Rolling Traffic Stops On Route 7 At The Shenandoah River Bridge

power-line-workTuesday was the second and final day of rolling traffic stops on Route 7. Allegheny Power has been conducting work on power lines at the Shenandoah River Bridge on Route 7 that required a temporary closure of east and west bound lanes of Route 7. To mitigate the traffic impact Allegheny Power worked closely with VDOT and the Clarke County Sheriff’s office to utilize a technique referred to as, “rolling traffic stops.” In this scenario, police will turn on their emergency lights and lead traffic up to the work site at a reduced speed, usually between 20 and 25 mph. This generates a pause in traffic at the work site and allows workers to safely complete their task.

Alleghany spokesman Mark Nitowski stated that the work involved two different dates. Last week, workers installed the new power line across Route 7. Tuesday January 11th,  the old line was removed. The work is now complete.