Robotics Team Excels at “Coopertition”

Students from Clarke County High School packed their bags last Thursday and traveled to Richmond for the Virginia Regional Robotics Competition held at the VCU Siegel Center. Sixty teams converged on the state capital for the annual competition that pits robotics teams against one and other in a predetermined task. This year’s challenge was called the “Rebound Rumble” and required teams to build a robot that could pick-up basketballs in the arena and shoot them through hoops.

Teams began work on this years crop of robots in early January and finished in late February. Under the leadership of Technology Educator and FIRST Mentor Ed Novak, Clarke County High School’s Team designed a robot that swept balls from the playing field into the robot then loaded then into a shooter. Students also programmed the control systems used to navigate the course and complete the task.

CCHS Juniors Emily Snyder and Madeline Pierson discuss RoboGenesis with FIRST® judging staff

In addition to the primary task there was a secondary objective that involved cooperating with the opposing team. The arena is divided by a center line that has three bridges that pivot like teeter-totters. Extra points are awarded if teams can cooperate with an opposing team to balance a red team robot and a blue team robot on the center bridge.

During the three day competition the CCHS team worked at a furious pace and was able to perform well, but they excelled at the cooperative phase of the competition. FIRST Mentor Ed Novak said, “We take great pleasure in announcing that FIRST Robotics Team 2988 RoboGenesis received the  Coopertition™ Award at the Virginia Regional  FRC this past weekend.   The Coopertition™ Award celebrates the team that best demonstrates the greatest level of Coopertition™ during the event, based on their performance on the field.  The term Coopetition was coined by FIRST to exemplify the founding concepts of working together to achieve common goals.”

Congratulations to the hard working mentors and members of the CCHS Robotics team on another great year.

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  1. Tony Parrott says:

    Kudos to these future engineers. These kids work hard and compete against some of the top schools in the state. Great job!!!

  2. Congratulations Team!! Shows what teamwork is all about.