Rock of Eagles for the Ages

Anyone familiar with Clarke County knows that we have plenty of rocks. So when the Clarke County School Board asked Shockey & Sons school construction manager Mike Castelli to identify suitable stones that can be placed around the new school site there was no shortage of candidates.

While some of the boulders are intended as decorative landscaping additions for the new school grounds, two of the rocks will be designated as “paint-able” by the students.

At Monday night’s meeting the School Board agreed to forward the rock pictures to Dr. John Werner, Clarke County High School principal, with instructions that CCHS’s Class of 2013 select the two most suitable boulders.  The Class of 2013 was chosen for the stone selection honors because this year’s sophomores will be the first future senior class with the official opportunity to decorate the boulders when placed at the new school.

We thought that you might like to take a look at quarried candidates. (Photos and descriptions are courtesy of Shockey & Sons Construction.)

Option 1: Very large, two-sided, flat base (place perpendicular)

Option 2: Medium sized, triangular with rugged base

Option 3: Very large, triangular with flat top and base

Option 4: Small flat base, two flat sides (for school entrance?)

Option 5: Medium large, triangular with flat base and top

Option 6: Very large, triangular with rugged top and base