look elsewhere, an increasingly difficult place to find. Applebees, a common, rubber-stamp chain is exactly what we don’t need here. As many have said, we have plenty of restaurants.

      If you want box stores you can live anywhere. Why destroy the last oasis that does not have a box store or a strip mall?

      And yes, it costs more in taxes to have the benefit of living in such a beautiful and under developed county/town.

      • Clarke County Caucasian says:

        Common Sense couldn’t have said it much better! It does cost more to live in such a beautiful undeveloped county/town. Take a look at Loudoun or Frederick, plenty of strip malls, sub-divisions and chain restaurants. Is there anything wrong with this? No. But what we have here is unique and good.

        Imagine, hard borders between a town and countryside in Northern Virginia! Imagine, a county in Northern Virginia with only one high school! Imagine, a county in Northern Virginia where local government officials are accessible. That’s just a little of what makes Clarke such a wonderful place.

        I have always believed that Clarke’s small geographical size (third smallest county in Virginia) helps keep the chain stores out; Not because we aren’t big enough, but because all of us can easily drive west or east if we want the “urban” experience. But it’s nice to come home to a place where the skies are dark at night and bears still knock the garbage cans over from time to time. A place where the school bus driver still knows the names of each kid who rides the bus. A place where we can still count the number of traffic lights in the entire county on one hand (and just a few fingers).

        Look around, things are changing for the better in our towns and community. Positive things are happening everywhere in Clarke, get involved and add to the good vibes.

      • Lonnie Bishop says:

        Actually…zoning ordinances can prescribe certain aesthetic details. Williamsburg and other localities used that to get “WallyWorld” to change its drab gray/blue/red exterior color scheme to one that better fits the surrounding architecture. Nowadays, “WallyWorld” has several looks.

        I’m not suggesting a “WallyWorld” or a Target or a “strip mall; we don’t have the population for such a large store, and something like Creekside can be tailored to fit the Berryville aesthetic. But…if all that Berryville becomes known for are small restaurants, small professional offices, a few convenience stores and service stations, and the Barns…that’s not really sustainable. Red Apple is the only gas station in town, thus it remains viable. The lone pharmacy – same thing. Likewise the florist.

        My point is that, if some other businesses wanted to locate here, they can’t because there is a dearth of decent, small-scale retail space with efficient parking available downtown. Thus, those potential employees aren’t there to add additional customers to the eateries downtown, or get their cars serviced, or get a haircut on their lunch breaks, etc.

        It’s great that a local couple seems to have a viable plan to expand the food service opprotunities in town, but the town elders should do more to encourage other retail opportunities, and should do more to make use of some pretty prime retail land there by the Food Lion. To not do so because of some beef with that property owner is shortsighted.

    • Soldiers Rest says:

      “I can’t wait” for the day when folks don’t have to drive to Charles Town, Winchester, or Stephens City to purchase clothes and shoes not already worn by someone else; when folks don’t have to drive very far to purchase electronics; etc.”

      – Then move there, Common Sense says it best

    • If you want a strip mall and chain restaurants, fast food, etc. Move back to Fairfax or Loudoun, hey, even Winchester.
      Not in my beloved Clarke County.

  13. Like any town, there is usually more than one business that offers the same product or service… Each business has to carve out their unique niche to appeal to the public. Look at the big picture folks! This is bringing business AND people to Berryville!!! A year ago this time our Main Street was like a ghost town, now it’s showing a re-birth! It’s not easy to embrace change, but without change, things die! Celebrate Berryville! Eat Locally, Shop Locally!

  14. Look up the 3/50 project…on Facebook….or elsewhere…

    • Lonnie Bishop says:

      A worthy campaign. But, again, if the primary offereing downtown, especially in the evening hours, are restaurants, business will be limited because most folks can only afford to eat out but so often. The barbershops close up by 6; the pharmacy and service stations about the same time. JV Music stays open, but that’s a niche market. The dollar stores and the ABC store are open, but…whoo-hoo.

      What else? The architects, the dentist, the lawyers…not retail. The thrift store? A welcome addition, but you get what you pay for.

      My point is that, if I need to buy some clothes, or some shoes, I can’t do so in Berryville when I’m in town @ the bank or getting my teeth cleaned or my haircut. I’ve got to make a seperate trip out of town, burning more gas, taking more time, and depositing tax revenue somewhere else. The residents don’t have the choice to spend that money in town or elsewhere, and that’s unfortunate.

      I like the fact that Berryville/Clarke County still affords a decent view of the Milky Way (although those dang raccoons can move along!), and I appreciate that my nieces and nephews know their bus drivers and the mail carrier and I can swap stories when she comes by. Don’t fog the issue with Rockwellian visions of the life bucolic.

  15. Personally, I would really like to see the return of a video rental place. I prefer not to subscribe to Netflicks for $9 per month and the Dish pay-per-view is very limited in its selection.

    As far as new growth and different stores, I agree, we need a chain Pharmacy with better hours. We could also use a competing grocery store which could go somewhere between Berryville and Boyce. Clothing and shoes may not be able to thrive due to our small population in this area. Yet something other than a couple dollar stores would be most welcome.

    • Jeane Cromer says:

      Bubba-as an FYI there is a new Red Box ( video rental) at the 7-11. It’s only $1 a day for new releases. You can pre-order on line and it will be reserved for you. From time-to-time you will get free rentals. You can also return to any redbox( Wal-Mart etc)

  16. I think it will be wonderful for this christian coffee shop to come to town i have lived here going on 4 years now and the lighthouse did not make it because it was not meant to be. The Berryville Grille is amazing along with camino real and a couple others in this town. If the Grille is doing so well because of Brian and Heidi than i have faith that the House Of Light will do the same. I know everyone has there own opinions and you have a right to but you also have to remember we want to keep berryville a close knit community and they are helping to do so especially using local bakery’s and local produce. I have faith that this will hit the ground running and all of you that dont agree will see that this will be successful. Other wise you can say i told you so.

    • I’ve eaten at the grill 2x. It’s average at best.

      • Michelle says:

        Gee “dude”, when you go through life with such a sour taste in your mouth, it’s no wonder things taste “average at best”! Stay home then, means more room for the rest of us that want to support a downtown business instead of seeing yet another establishment have to close down.

  17. Yes, okay, I’ll continue to spend money at a place I do not enjoy. I’ve lived in this town for many years and continue to support the local businesses. When I find a place I like they get my repeat business. According to you, spend money at a place even if you do not like the product just because it is local.
    I don’t have a “sour” taste in my mouth, but actually appreciate crafted foods made with fresh ingredients, that have stimulating qualities. That place ain’t it, so you can have my seat, MICHELLE, if that is your real name.

  18. Michelle says:

    Yes, Michelle is my real name (so is “dude” what’s on your driver’s license?)and how you got that someone should spend money at a place they don’t enjoy from my post is ridiculous. My point was that you are coming off as very antagonistic and negative, so yes, stay home, or frequent whatever other restaurants in town that fit your qualifications, because many, many, people in Clarke do find the Berryville Grille to have quite good food indeed and enjoy eating there and being able to support a local business. I’m done, no more troll food from me!

  19. The Lighthouse has gone through many changes over the years. I am sorry that the last owners did not work out because the food was very good. The problem being is how many restaurants can Berryville hold?
    For those that want to make life easier by having a Target,or Walmart close by then they should have never moved to the country. Also, please do not honk as soon as the light changes green, again a country town that moves at a country pace.

    Anyway, good luck to Heidi and Brian. I will be there to check out the goodies.

  20. Soldiers Rest says:

    “For those that want to make life easier by having a Target,or Walmart close by then they should have never moved to the country”

    couldnt had said it better myself

  21. Lonnie Bishop says:

    Wow…if folks don’t agree with you, they should get out of your bucolic oasis? Yeah…THAT is a neighborly attitude. This county, and town, has seen for the past 10 years that the status quo doesn’t really help it pay for necessary services. Without expanded retail tax revenues, where does the burden then fall? On the property owners. But…with so many acres locked into conservation easements or “land use” status, the overall tax burden is further limited and positive development opportunities are foresaken.

    I do like green space, and driving along old stone fences, and seeing horses gamboling across a field as much as the next guy. I understand why development was relegated to Berryville and Waterloo, given the utilities infrastructure in place at those locations. But the “no box stores” mantra, coupled with the “if ya don’t like it, get out” mentality, undercuts the image of our fair community as being “open for business.”

    • Soldiers Rest says:

      Open for Business?????? We all must know that Businesses or any other corporate entity besides local ones do NOT GIVE A [redacted] about our lifestyles or our way of living here. Thats why you dont give them the chance to get in the door. Every small town over the mountain going east on 7 is an example

  22. You know what cracks me up though….if we did happen to have a CVS,Walgreens,Applebee’s, or (whatever else that would not be allowed in B-ville)…..the people complaining about them…would be the first one’s knocking you out of the way to get in.

    • It that your real name, “Fly”?!?!

      • If your a life long B-Ville Native….then you will know exactly who I am….

        • I am a native for sure, but honestly I have no clue who you are, or why you would refer to yourself as an insect.. My point exactly!! Clarke County needs a lot of change!

  23. Right Winger says:

    It doesn’t even have to be a CVS or Walgreens. Food Lion could handle an expansion, and have a flower shop to boot. They’ve got one at the Winchester store where Krogers used to be. But letting FL do that would cut into Sponseller’s and the Vincent’s business, and we ALL know that could never happen. 😉

  24. This is 2010 people!! Times have changed, and will continue to change even in a small town. What is wrong with competition?!?! The “Good Ol’ Boys” won’t be around forever! Do you know how nice it is to drive through B’Ville and actually see businesses that are open?!? This place has been a ghost town forever. I wish new business venture the best of luck..:)

  25. One more question!….Since when did Double Tollgate become the “Mecca” of Clarke County? Wow! It’s hard to believe that you can drive to Double Tollgate and eat a McDonalds Quarter Pounder….but you can’t in Berryville.

    PS—Please save the….But we have the Tastee Freeze!

    • Lonnie Bishop says:

      Actually…Waterloo has the McDonald’s. Double Tollgate has a 7-11, and Dinosaurland. But…your larger point is clear.

      • Soldiers Rest says:

        Double Tollgate ie Clarke County, does not have the 7-11, it is over on the Fredrick County side.

        • Lonnie Bishop says:

          Actually…checking with several maps, the county line crosses about 720 feet west of the intersection of 522/277/340, and cuts through the Flea Market. Both Dinosaurland and the 7-11 are indeed in Clarke County. Do your homework, sir.

    • Lonnie Bishop says:

      Also, Double Tollgate is slated for that because a certain Yale graduate on the BoS wants it to happen.

    • In a rural county such as Clarke, you have limited areas where traffic converges (and where significant infrastructure and rights of way either exist or can easily be implemented). I suspect Double Toll Gate meets both of those criteria, and hence has been slated for potential commercial buildout per the County’s Comprehensive Plan.

    • LoveBville says:

      You can get McD’s in ANY horrible town in the USA. Berryville is a fine example of a town that has resisted all that. In Berryville it is still possible to own your own business (florist, pharmacist, coffee shop, etc…) rather than becoming a minimum wage employee of some national chain.

      I fully support the idea, and the fact, that my neighbors can still follow their dreams, open their businesses, work hard, and make a living in the business of their choice. I will always patronize a Berryville Pharmacy or Sponsellors (sp? – sorry folks) over a CVS because it is a business OWNED by a member of our community. Perhaps it costs me a dollar or two more. So what? I (sadly) sometimes drop that on lunch.

      • I like McD’s at least once a month I go to one. Liked the one in Waterloo, but then I found the one just inside Winchester on 7.. Decisions, decisions. I was pretty happy when they allowed a 7-11 on the South Side of 7, cause it was closer to home than the Q-stop (now also a 7-11) and that was handy for getting milk at 3AM. Also good for buying gas while going to work heading East. What are the reasons to shop in Berryville? A Food Lion, that’s about it. Of course the meat and fish selection is better at Martins, but the Food Lion is closer.. For a haircut? Not with those hours. Get home from DC (work) at 6PM, best keep on to Winchester for the haircut. Likewise on Saturday or Sunday afternoons (forget about Wednesdays also, local B’ville tradition, no haircuts allowed on Wednesdays). Maybe to shop for hardware? I tried that once. Went to a place called Berryville Hardware (it is a Greek Restaurant or something similar now) for a Phillips screwdriver (large size) which I needed right away. I was told he could order it and have it for me in two days. I declined and went to Lowe’s and had it that day, in less than an hour in fact.

        The Lighthouse was a very good place to collect local gossip. Alcohol definitely loosens tongues. It had good steaks too. It had 4 or 5 owners in the decade or so I visited there. IMO the problem with the Lighthouse lay with them. One sold it to an ex=short order cook who hated America and who later fled the US ahead of Sheriff’s warrants and law suits. Another person who was, in the opinion of many, a little strange, and forgetful about certain bills acquired it next, then he sold it to someone who had issues, and who wasn’t likely to be found near a church, then he too went bust and someone who should have known better eventually acquired it and over staffed the place and tried to change the customer base till he/they also went under. [Doesn’t anyone do market surveys anymore? Whatever happened to written business plans and actually following them?] Now it is a cafe store where I could (if so inclined) buy a cup of tea or a sandwich to drink while reading religious books. Meanwhile the demographics of the county and the Town (i.e., the customer base that kept the Lighthouse lurching along) remain unchanged. Good luck with this venture. If you add free wireless and Internet gaming booths you will probably pack the teenagers in.

  26. Soldiers Rest says:

    I have first hand knowledge that [redacted] quoted that [redacted] WANTS to put [redacted] and any other competing place out of business. Sounds like a person really here to help the town. One must decide if you are going to be Capitalist and or Christian. Cant be both, they dont go together, I think we all know Jesus was a socialist.[redacted] Its one thing to be a family of businesses like Bville is, its another thing if your plan is to drive competition out of town and literally destroy families and homes. [redacted] not what this small town needs. The food and prices are decent…..[redacted] WWJD? prolly not try to make money of the “lord” and “savior”

    • First hand knowledge means you heard it from the source. Did you in fact launch into this tirade with this person when you had the opportunity face to face? I can guess your response. Snarky attacks based on gossip don’t support the moral high ground you attempt to claim. I suggest you go some place else to rest…

    • Lonnie Bishop says:

      Well…no, they don’t go together…at least, not in the current Wall Street, Reaganomics, “trickle down” methodology. Jesus wasn’t a socialist; if anything, he was a communist, as He advocated that everyone should treat their neighbors as themselves and that there should be no want among us. Additoinally, I think the family of the Chic-Fil-A founder would beg to differ that one cannot be both a Christian AND a capitalist; seems those two characteristics have worked pretty well for them.

      Save us your melodramatic speechifying and heated rhetoric. All you’ve done is cast yourself in a negative light.

  27. Clarke Local says:

    Here’s the point, it’s bigger than a “Christian” coffee shop. The argument on this board appears to be whether we should turn Clarke County into Loudoun or not, and that plan appears to be being perpetrated by individuals who moved here from there in the first place (occasionally, at least on here under the guise of “locals”). I could easily stick to the tried and true “Love it or Leave it” motto but the let’s get down to brass tacks here, if you want to live within walking distance of a Walmart you can either move back to Loudoun (which you left because you didn’t like living there for whatever reason) or you can move to Winchester and commute a little farther. There is no reason to build some atrocious strip mall in Berryville with it’s rich history and beautiful scenery. Anyone ever been to Middleburg? seen how well the Safeway fits in with it’s old world charm? Let’s try to avoid that kind of mistake shall we? It’s not about progress in a small town it’s about keeping a way of life going that all of us who grew up here love and don’t think needs changing. Thanks, but No Thanks.

    • Lonnie Bishop says:

      Wow…nobody is advocating an “atrocious strip mall” or anything of the sort. Something like Creekside is not “atrocious” at all; actually, the architecture is very good…certainly not like Delco Plaza or anything. So…spare us your over-the-top dismissals.

      If the Planning Commissions, which approved all of the houses, showed more forward thinking instead of merely maintaining “a way of life going that all of us who grew up here love and don’t think needs changing,” a progressive balancing point could be found. The simple fact is that there is NOT enough business tax revenue in CC or Berryville, and thus more of the costs of services fall on homeowners and property owners to pay. It’s about looking at ways to augment revenues yet maintain the spirit that is Berryville/CC. Acknowledging that Berryville is limited – in its current planning – to do so is the first step.

      Just because it’s always been seen this way doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s been the correct way of looking at things.

  28. I would agree with your statement…only if Berryville didn’t roll the streets up at 5 o’clock each day.

  29. Berryville Grille is an awesome addition to the restaurant scene in town. Meals are tasty and reasonable, the service is friendly and the atmosphere is pleasant. However, I am skeptical of a christian bookstore and coffee shop… mainly because I don’t care to have religion of any kind pushed down my throat, or in my face. Also, I really like the current iteration of the Berryville Newsstand coffee shop and intend to continue to patronize as much as I can.

    I do not understand people who complain about parking in Berryville. How close to your destination do you expect to park? There’s on street parking (limited, I know) and free lot parking one short block from Main Street. Really, I don’t see a problem.

    There’s no way you are going to find everything you need to buy in a town the size of Berryville. So once or twice a week you have to motor in to Winchester to shop. So what? It’s a choice to live here. Look at what it is and decide if you want to live here. If you prefer to live closer to major shopping and more conveniences, perhaps you should chose to live somewhere that offers that. I do not understand people who move here and then want to change the way it is. I’m not saying that anyone who is here should leave, but I do wonder why some people came here in the first place.

  30. JK,

    You make some good points but religion is not being “pushed down your throat” just because a Christian bookstore/coffee shop exists anymore than a church or a mosque. I also like the Stand and plan to continue to support it as I hope others will.

    While it may be reasonable to suggest that someone who wants to live near more convenient shopping should locate there to begin with, it will be more difficult for you to find somewhere to live where there is no open religion (amoung other things). This world is full of things that I am forced to accept, like it or not, some of them may even be things that you partake in.

  31. I’ve been here all my life…so I think I deserve the right/justification to ask for something a little different than what is currently offered. Nothing overboard..just essentials.

    Question: If a CVS/Walgreens (very nice stores) was built in B-ville area….how many Berryvillians do you think would use it? Hmmmm….probably all of them.

  32. Ann,

    You are right – the existence of a Christian bookstore does not equal religion being pushed does my throat. I should have worded that differently. I’m definitely a “to each his own” kind of person – others can do as they wish with regards to religion. As long as no one tries to tell me what I should believe, I’m ok.

    To try to be more clear — I won’t be drawn to patronize the store, and if I check it out and the message is too forceful, (in my face, as I said before) I probably won’t go back.

    Not sure where you got the idea that I am trying to “find somewhere to live where there is no open religion” because I’m very happy here. I like churches, I hope we have or get a mosque and a temple too. Diversity is definitely good. I’m just not excited about this particular business opening in Berryville. I’m sure others are and that’s great for them.

  33. Check out mckenzies, good grease!!

  34. Makenzie’s is AWESOME food! REAL food! What do you mean by Good grease? Good or Bad? I have eaten there 3 times since they opened this weekend. They have the BEST burger around! Guaranteed! Try out Makenzies……..Good Food!!!!

  35. Grease is good!

  36. What does this have to do with a christian store ?? Look’s like things must be slow at Makenzie’s for you to need to plug them on this article ….

    • the place was packed when I was there. Hopefully will put some pressure on Jane’s lunch to improve there breakfast prices & FOOD!

  37. Mayor Quinsby says:

    Did Makenzie’s expand, or is it the same size as the old Mario’s?

  38. same as the Bistro, with a small bar and tables in the front

    • I Think Makenzie’s food was horrible >> It took 1 hour to get a burger taht was not cook right !!! Serviced was slow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never going there again !!!!

  39. I’ve been to the Berryville Grill and the new coffee shop on a couple of occasions. I found the service to be very friendly, and the food and drinks to also be of a high standard.

    If you haven’t met Brian, you should take the time to pop in and say hello. He is very friendly, and very passionate about providing top quality service to his customers.

    Brian has also made the Coffee Shop very child friendly too. By that, I mean he has created a small seating area, with a television and DVD player for young customers to enjoy.

    The comments by those who slam Brian because he has a religious theme connected to his coffee shop saddens me. I always thought that this was a Christian country that promoted good, honest, hard work. Instead, I have read comments by a handful of doom and gloom merchants that are angry because someone has managed to balance business success with Christian beliefs.

    JK: You want a Mosque in Berryville? Once a cultural center/Mosque is built, they expand, and expand, and expand. You’ll then see a change in the make up of the stores in the town. The traffic gets out of control, and the parking capacity has to be doubled. You will also see a change in the make-up of the population in the town. I also forgot about the huge Minaret or Dome on the top.

    • Just sayin says:

      That, my friend, is the most bi-polar thing I’ve seen posted on here. The 1st part was a sane commentary on some of the above postings. But, your last paragraph lumps you into the very category of commenters you deplore. Not to mention it is extremely racist, insulting, and unnecessarily inflammatory.

  40. Naked Truth says:

    Too much of a hodge podge with this storefront. Books, eggs, coffee,? I don’t get it. He has a restaurant next door and is selling food here too? Find something else man! This guy looks like he found relegion the hard way. Too much with ending EVERY conversation with “have a blessed day!!” It takes away from the meaning with over-use!!