Romney, Robots and the Emperor’s New Clothes

Mr. Romney claims he’ll be a better President than Obama because of Bain Capital experience.  Since this is an Emperor’s New Clothes ruse, it calls for closer scrutiny.

What is Bain Capital?  First, a near failure Bain almost shut down, a tiny, local venture firm reportedly with a host of Salvadoran investors that struck it rich with Staples to offset a lot of flops, then a second-tier hedge fund and hotbed of controversy with partners since Romney wanted to outdo Dad and didn’t focus, including his Olympics paid absence.  How these results make Romney a jobs wizard is more magic than logic.  In any event, deal analysis hardly qualifies someone to manage a recalcitrant Congress and powerful special interests, or run an administration.  Further, Bain’s big success was post-Romney, but its Romney-era bankruptcies and failures were high relative to deals done.  Yet it all does sound sophisticated and sexy, and remember that classy, Ivy-league picture of Bain people with money coming out their ears.

Even if Romney wasn’t exaggerating, it’s not just jobs expected of a Superpower but to lead by example on many fronts, not by dumbing down science, trashing the middle class or promoting vaginal probes.  So, strike one is how Romney tricks-up making deals into macroeconomic savvy, and strike two is how Romney sees the aforementioned dross as constituting leadership.

And to be clear.  Bain job creation is disingenuous and utter nonsense since a restructuring cum process consulting firm sheds or outsources jobs; only venture portfolio companies themselves create jobs – and Bain wasn’t a lead venture firm so didn’t do the start-up business plans, know how to hire the people, manage the operation or execute the mission, it simply provided money.

To be sure, Romney would love the jobs mantle as much as any Emperor loves his New Clothes, but it doesn’t withstand scrutiny, and we need substance, not mass hypnosis because history tells us leaders with vision made our prosperity: like Truman, rescuing Europe and Japan; Eisenhower with infrastructure expansion and restoration of a peacetime economy; Johnson by strengthening the social safety net and integrating American society; Reagan by restoring self-confidence and pride; and Clinton with prudent policy and fiscal discipline.

And Romney’s vision is what?  Paid for how?  Oh yeah, smoke, mirrors and childlike trust.

I can’t say Obama is a person of vision.  Obama is smart, likeable and iconic and may yet rise to the office but surely chose poorly with Geithner, Sommers and the half-ass stimulus program that Geithner and Sommers overpowered lesser known economists on his staff to force on him.  That wasn’t Obama’s best moment, but can you imagine “I don’t know much about the economy” McCain and “Dancing With The Stars” Palin doing better?  Romney fans, McCain/Palin was the choice of you savvy Republicans, and remember, McCain beat Romney.

So now thank whatever god you think should get credit that McCain wasn’t elected.  Except, of course, those of you who would prefer an empty vessel so it can be filled with whatever big donors mandate, aka trickle down economics, aka crumbs from the table.

Now to consequences.  The U.S. isn’t a managed economy and therein lies the problem.  Anyone who does more with spare time than pick their nose recognizes paradigm shifts through history, most recently the information revolution.  One benefit of this information revolution is that the roles of labor and capital are shifting, largely because of robots which are now on the cusp of fighting wars, manufacturing complicated products, and easing the tedium of our daily lives.

The challenge is profound – what do you do with the unskilled, or even the semi-skilled?  The ratio of labor input to manufacturing output will diminish such that unions and less-developed countries could/will be seriously disadvantaged.  Should there be sufficient capital, and there is, wealthier nations using sophisticated robots will be able to manufacture more efficiently than even the busy-fingers workplaces of the third world, China, and India.  It is for that reason, among others, that the Apple victory over Samsung was so profound.

It is also for that reason that attacking the middle class with threats of European socialism is so mendacious.  The attackers want something just as European – something akin to feudalism, you know, where those native-born who failed the meritocracy exam work menial, retail or service jobs, oh, and a “warrior” class to fight political and religious wars.  Think this isn’t a reasoned assessment, like the Republican threats of Death Panels and Sharia Law?  Let’s hear you explain Citizens United, corporations as people, hollowing out the middle class, cuts to education, etc.

So, are Independents smart and thoughtful enough to recognize that Romney is no more than Warren G. Harding Redux (in a fanciful but empty suit), trading on a reputation as Governor that was undistinguished but for ObamaCare, on a reputation as a Mormon leader that is hardly ecumenical, and on a reputation as a capitalist that was more miss than hit?  Or will Independents expect Obama, like Roosevelt and Lincoln, to get a second wind in a second term now that he’s learned not to be timid or rely on so-called pillars of the financial community whose vision was no more than the “need for greed” of the Wall Street environs from whence they came.

I believe Obama got more from his experiences in life, race and politics than Romney ever will.  Obama seems to have learned to govern, Romney only to pander.

Betcha my learned friends think otherwise.


Donald Marro

The Plains, Virginia


  1. PineGrover says:

    After four years of proven failure, don’t you think it’s prudent to give a SUCCESSFUL businessman a chance? Obama’s accomplishments are few and costly. Robbing medicare to pay for an unknown healthcare system that few wanted – Shamelessly passed in the night? This is the best Obama and a Democrat House and Senate can do? No budget for three years? Two of those with a Democrat controlled House and Senate? He has proven a failure throughout his life. Why are his school records sealed? Can the left give us an example of anything positive Obama has done? Taking out Bin Laden barely counts – thank the CIA and Military for that (truth is, the White House was so inept they couldn’t even get the facts out to take the CREDIT!).
    Almost $6 TRILLION in additional debt in less than FOUR YEARS? Credit down grade? Welfare and Unemployment way up? And we need FOUR more years? I don’t think so – and hopefully the rest of America won’t buy into the main stream medias’ lies and cover ups either. It’s time for change.

  2. Only 68 days left Don, then you can really rail against the machine.

    • Mr Mister says:

      If Romney wins, are you going to critize him for his failures, or overlook them as you do now?

  3. Well said Don!

    Your critics are the same ones that bought the “compassionate conservatism” lie and got : a spiraling deficit; thousands of dead American soldiers in two faraway, unfunded wars; the huge growth of federal government; Wall Street causing an almost world-wide financial collapse followed by no-strings attached bailouts and the loss of 800000 jobs in his last month of office. And they call President Obama a failure because we did not recover in four years.

    If Bush got eight years to create the mess with help from the Democrats then Obama deserves eight years to clean it up without help from the Republicans.

    Until a viable third party emerges in this country we are left with a choice between the two “Big Money” candidates. I am amazed that so many are ready to give up and return to proven failed policies when we are slowly recovering from the most severe recession in a generation.

    I have voted in every election since 1968 and find this to be my easiest decision. When I block out the Conservative talking points and look at the state of the middle class, consider my children and grandchildren, I only hope this President gets four more years.

    • PineGrover says:

      Once again – I’m asking – what is it obama has done? Why does he deserve four more years? Casey – this is the best you got – he’s not Bush? He kept the tax cuts and the last time I checked we were still in Afghanistan and Iraq. We’re almost 6 TRILLION more dollars in debt – and you have – what? Did you so quickly forget that obama had BOTH houses? No budget? NONE? Doesn’t that bother you in the least? Two years of a dem house and senate and obama didn’t have the leadership to even unite BOTH houses?
      I’ve voted since 1976 and wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to vote for Romney. Why? Because obama has PROVEN himself a failure. He FAILED – miserably. He doesn’t deserve another term. Kinda that simple.

      • Pine Grover, he has tried to dig us out of the hole that W got us into with his wars based on lies and tax cuts for the ultra wealthy, and the wall street bailouts that he started. he has tried to create a health care plan that would make insurance available to everyone and at the same time require people to pay something, who might otherwise opt out but still use the ER for fall back when they needed it at the expense of the rest of us. the healthcare plan was ironically based on romney’s plan from Massachusetts, as was pointed out so elequantly by Newt Gingrich. Mr. Romney seems to have forgotten his roots. Kind of like the last GOP candidate for pres. he was worthy till he sold out. At least President Obama is exactly what he said he was and has always been (and just what the /majority/ elected) He did not change his tune just to get elected like McCain did and like Romney is now.
        The fact is that there is very little difference in the two main parties, except in who they would give tax breaks to. Both candidates support the idea of indefinite detention as part of the ironically named “patriot act”.
        Both parties are “big government”, just in different ways. The government has no business being in the middle of your physical/medical decisions, telling you who you can marry, if you have to wear a helmet or seatbelt, what you can drink or smoke in your own home….anyone who supports allowing the government to take you away at their own discretion, with no charges, no attorney, and no outside contacts is not someone who believes in this country’s constitution.
        Neither party is worthy of our vote and until the people stop being sheep and decide that our vote is NOT wasted by voting for the right candidate, even if they don’t seem to stand a chance, we will continue to be led to our own slaughter.
        A real, viable third party would only need 34% if the electoral college did the right thing. Ron Paul was the ONLY plain, straight forward candidate that I can remember in my adult lifetime and the gop wanted nothing to do with him. There is a reason for that.

      • Obama’s main achievement was being elected. It has been downhill ever since. Obama made millions by writing a book of fiction about his own life, Romney is wealthy through creating businesses. What skill set do we need as President right now, author or businessman?

        • ElinorDashwood says:

          “All we have to do is replace Obama, we are not auditioning for fearless leader. We don’t need a president to tell us in what direction to go. We know what direction to go. We want the Ryan budget. We just need a president to sign this stuff. We don’t need someone to think it up or design it. The leadership now for the modern conservative movement for the next 20 years will be coming out of the House and the Senate. Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become President of the United States. This is a change for Republicans: the House and Senate doing the work with the president signing bills. His job is to be captain of the team, to sign the legislation that has already been prepared.” ~Grover Norquist

          Obviously a “skill set” isn’t required to run on the republican ticket, just enough working digits.

      • Mr Mister says:

        Do you honestly think McCain would have done a better job? It’s funny that four years ago everybody thought and said these four years were to be a tough and rocky road to recovery. Or was that just talk in case the republican got elected and failed too?

        • The parties failed us in 2008, no doubt. Would McCain have done a better job? My cat Snowball could do a better job than Obama.

          No leadership whatsoever. His greatest failure is that to have lead, and the constant pointing of fingers at Bush. Not very dignified for a leader of anything let alone the POTUS. Plus he talks trash like a schoolboy.

          McCain is no rocket scientist but he at least has a truckload of dignity, which Obama has none of whatsoever.

      • “It is kinda simple”. Romney is a Bush clone in a nicer suit and without the accent. His energy, education, foreign and domestic policies are the same as Bush. He has no new ideas or solutions to our problems. End regulation and lower taxes is their answer.

        This is where the true failure lies. The middle class are the real job creators, not the 1% who invest their money to make more money. A strong living wage and benefit package has and will alway drive our economy. Their failed policies have given us an expanding class of the “working poor”.

        President Obama and his administration are trying to restore what is left ot the middle class, provide some basic health care, and some safety net for our retired workers. These were all once provided by employers but have now been shifted to the public sector.

        The President speaks for me and my family. He has us on a slow but steady path to recovery which is better than policies that benefit the 1% at the expense of the middle class. I am old enough to know better than to buy into that lie again.

        • “Romney is a Bush clone in a nicer suit”. so much for niceties.
          What is it about liberals requiring a new answer for everything? Do you get out of bed each morning in a different manner? You are reinventing the wheel on a universal scale, trying to get to fix an age old problem wasting time when we know what works.

          One problem at hand is the cliff we will drive off of with the governemnt pension issues. Obama et al havent addressed it in public hoping it will go away? It is a 70 TRILLION dollar tab that we cant hope to pay.

          I am glad I am not a federal worker that WILL be shafted 10 years out

          • “Romney is a Bush clone in a nicer suit”. so much for niceties.

            So you don’t think this is not a nice thing to say about Romney when in your previous post you said that” Obama has no dignity whatsoever”. Republicans have called this sitting US president elected by a majority of voters: a Racist,Terrorist, Muslim, Socialist, Unamerican, Noncitizen, Unpatriotic and more. Clint Eastwood totally disrepected the office and the man by implying that the President uses vulgarity and rudeness to refer to his opposition.

            A few years back the Dixie Chicks were black-balled from radio stations for saying that they were embarrassed to be from the same state as President Bush.

            A few weeks ago,Hank Williams Jr. was performing and said: “We have a Muslim president who hates farmers, hates the military, hates the US, and we hate him”. This type of hate speech should not be tolerated and needs to be toned down. We need to get back to respecting the office.

            With this said, I think my statement about the suit can easily be taken as a compliment.

          • Another View says:

            How about Barack Hussein Obama starts respecting the “office”? Let’s cut out the basketball, the shrewish wife lecturing Americans on eating, the assault on th Constitution, the demogoguery, and the lying. When Barack Hussein Obama starts acting like an AMERICAN president, we’ll treat him as one.

          • Would you be Ok if he played golf more than basketball? Or would that lessen the effect of the constant use of “Hussein” in all your comments?

          • Roscoe Evans says:

            You’ve hit a new low buddy.

            I thought your insinuation about Holocaust survivors was ignorant. Your comments about waiving the Constitution instead of citing controlling case law have been inane. And your references to your fellow citizens as communists/facists/socialists (you missed Trotskyite gangsters) rather than neighbors, while decrying ad hominem and demogoguic attacks, have been insulting.

            BUT BASKETBALL???!!!??

            What’s wrong with you? Can’t hit a layup? Or are you just an acute and chronic double-dribbler? WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST BASKETBALL?

            It’s a wholly American game, invented out of wholly American cloth, by an American chaplain, to keep American soldiers and American college boys in some sort of healthy American, red-blooded, physical shape during the winter months when they were not playing baseball, or American football.

            And you suggest that playing it is what? Un-American? Un-dignified? Go ahead say it: cause whatever you’re implying, you just don’t seem to have the nerve to spit it out.

            Basketball is an American game, played by Americans. Kids who cannot hit a thrown baseball can dribble a little bball, and can make baskets, too.

            The sport has been a great city game: you can play it by yourself, with just a ball, anyplace where you can find a dribbling surface. Or, you can play it bigtime, in a high school gym, when its dark and its cold and no other athletic game is readily available for a healthy workout. You can play it in your driveway, and you can play it in your backyard.

            Most importantly, basketball has helped generations of boys, and now girls, dribble their ways out of obscurity. Jews and Italians and a slew of other immigrants dominated the game in the 20’s, and kids from the big cities and the farms and barnyards of New York and Indiana and kentucky shot their ways into colleges, and moved into jobs they’d never have dreamed of before they picked up the ball.

            But you have something against basketball.

            What is it?

            Too many rules?

            Too much freedom?

            Tell us, please. Because your every other bizarre view and opinion is so very, very Important.


          • Another View says:

            I love basketball. I regularly attend the ACC and NCAA tournaments. I watch games on television. Basketball is great. BUT . . .

            my point was much larger. Barack Hussein Obama has spent four (4) years lounging around the White House, enjoying the perks, throwing parties, spending millions of taxpayer dollars on his and his wife’s vacations, spent taxpayer dollars on campaigning for goodness sakes; ALL INSTEAD OF WORKING AND DOING HIS JOB. He behaves like a glorified frat boy on spring break.

            Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Hussein Obama are poseurs. They are a disgrace to the Office of the President. That was my point. Go back and read my post. That was my point.

          • Roscoe Evans says:

            So, your point is that Barack and Michele are acting like all previous Presidents and First Ladies have acted?

            I AGREE!

            They are poseurs. They’re posing like they’re white, and disappointing us all in the process.

            Why can’t Barack bowl? Why can’t Michele wear old lady hats and old lady shawls?

            We need cheerleaders for America!!! Old, white cheerleaders.

            I yearn for Tricky Dick and whats-her-name. Republican clothe coats, too!

            Next time when you fail to make your point, AV, keep on posting until you do. Or, maybe, say “This is my point,” then make it.

            Cause I was starting to think you were talking in some sort of black/white code. Not that there’s anything wrong about that…

          • Another View says:

            No. My point is that Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Hussein Obama are NOT acting “like all previous Presidents and First Ladies”. They are acting like entitled elites, who expect others to follow the rules, but oh, not them!

            Barack Hussein Obama is acting like a tin horn dictator who thinks the White House is his house; it is not. It is the people’s house, and he is just a temporary guest. And not a very considerate guest at that.

            And Michelle Barack Obama, who eats cake while others should resign themselves to organic celery? Please. She makes Marie Antoinette look gracious.

            And don’t think that I did not notice you managed to sneak racism in your post. It was noticed and appreciated. You never disappoint.

            Read more. Learn more. Expand your horizons. Vote for Romney/Ryan.

          • An observer says:

            Hmmm…Obama’s golf outings and vacation days don’t come close to Bush II:

            And, do you really want to compare President Obama’s time with the time and money spent by Reagan, Bush I, or Bush II to be at their ranches (in California & Crawford, TX, for Reagan and Bush II) or their mansion on the water (Bush I’s compound in Kennebunkport, ME); each of those places was fully outfitted, on the taxpayers’ dime, to have the requisite cabling and other amenities installed so they could continue their jobs.

          • Another View says:

            WRONG, oh not so observant one. Reagan, Bush, and Bush spent their own money on their vacations. Reagan, Bush and Bush spent their campaigns’ monies on campaigning.

            Michelle Hussein Obama, however, spent millions for her entourage to accompany her to Spain, for example. And Barack Hussein Obama has perfected “time off”, making Reagan, Bush and Bush look like workaholics.

            Republicans celebrate individual success, and want the “rich” to keep their money. Democrats denigrate success, and wish to confiscate the “rich’s” money, so that they can spend it on themselves.

          • That’s right. And so is every place Obama goes on vacation as well. The difference is that all of the repubs you listed OWNED their places. Obama, being the street preach type, only recently bought his place in Chicago with the help of Tony Rezco. And to boot, it’s right on final approach to Midway airport in Chicago, so the airport has to be closed down every time Obama is in town. Which isn’t often . Not posh enough. Why vacation in Chicago when you can go to Hawaii on taxpayer dime?

            Wonder what the carbon footprint is on that trip?

          • AV, you are – again – on the wrong side of the facts. Bush II’s flights to Crawford, TX on AF1 – with the requisite complem,ent of Secret Service staff, top aides, etc. – cost at least $20 million taxpayer dollars just on flights to his ranch in Crawford.

          • Well shuffle my shoes and say lawdy gee, massah. Yup, we is liking this here ole house, now pass dat wateemelon. If we is gonna be livin as house folks den we best make shure we is not loungin around da place doin nuttin, nosiree. Mebbe all dem otha pres see dents took der vacation, had dem dinners, and played dat ball, but we kaint! Kaint I say, and dat is becuse we is uppity! So we is jest gonna set here.

            I mean, really. You’re in a country where a Black man is in charge, and that’s the bottom line. You’ll deny it maybe, but that is the bottom line, and that’s why on day 8 of his presidency Mittens was already saying Obama’s policies had failed. He waited a whole 8 days. You and your ilk truely disgust me. I’ve gone from pity to absolute disgust.

          • Another View says:

            No. The bottom line is that Barack Hussein Obama’s policies are all premised on divide and conquer. He demonizes the “rich” in an effort to gather support for his fascistic government policies. He decries and punishes success, but lives large at the taxpayers’ expense. He campaigns as the country suffers, living an opulent life ostentatiously, while millions suffer due to his–HIS–policies.

            And why–since you injected race into this conversation–do you refer to Barack Hussein Obama as a “Black man”? Last time I checked, he was half white. Why do you not refer to him as a “White man”? Is it because you would lose your morally suspect high ground, if you could not cry racism at every criticism of our tin horn dictator?

          • Roscoe Evans says:

            The only point you ever have cogently made about President Obama is that he is not like you.

            You are right about that, and, along with the majority of the electorate, I am greatful.

            Now, tootle along. Your imaginary friend is no doubt waiting for your daily chat. Prep school education, the “tyranny” of income taxation, and the “slavery” of estate and inheritance taxes must be high on the agendas of your daily talking points these days.

            Basketball, the dynamics of a cash crop economy, the triangular slave trade, and the physical appearance of a black American female are dangerous topics, though. A guy with your predilictions should avoid them at all costs, especially in talks with Jesus. My guess is that on these points, the two of you will disagree.

            Personally, I don’t believe that calling out a racist is an act of racism. But you have a black friend, don’t you? So you are free to believe as you wish. Your writings will tell all we need to know.

          • Another View says:

            Now Roscoe. Unlike you, I have never interjected race into my posts. Unlike you I have not lied. Unlike you, I love America, and express it at every opportunity.

            Unlike you, I do not want my family or me to be a ward of the State. Rather–unlike you–I want to make my way in the world. And I have. Unlike you.

            Stand up. Straighten your back. Stand on your own two feet. Don’t live off others’ dime.

          • My 2 Cents says:

            All of this coming from the man who stresses Obama’s middle name in every post! We all know why you do it. Why act like a coward and lie about it. Well you are a lawyer, you get paid to distort the truth!!!!!!!!! BOOYAH

          • Roscoe Evans says:

            President Obama seems to define himself as a Black Man, AV; and I generally respect my fellow man, and his right to define himself, including his right to be any kind of American that he chooses to be. Heck, he may have “chosen” not to identify as white after having met too many guys like you.

            We don’t have institutionalized racism by hypodescent any longer, you know, though that may be news to you.

            But you’re also one of those guys who seem to consider Jews and their Holocaust to be just one of history’s statistical anomolies, so your thoughts respecting race and racism are not of much consequence to me. My Jewish clients taught me that much: there’s nothing to be gained by hating the ignorant, no matter what they try to do to you: the best one can do is to try to shed some light on their ignorance.

            You most likely are too small minded to be a dedicated racist anyway.

            You might want to talk to a shrink for a while, though. We all know that Jesus is much too busy to be wasting his time talking to you about basketball, Ayn Rand, and the Greenway. So that little voice you hear might could be a sign of some other, more serious trouble. You used to say you were working to overturn “Obamacare,” too. Another lie, or just delirium?

          • AV, do you really want to start a discussion on political lying? The modern Republican party has used the “Divide and Conquer” strategy successfully since the Reagan administration. They are masters at using misinformation, lies, distortions of the truth, and words out of context to skillfully defeat their opponents. I am not saying that Democrats don’t try similar tactics sometimes but they are not as skillful and have not been as successful.

            It’s no surprise that politicans lie and the media perpetuates those lies but I’m still surprised it works and serves them so well. The RNC convention is proof that these same methods are alive and well. No new ideas were revealed, only their new stars using the same old tactics.

          • Another View says:

            No lies were told at the Republican convention. Not one.

          • You said somewhere you didn’t watch the thing, so how do you know no lies were told? Because lightning didn’t come down and strike them all?

          • My 2 Cents says:

            You mean to tell me your hero DUBBYA didn’t spend almost 1/3 of his presidency in Crawford Texas????? You have no arguement here bro…..

          • Another View says:

            He’s not my hero. And as I pointed out; it is one thing to spend time on your own ranch, spending your money. Quite another when your Marie Antoinette wannabe wife spends millions of taxpayer dollars going to Spain.

          • My 2 Cents says:

            Yeah I am positive that he flew economy to Texas on Jetblue. He flew on AF1 just like Obama does. You will be eating crow just like the rest of the Pubs who are spreading the fear come November…. Will you just tell us all that you will be on here after the election to admit that Mitt got beat Mr. View????

          • Romney – “Over half of the college graduates can not find a job.”

            Truth – As of July, 2012 the unemployment rate for those with a 4 year degree is 4.1%.

            Romney – ” Under Obama, unemployment and the economy has gotten worse.”

            Truth – There are more people employed in the private sector now than when he took office. 4.3 PS jobs have been added. After W’s first term, 610,000 PS jobs had been lost but he was able to re-elected by adding 600,000 public and government jobs. The economy is growing at a slow but steady rate and the rate of federal spending growth is at it’s lowest point in 50 years. (OMB,CBO)

            As I said before, Republicans are masterful at distorting the truth and avoiding responsibility for their contributions to our debt and economic problems. Keep repeating the lies over and over until people believe it to be true. Once we are divided, they don’t even have to create a positive case for their candidates. Just blame the other guy for all of their problems.

            I know I have only given two examples of lies at the convention but I have a feeling truth doesn’t matter much anymore to the conquered Obama haters.

            Question what you hear, inform yourself, think for yourself and vote !

          • goodgracious says:

            I don’t get the basketball jibe either. I thought you tea guys didn’t like him playing golf. Sheez, he’s out doing something at least. Like other presidents have done, like running, chain sawing, riding horses, etc.

            The first lady is “suggesting” that perhaps we and children could eat a healthier diet. Just like Mrs. Bush thought kids should read more. What is “shrewist” about that?

            Lying? Holy crow, look at last week’s “charade” to see lying. And the President is an American President. You really need an intervention.

          • Another View says:

            Barack Hussein Obama is the most UN-AMERICAN of Presidents. He hates this country, resents achievers, and walks around appeasing our enemies, all while snubbing our friends. He is destroying this country, all for his vainglory. He is seeking that socialist paradise that DOES NOT EXIST.

            Well I hate to break it to you, but this country was founded, and thrived, on free markets and individual responsibility and initiative. The great socialist experiment begun in the 30s has now consumed, and virtually destroyed this country.

            This country needs an “intervention”; not me. I live in reality.

          • Roscoe Evans says:


            Because my economics history prof. taught me that this country was founded on a cash crop economy and a plantation system, and triangular trade routes, for slaves, sugar and rum. Heck, we had “free” labor for hundreds of years: from slaves, indentured servants, women, and children, too. All of us chosen people (white males), just had to sit back and keep our accounting books in order.

            But, that great experiment fell pretty much apart after 1865, and us white males have been looking for a way to put it back together ever since.

            I yearn for sugar, rum and real cheap labor. Give me back the mint-julep South, without all the gruesome parts. Country club Republicanism is such a shallow substitute.

          • Another View says:

            Well see what happens when you attend public schools? You only get part of the picture! This is why I encourage you to expand your mind, build on your education, and learn the truth about our country.

            Read more. Learn more. Become more open minded. Be a REAL AMERICAN.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            That’s rich…you lecturing anyone else to be “open-minded,” AV.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            So, AV, you are now the determiner of who is and who isn’t a “real American”? That’s laughable…

            I define patriotism as being proud of my country. Acknowledging the darker sides of the history of US does not diminish my patriotism; rather, it makes me glad to see where we the people recognized our earlier mistakes and affected change (either by law, or amendment, or whatever means legally available to do so).

          • Another View says:

            Fly on the Wall, you and your Leftists friends seem to absolutely hate America, as all you do is denigrate it, and its achievers. You side with our enemies, and you practice the politics of division.

            As the great Jeane Kirkpatrick one stated, “But then, they always blame America first.” That is you. That is the Left. And that is NOT loving America.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            You really are full of it. The colonies were land-grat entities chartered by investors and granted permission to settle by the king (or whomever ruled whichever power you pick). They were about using the government for their own purposes, but also to enrich the government/monarchy that encharted them. (See Spanish conquest of Central and South America, the initial charter of the Virginia Company for Jamestown, etc.).

            Upon independence, the commerce STILL needed government’s assistance to survive and grow (see US Navy’s and Marines’ involvement in putting down the Barbary Pirates, fending off British meddling and interference through the War of 1812, etc.). Even in our industrial revolution and expansion, the barons amassed vast wealth built upon the backs of poor immigrants, poor whites, etc. The existence of the company towns in many places exacerbated this hold – profits for the owners and shareholders, less than ideal conditions for the workers. It took laws and executive actions of the government to rein in unsafe factory practices (for kids AND adults), break up monopolies, to boost food sanitation, to standardize railroad track gauges to ease shipping and rail commerce, etc.

            Your red-white-and-blue romanticizing really makes you look silly in the light of the facts. And, your insistence on only calling our current POTUS by his full name reduces your stature and any legitimact of an argument you might have lamely tried to make.

          • Another View says:

            I am “full” of knowledge. You, however, are “full” of something else. You must be to give that romanticized, and wholly inaccurate rendition of our country’s economic history.

            Citing military conflicts as evidence of the need for government assistance to business is inapposite. It has no application to our problems today, ignores the central purpose of the federal government, and neglects to mention that our military serves the “general welfare”, as every citizen benefits equally from our national security.

            And the so-called “Robber Barrons” did not build their wealth on the backs of others. Take John D. Rockefeller for example. His industries provided jobs for his employees, jobs for employees in related industries, and wealth benefits to millions of consumers to this day. His charitable efforts also provided jobs, as well as millions in tangible and intangible benefits to others. Only a greedy sloth would begrudge our industrious ancestors their success.

            If you define patriotism as tearing down and denigrating your country, then perhaps my can do spirit does make me “look silly”. But I’d rather “look silly” than be resentful of others’ successes, and ignorant of our history; like you and Barack Hussein Obama.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            Actually, it is apposite. Those businessmen couldn’t have seen their businesses get established or grow without the help of the government and its army and navy protecting their interests, pushing around the natives as our ancestors rolled into their lands, and in other ways making the flow of commerce better for all. In other words, they didn’t build that…alone. 😉

            As for the “Robber Barons,” see the following definition:

            Carnegie, Rockefeller, Astor, Vanderbilt, et al., to varying degrees earned that title. In truth, Andrew Carnegie is perhaps the best, and worst, and best again at illustrating the full possibility of “The American Dream” thru his life story and what he subsequently did with his wealth. However, unlike you, I am not so blissfully trite to smugly toss aside the full record of history to hoist up only those gilded parts you wish to claim; many of these barons, and other industrialists, built a massive fortune for themselves and stockholders on the backs of poorer workers; those “company towns” built did provide housing and other amenities, but at a cost: they could only cash their checks at the company bank, they could only shop at the company store (remember Tennessee Ernie Ford’s little ditty about loading those 16 tons?), etc. Many of those barons used low wage scales, unsafe work practices, etc., to make money cheaply on the backs of those less fortunate who were just happy to have a job – including children, poor immigrants, etc. At the end fo their days, yes, many of them did indeed endeavor to leave huge portions of their wealth for the betterment of our society, and I respect their philanthropy through their foundations, grants awarded, museums built, and so forth.

            I am no greedy sloth, nor am I resentful of their successes. Rather, I choose to look at and acknolwedge the full picture – including the less-than-stellar darker side to things. Acknowledging the darker side is a negative only to someone like you, who likes to re-write history to suit his own narrative.

          • ” Take John D. Rockefeller for example. His industries provided jobs for his employees, jobs for employees in related industries, and wealth benefits to millions of consumers to this day. His charitable efforts also provided jobs, as well as millions in tangible and intangible benefits to others.”

            So would you discribe Mitt and Bain the same way? And you’ll still carry water for him.

          • Barack Obama has in one term as President circumvented congress dozens of time to get what he want. he even talks about it in his campaign. What is more derelict, less dignified, utterly lawless, than a President of the United States that CHOOSES to ignore the Constitution?
            Answer: Citizens who look the other way because he is their guy.
            This economy is the worst its been since the depression, your and the medias respons is “hey he needs time”. When the economy was in recession in 92, with unemployment no where near the 15 it is today, with the debt no where near the GDP of the country, all we hear is about starvation in the streets and how Bush 41 was horrible.

            No you have to have it both ways, well I suspect you are in for a rude awakening.
            You and your President act tratoriously to the Constitution. He directly and you and every other Obama supporter for approving it!
            Yes I wrote it, TRAITORS TO the CONSTITUTIONAL process.
            And I predict your only response will be “Well Bush did this”. GROW UP!

          • “And I predict your only response will be “Well Bush did this”. GROW UP!”

            I assume that you want me to grow up and change my world view to align with yours like when a parent tells a child to grow up, act their age and meet their parental expectations. If you mean grow up in terms of years, I am already in my “Golden Years”, retired, on Medicare and drawing social security but I always have room to grow and learn. I consider myself a lifetime learner and informed voter. I try to use fair and balanced sources for my information but most of the media likes to create the news instead of reporting it. Yes, I even watch Fox from time to time.

            The only reason I mention Bush so often is that Republicans like to dwell on Obama as being a failure on the economy and our debt situation as though this administration is the one who put two wars, tax cuts,and Medicare part D on a credit card and failed to pay the bill.

            President Obama is far from perfect and has made several key errors in judgement but he does not deserve to pay the price for eight years of irresponsible governing.

          • Another View says:

            THE MAJORITY OF THE BUSH II ERA DEBT WAS INCURRED BY THE DEMOCRAT CONGRESS. Tax cuts are NOT spending. And the wars cost less combined than one (1) year of OBAMA ERA deficit spending.


          • Fly on the wall says:

            Again incorrect, AV. Bush II had a GOP-controlled Congress for 6 of his 8 years in office. You gloss over and/or glibly ignore the fact that TARP began on his watch, as did Medicare Part D (the costs of which are only now being fully seen), as well as the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq (which, also, have costs in veteran care and other things that only now are being fully accounted).

            And…yes…if tax cuts are not “paid for” by spending reductions (which neither the Bush cuts NOR the two wars NOR Medicare Part D had as an offset), then yes, that most assuredly counts as “spending” because revenue has to come from somewhere to “pay” those costs. Stop lying, for you do a poor job of it.

          • Another View says:

            I am not lying. For that, see Roscoe Evans.

            And I well know how long the Republicans controlled Congress under W, and it was less than you cite. But it doesn’t matter, because what I wrote is that the majority of the spending occurred while the Democrats controlled Congress, and THAT IS TRUE. Indeed, TARP came out of a Democrat controlled Congress, and was opposed by the majority of Republicans.

            And tax cuts are NOT SPENDING. If the revenue does not come in, you cut spending. BUT to characterize tax cuts as spending is to presume that the money belongs to the government in the first place. IT DOES NOT! It belongs to the people who earn it.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            AV, the GOP had a numbers advantage in both houses of Congress from the 104th Congress through the 109th Congress (1995-2007). The numbers don’t lie.

            As for the rest, you continue to ignore what I say, so of course you are easily goaded into raising your blood pressure and fits of digital hollering.

          • You are wrong

            Obama needs to pay the price of 4 years of irresonsible governing

            He called Republicans “The enemy”, as opposed to his opponents or the opposition
            That is his mindset, and apparently yours. You dont have my back, and I am lesspredisposed to have yours in return

            Sounds like a house divided, and it began with the run for Obamacare

            If he had focused like a laser on the economy and jobs, he would be a shoo in for reelction and get whatever he wanted, instead, he governed like the Chicago thug he is, and said to hell with what they want or think, we will pass a bill so big so large we have to pass it to find out whats in it.

            No, I will tell you this, if Obama wins and Obamacare doesnt get repealed, AND HC goes south like it will,
            the political ramifications will be unlike anything this country has seen since 1861
            And its on YOUR party
            Screw up your OWN HC, not mine

          • “No, I will tell you this, if Obama wins and Obamacare doesnt get repealed, AND HC goes south like it will,
            the political ramifications will be unlike anything this country has seen since 1861”

            Health Care was bankrupting this country before the law was even passed.

            The Law doesn’t even take effect until 2014 and you have already declared it a failure.

            More Right Wing fear-mongering for the Divide and Conquer Party!

          • It is a failure. You just dont want to admit being responsible for it.
            Everyone cant get healthcare under the current legal system, under or not under Obamacare
            The Democrats did everything BUT tort reform, as they are owned by the lawyers. Cant take money away from the Ambulance chasers no could you. If you did THAT, then malpractice premiumsn would not be so high! If someone kills your wife, why do you need 60 Million? wouldnt 3 Million suffuce, I mean thats your point on taxes, the rich make too much money
            And parts of the law have already kicked in

    • Another View says:

      In 4 more years, this President can really destroy this country. In 4 more years, tyranny might even eliminate the need for more elections, because after all, those in power know best. They know best how to spend your money, educate your children, provide you medical care, build your car, tell you how to eat, exercise, and what job–there are jobs?–to work.

      No. We are Americans. There will not be another 4 years for Barack Hussein Obama. As Clint Eastwood said last night, WE OWN THIS COUNTRY. And in November, we are going to take it back, and send the socialists back to Chicago. You want to ruin something Mr. Obama? Go ruin the faculty lounge at some LEFT WING institution of “higher learning”. We–the American people–are going to clean up your mess.

      • AV, you do realize that Romney also supports the ironically named “Patriot Act”. If you had the chance to see anything other than the mainstream media you are aware of the tyranny that went down at the GOP convention. Tanks, owned by the city, in front of the stadium. Duly elected delegates disqualified and removed from the show because they actually had the audacity to cast their vote based on the popular vote in their state. There is very little difference between the two main parties constitutionally. Economically, yes but in that area I find it amazing how many of the middle class will vote against themselves and their own best interests in favor of corporate America. Perhaps we can all get a random $300. check in the mail that could have gone toward paying for a war based on lies. That will keep us calm for a while.

        Also, I have yet to hear about the democrats trying to get a third party candidate removed from a state’s ballot. And don’t tell me its because all third party candidates are drawing from the gop, because I know for a fact that the Libertarian party is drawing a lot of disgruntled dems.

        • Another View says:

          I did not watch the RNC; I am not a Republican.

          But I am going to vote for Romney. Anybody is better than Obama.

      • geezlouise says:

        LOL, Clint Eastwood the rambling wonder.

    • Barney Frank and his ilk are the ones responsible for loosening up the banking regulations. Look it up.

      • Roscoe Evans says:

        Barney Frank is easy to dislike, and his poolside antics are contemptible. He’s caused a lot of financial suffering, sure.

        But you can hit that target square on both sides, and you still would not solve any of our banking problems.

        Banks, like governments, are the bane of our existence, and they have been since societies turned into civilizations.

        We’ve always, since the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Sumerians, all of them, needed government and its bureaucrats, to write, and to accumulate, to account, and to store: our food, our wealth, our money and our taxes. We’ve needed them for what? At least 5000 years now. Yet we still can’t seem to get our governments and our laws, our bureaucrats and our regulations, to work right over time. That’s a fundamental fact that works towards turning turning “small” government into “big” government. Our need for aircraft carriers and submarines just accelerates those tendencies. You can look it up.

    • If Bush got eight years to create the mess with help from the Democrats then Obama deserves eight years to clean it up without help from the Republicans.

      This is an example of why we are twirling down the drain. They let 8th grade mentality vote.

      • Even eighth graders know a lie when they hear one.

        The “Trickle Down” lie has destroyed the middle class and made a lot of people rich.

        • just the facts..PLEASE says:

          you are partially right dear……trickle down made a lot of middle class people RICH!

          Do you remember 1979 when interest rates were 15% and unemployment was 12%…… do you consider that to be the “good ol days” before trickle down economics aka REAGANOMICS…… and spend quasi-socialism does not work!

          I suggest you and your family lay off the Obama cool-aide before our country goes bankrupt….his “slow and stead path to recovery” you champion is predicated on spending money he does not have resulting in an enormous burden on our children…….. for HIS political gain. This president’s policies are unsustainable, wreck less and are intended to incite the beginnings of class warfare……socialism has bankrupted much of Europe ….can we not learn from this? The road to hell (and socialism) is paved with good intentions and I fear that is exactly where this nation is heading under this administration.

        • Another View says:

          How many employees does the average poor person have?

      • Dave, I will ignore the insult and try to explain what I meant in that poorly constucted sentence. Democrats should share in the blame for the great recession as they voted for some Bush policies over eight years.

        Key Republicans ( Paul Ryan etc.) however, met on Obama’s first day in office to discuss how to defeat him as the country was in a financial crisis and in the middle of two wars. They should also share in the blame for our slow recovery.

        He deserves four more years and this country can not afford to go back to the failed policies of the past.

        • You want four more years of this? Four more years of 15% unemployment, record numbers of people on Food Stamps? Record numbers of people on disability? Jobs still flowing out of the country led by Obama’s “business” czar Jeffery Imelt, CEO of GE, who neither paid taxes in this country nor stemmed the flow of jobs to China when he closed down a plant. You want four more years of record spending that went to overseas banks and Obama’s buddies at Goldman Sachs? Gee, I thought only republicans did that. You want ANOTHER 6 TRILLION added to the deficit? Yo want four more years of no border enforcement and uncontained immigration, along with more amnesty for the ones already here? You want four more years of little underhanded schemes like running guns to mexican drug lords?

          And please spare me the “Republican lies” spew. I’ll post government numbers to back up everything I said.

          I course, you still wouldn’t believe it.


            things are bad enough “Sarge” you don’t have to make up numbers. There are plenty of reasons not to vote for Obama using facts. Why do people have to lie to make their point?

            BTW, there are just as many reasons not to vote for Romney.

            Oh, I didn’t read past the first sentence but i just say your second to last. Please, do post the sources of your information.

          • I”ll be happy to. Right after you post something that refutes my “made up numbers”

          • You don’t like bls? so where did you get 15%? waiting….

          • I like bls fine. In fact, look here


            This table counts everyone that is unemployed or under employed ie working in McDonalds with a masters degree. It does not cook the books like Obama and his adminstration does with tricks, such as not counting folks that have just plain given up looking for work

            Far right hand colunm, bottom right corner. What’s it say Jennifer?

            Oh look, 15% unemployment

            Your turn

          • Oh Jennifer, I just noticed you asked me to quantify my assertation of no border enforcement. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, I was waiting for you to ask be about my other “made up numbers”

            Here ya go. Our Border Patrol is now suppose to”run and hide” if they come across a drug cartel member that’s been armed by Eric Holder or anyone else.

            Some “enforcement”


            Border Patrol union blasts Homeland Security instructions to ‘run away’ and ‘hide’ from gunmen

            63 days

          • fox news? ok sarge, you win.

        • The truth be told:

          The housing bubble was created largley in part due to pressures made by the Federal Reserve bank system to get people who couldnt afford homes into them, primarily due to the color of their skin. In return, the Fed would allow large banks to purchase smaller ones, and grow.

          Why would a bank make a bad loan unless it had other reasons for it? Answer, they could make money elsewhere, not on the bad loan. This then led to loan bundling, which is where we really got into trouble.

          So yes, I concur, lets not do this ever again, but ask yourself, who was behind this and for what reasons?

          • Derivatives of mortgages contributed to housing crisis. President Clinton should not have repealed “Glass-Steagall Act”. Banks, brokerages and insurance were made separate in 1933.

  4. ccresident says:

    I want the hope & change i voted for in 2008 so in 2012 i will VOTE for the ROMNEY – RYAN ticket.

    • yeah, good luck with that. 4 years from now we can ask romney about his “millions of new jobs”. Nothing real comes in 4 years when you start from a darn near depression.

    • geezlouise says:

      Then you will get true Fascism with Romney.

  5. ccresident says:

    VOTE ROMNEY VOTE RYAN VOTE ALLEN just VOTE REPUBLICAN so that we can get our country back .

    • Roscoe Evans says:

      You know, there are a bunch of “illegals” who are coming up from the South, many of whom consider a large part of “our” country to have been stolen from “their” country.

      And the more you righties seek to impose your religion on our politics; demand the suffering of living women for the sake of unborn and unwanted fetuses; and otherwise deny equality to your fellow citizens, while refusing to pay taxes on your income and on your accumulated wealth; well, I am inclined to learn Spanish, and side with them in taking their country back, cause you country club WASPS are ruining it. Same with you self-saved Christians.

      • “I am inclined to learn Spanish, and side with them in taking their country back, cause you country club WASPS are ruining it. Same with you self-saved Christians.”

        I have a compass that only points south and an old Rosetta Stone CD for Spanish. Let me know where I can drop them off

        • Roscoe Evans says:

          I’m staying, and they’re coming, Noncom. That’s reality.

          I like the view from my front porch, just fine. I don’t like the viewpoints of folks who are overly concerned about other men’s sex lives and about other women’s reproductive organs, and on preserving the inequities of the past while harping on their own, starry-eyed and phoney visions of 18th century freedoms.

          I especially dislike self-saved “Christians” who try to tell me what their religions (which none of them can agree on amongst themselves) allow them to tolerate, on the basis of a Bible that’s the accumulation of some nice literature, and a whole lot of misinformed bunk. If they don’t want to accept and tolerate and live with what our nation and our laws and our Constitution guarantee to us all, they can take a hike. I’m not going anywhere.

          This is a big country, but its chock full of small people who want to run it on the basis of their smaller minds, and their infantile opinions about a God that they know less about than the man in the moon. That is just dumb.

          So, feel free to put up all the factoids and “government numbers” you want. You still can’t articulate an argument more compelling than the fact that you don’t like the guy (President Barack Obama) that your fellow citizens voted in to office; and every factoid and number you throw against the wall is cancelled out by another guy’s factoids and numbers thrown against another guy’s wall. So feel free: say you don’t like the guy, and cut the crap.

          I’ve lived under Presidents I don’t like. I’m sure I will again. And if they’re elected by my fellow citizens, I’ll accept that decision and live with it, pay my taxes and work my jobs. What I won’t do is accept some other man’s religion as a restraint on my politics, or accept some other man’s prejudices as a restraint on my associations, or accept some other man’s opinions on what it is to be a productive American citizen. President Obama has not tried to do any of that to me. People like you have.

          So stop lying about your compass, huckleberry. You’re just lost.

      • The true nature of a society lies in how it treats the weakest in it. There is nothing weaker than an unborn child. Oh wait there is, anyone that would kill it for the sake of convenience, Liberals are weak. weak of mind,morality and conviction. You would rather have sex on demand to the point of choosing killing an unborn person, because as your President put it, a child is a punishment on a parent.

    • HL Mencken says:

      Voting for Romney is just like voting for Bush. Mitt was 30 years old before he ever took a job and earned a penny of his own money. Two years after graduating from college.
      How can this person understand the economics of the majority of people in America?

      • Another View says:

        And he earned quite a bit of money. I’d say Mitt understands economics just fine.

        • HL Mencken says:

          If you are going to comment on my posts, please read carefully. I asked, “How can this person understand the economics OF THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN AMERICA?”
          I am not talking about the top 1%, we know he understands that fine. He was a trust fund kid and his kids already have a 100 million dollar trust fund. I’m talking about the majority, you know, middle class America.

          • Another View says:

            Economics is economics. There are not separate rules for different people.


            The government needs to stop hampering the economy through its misguided and unconstitutional efforts to “help”. The government needs to quit picking winners and losers. The government needs to let folks keep more–most all–of their own money. The government needs to return to core constitutional principles.

            If the government gets out of the economy, the economy will improve. If the government will enforce the rule of law, repeal regulations, unleashing industries, and lower taxes, then the economy will improve for everyone. Even you.

      • Whats there for him to understand? He buys in a sucks them dry only to leave them bankrupt. But he got his!

  6. Reality Bites says:

    Another sourpuss letter from Mr. Marro? You’re sounding rather desperate. Perhaps you need to get out a bit, take walk, work off some of the foaming aggression that’s roiling within you.

    I rather think Clint Eastwood has said it best. “When someone does not do the job, we’ve got to let him go.”

    • HL Mencken says:

      That was the only completely, intelligible sentence from Clint’s speech. Don’t get me wrong, I admire and respect Clint as an actor and we hold many of the same views. Contrary to most republicans, Eastwood is pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-environmental protection and anti-war, the only right wing thing about him is he’s pro-big business.
      I just think his RNC speech doesn’t bode well for a Gran Torino Part Deux.

      • You nailed it on Clint Eastwood. He’s living a life that is the polar opposite of the GOP and it’s platform. He’s had what, 7 children by 5 different women, lived with one woman for a pretty long time, she had two abortions, he had affairs while living with her. He’s come out in support of gay marriage. He doesn’t believe the US should be overly militaristic. He also supported the Equal Rights Amendment. And let’s also know he supports the National Park System.

        I think it’s pretty funny that he was the “surprise” guest, with that past. Not that I mind his past as it’s none of my business if he has affairs, is a womanizer, encourages “murdering” babies, doesn’t mind men living with men. Absolutely none of anyone’s business, but I wonder at why they wanted him to speak. Maybe he was vacuous on purpose because:
        He has in fact said he is “gasp” a moderate

  7. george fox says:

    Good for Marro – he has it about right. Republican tactical lying about Obama continues, but it has a desperate ring to it – I don’t know how they sleep at night, or look their friends and families in the face. The best pointer right now is the English bookmaker Ladbrokes, which is offering odds of 2/5 on Obama, and 15/8 on Romney. Bookmaking is pure free market capitalism (beloved of the GOP), and Ladbrokes is not in the business of losing money – they tend to get it right, so it’s all over as far as I’m concerned. Four more years!!!

  8. Roscoe Evans says:

    Obama saved us from Big John, and that’s good enough for me, PG.

    Big John would have had the country in a full financial depression by June 2009. He’d have kept 120,000 military men and women in Iraq, and placed 90,000 more in Afghanistan. He’d have tried to maintain the Egyptian leadership intact, and deployed American troops there to buttress them. He’d have dispatched a couple of carrier battle groups to Libya, and he’d have had us knocking on the door of the Syrian President, waaaay back in March, 2011, just to force his hand. To keep his presidency, he’d have us bombing Iran on October 15. And, just to keep her busy, he’d have had Sarah taking on the Canadians, for the sake of energy “independence.”

  9. ah, the feudalism comparison is dead on don. for the life of me i can’t understand why the same raging lumps of historical white rage post on and on – everyday, begging for and defending the same group of elite that is going to do nothing more than lovingly push them over into the proper position. i mean really,

    we own this country??? do you??? what exactly do you own? what is your right to such a claim and how to you go about claiming your stake? harping about tyranny and revolution. against who? the poor, women, children, and immigrants. such a noble cause…

  10. Thanks Don says:

    CDN likes to post Marro’s letters to the editor frequently, and he is not even a CC resident. I guess his own “local news” won’t.

    In reading Marro’s letters, … anything republican is bad, (and they hate dogs and women). Anything democrat is good, and if I don’t think like them, then I must “pick my nose in my spare time”.

    As Marro writes, if I “think otherwise” I must be “learned”. I can accept that compliment!

  11. proudly served says:

    Roscoe I would have much rather given “big John” a chance over what Oscar winning performance Obama has given us. I proudly served in Iraq and recently served in Afghanistan with my son who is also a marine. Obama doesn’t give a [redacted] about those who serve in our military. I voted against him and will do so again. I supported him as our President because it was my civic duty but I too say NO MORE! Let him move to California and pursue a career in acting because he sure has pulled the wool over the American people and turned his back on my brothers and sisters in the armed forces.

    Let me know when you want some help packing also and I will deliver some Rosetta stone to you so that you can venture south with all of your Hispanic illegals in tow. It will be a cold day in hell before Mexico conquers the USA and I’m sure we could find some Native Americans who would help fight to save us true Americans as well.

    There are plenty of Republicans in Clarke county as well as democrats who would love to see our country return to greatness and glory but sorry Mr. Obama is not the man to lead us there

  12. Roscoe Evans says:

    I hope your family, and especially your son, stays safe.

    We had a poor array of choices for the Presidency in 2008, and the parties have presented us with poor choices again this year. I made a checklist of costs and benefits before I voted in 2008. I voted for Obama because I figured he could make reasoned decisions on the basis of an analysis of our problems. I chose not to vote for not-so-big John, even though my every sentiment was to vote for him, because he was, to me, only a sentimental choice: he suffered enough to deserve the job. But, in the end, he was only a legacy. A legacy for admission to Annapolis, and a legacy for too much of his life.

    “True Americans?” I am glad that I don’t get to decide who they are, and I am sad that you seem to think that the task is yours to make. This nation has made quite a few mistakes, throughout its history, in trying to decide which of us is “true” enough to stay, and which, for whatever may be the inane philosophy of the day, must go, or be kept out.

    Be careful. While you’re worried about “my” “illegal” “Hispanics” some other guys will be sneaking up on you. Maybe, even, my Native Americans. You know what Sherman and Sheridan said about them. (And those two knew greatness and glory.)

    Your comment about packing me up and sending me south is juvenile and beneath your own standards of dignity, I am sure. While you’re capitalizing “Republican,” try to be consistent with “Democrats.” Or, if you considered them not to be as “true” as you, feel free to speak up.

  13. geezlouise says:

    I find it amusing almost that Willard is especially trying to appeal to hispanics, for one by touting how his family fled to Mexico, around 1885… escape Polygamy. How on earth does this make him understanding of hispanics, who are mostly not morman.

  14. Clint Eastwood, in his one-sided ignorant rambling psychopathic playing around with that empty chair upstaged the RNC’s cardboard candidate only because it exemplified what they’ve been doing for the past three and one-half years.

    It really was a perfect example of how much they pretend with themselves and exclude reality. I also enjoyed how they pretended all of the people who crashed our economy had suddenly vanished from the room and were replaced by the very same people all wearing Captain America outfits.

    • just the facts..PLEASE says:

      how fitting….a liberal ranting about Republicans being out of touch with reality. Let’s see who is really out of touch …….liberals are the people that insist on ignoring the REALITY that the quasi-socialist programs that your president desires are the same ones that have bankrupted most of Europe …….you insist on ignoring the REALITY that cutting taxes fuels economic growth and jobs while raising taxes suffocates it………you insist on ignoring the REALITY that gun control does not work. You called Clint Eastwood a “one-sided ignorant rambling psychopathic “ yet you ignore the REALITY much of the democratic party’s base fits that description exactly!

      and by the way….most of the people responsible for “crashing our economy” were not at the convention…(ie Barney Frank, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi)

      • Aren’t you funny. Thank you for assuming I’m the “dreaded liberal” Nope. wrong. Who said anything about gun control? Neither party has. So what is your point?

        Bush et al crashed the economy

        • just the facts..PLEASE says:

          I apologize if I labeled your incorrectly as a liberal. The irrational name calling and Bush bashing would lead one to make that assumption.

          et al….Reid , Pelosi and Frank “crashed the economy”

  15. If this was an election between Mitt Romney… The very moderate former governor of Massachusetts, and President Obama, I can honestly state that I would be in a tough position right now trying to decide who would be getting my vote in November. Those who choose to cast votes for the Mitt Romney on the ballot must have a bit of uncertainty in the back of their heads regarding what they are going to get and just who are they truly rolling the dice in the form of their vote. The former governor has been on every possible side of the most relevant issues. The only thing consistent about Romney has been his true to form inconsistency on where he stands on the issues.

    The President has made some notable mistakes, but also has to his credit some very significant achievements that have been effectively pushed to the side at this point as irrelevant. The key to this decision for a lot of Americans will be in their view going with the Devil they know versus the Devil they don’t…

    The choice between the lesser of two evils in many eyes.

    This may very well be the deciding factor in the razor thin margin of victory the next four years will be decided by…

    This isn’t what this process is designed to end up being about at all. Those who choose to stay the course and give this president four more years to right the ship, will do so knowing that we have a much more stabilized economy, jobless rates aren’t hemorrhaging anywhere close to the 300,000 jobs we were losing a month at the start of Obama’s term, an American Auto Industry that has fought back from the brink to the top of the world and a solidified secured homeland without the name Osama to worry about as we carry onward.

    The President will make some more mistakes if reflected, bit will also have some success to go along with it…

    We can’t even truly answer who Mitt Romney is…. How can voters just cross their fingers and hope he ends up somewhere near the issues that are important to them?

    I will stand on the side of known consistent principles and values that at least we know what we are going to get in return.

    We just can’t roll the dice on our future…

    • Another View says:

      Shaun Broy votes for more socialism, fascism and tyranny! What a shock! A liberal Democrat supporting a liberal Democrat, while pretending to only make up his mind.

      I urge all REAL AMERICANS to vote for a return to Constitutional principles. I urge all REAL AMERICANS to vote for a return to free markets and individual responsibility and opportunity. I urge all REAL AMERICANS to reject European cradle to grave government dictates. I urge all REAL AMERICANS to vote for Romney/Ryan.

      • Ok, I cave. I am obviously not a Real American in your narrow world view, ergo, I cannot vote for lyin ryan and robot romney. Thanks for helping me decide.

      • One would hope REAL AMERICANS would be informed citizens who work together to help one another and our country instead of spewing judgmental, divisive comments.

        It’s okay to hold differing opinions, AV. I respect your right to yours, so please return the favor.

    • You dems are sooooo funny when you say stuff like this;

      “We can’t even truly answer who Mitt Romney is…. How can voters just cross their fingers and hope he ends up somewhere near the issues that are important to them?”

      And yet you voted for Obama knowing NOTHING about him except a campaign slogan.


  16. Chuck E. Cheese says:

    We voted for Obama because we knew who George W. was…….

    • Another View says:

      You voted for Obama because you wanted the government to give you some of other folks’ money. That is called greed. It is immoral and a sin.

      • lovethisplace says:

        I personally voted for Obama because I believed, and believe, he can help us move forward, albeit more slowly than instantaneously. I did not want an old man and an inept woman to lead this country.

        I do not want to vote for two republican liars; I know you think no one lied at the RNC, but they did. If you had watched it you would know. Read about it in your 50 newspapers a day.

        You know, many people vote for a democrat not because of greed and pockets. Your lecture on immorality is laughable. Now, let’s go swimming in the sea of galilee.

        • Another View says:

          But Barack Hussein Obama did not move us forward. He is moving us backwards. He is diminishing this country, not growing and enhancing it.

          You accuse the Republicans of lying at the convention. Name the lies. It is easy to call names; why not back it up with substance?

          There is no reason to vote Democrat unless you believe in the slaughter of innocent children, are an atheist, hate Israel, and wish to live off the fruits of the producers’ labors. Because that is what the modern Democrat party stands for–murder, denial of God, anti-Semitism, sloth and greed. It is no different than the Communists in the old Soviet Union.

    • And now you know who Obama is……………….kinda. At best, he’s an empty chair

      63 days

  17. Another View says:

    The Democrat Party has removed all references to God from their party platform. Kind of makes you wonder which party Satan is supporting, doesn’t it?

  18. Another View says:


    The government did not build the United States of America. Individuals built the United States of America. That you do not know, understand and believe that speaks volumes of your dedication to the worship of the State above all else.

    • Fly on the wall says:

      I never said the government built it alone. Go back and re-read my posts. What I said is that the merchants and those rugged individuals you praise so mightily (and, apparently, you missed my praise of Andrew Carnegie) were joined by the government to establish this country.

      Were it not for the Navy and Marines, the Barbary pirates and the British Navy would have stifled a good portion of our nascent international commerce. Were it not for the Army, the push West would have been longer – and perhaps more fraught with peril than it was. Were it not for changes enacted to standardize rail gauges, or make workplaces safer, or improve food conditions in the slaughterhouses and other things, the quality of life that we’ve come to take for granted might have been slower to develop or might not have developed in the way we know.

      So, spare me the righteous indignation. Clearly, you are outgunned rhetorically and have nothing more than weak dismissals of me as un-American or whatever.

      • Another View says:

        If you are a statist–and you appear to be–you are un-American. America was NOT established by the government, and you can cite every military battle fought since 1776, and it will not make it so. It will also not serve as cover for your real goal, which is to socialize every aspect of American society. Nor will it mask Barack Hussein Obama’s incredible claim that businessmen did not build their own businesses. Well they did. And government does not get ANY of the credit. Sorry.

  19. lovethisplace says:

    I don’t personally understand people’s fixation with first ladies. They are married to their husbands. I admire all of them for stepping up to the plate. Nancy Reagan had “just say no to drugs” Laura Bush had a reading program. Michelle Obama is encouraging healthy eating.

    Why are people (ahem, you know who you are) against this stuff? The first ladies can make no laws or policy, they have a program of suggestions.

    • For someone who is encouraging healthy eating, she certainly is caught many times not following her own advice.

      • Planting a White House garden to grow nutritious food was a good idea by Michelle Obama. Rosalyn Carter advocated for the mentally ill and Betty Ford spoke candidly about alcoholism.

  20. Another View says:

    The Democrat Party has also removed all references to Jerusalem from the party platform, as well as its condemnation of Hamas. Both of these references were in its 2008 platform.

    SO . . . Barack Hussein Obama wants to partition Israel’s capital, and supports terrorism. Why again do people think he might be a Muslim?

    • Another View says:

      THE DEMOCRAT PARTY APPARENTLY READS MY POSTS AT THE CDN! Because, it has R E T R E A T E D and reinserted “God” and references to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in their party platform.

      Probably will lose some atheist and anti-Semitic votes as a result of their reversal. Oh well.

      • Or we can say the vote was close. Personally as we are a secular community I don’t give a hoot if your God is mentioned at all. As to Jerusalem, nobody has an embassy there anyway. I’m sorry to see AIPAC has this much control over American Politics.

        Yes, I’m sure your vitriolic nonsense caused the democrats to shake in their boots. Now give yourself a little pat on your back and watch the blood pressure

        • The dem convention is highlighting a virtual schmorgesborg of anti American riff raff. We have the Govermor of North Carolina, who has called for cancelling elections. We have a platform fight over of all things whether or not to mention God that got so bad Obama had to intervene because it’s a election year. We have the mayor of San Antonio, whose mother is a member of La Raza, a radical leftist group that wants to re-take the southwest and who said a bunch of “drunks and crooks” defended the Alamo. Then, we have the mayor of Los Angeles, who was riding some female reporter while his wife was battling thyroid cancer,

          Wonder were all the reporters are that were giving Newt a hard time about his cheating while his wife battled cancer?

          And tomorrow night we get Jimmy Carter and the only living impeached president, Bill Clinton.

          What a line up! The very creme of the democratic party.

          63 days

          • lovethisplace says:

            You and the rest of the fascist baggers have made obstruction the primary goal from the first week this President was in office. The only goal was keeping things from getting done; they have forgotten about America in their attempts to undermine him.

            Not to mention voting 33 times to repeal ACA and costing the taxpayer over $50 million dollars and two weeks of lost labor

            There’s a platform and ideology for you

          • I’d say the republicans have been ineffective at the obstruction people try tolay on them. Obama has gotten plenty done, all to the detriment of the country. Open gays in the military. Taking over health care. taking over GM. Not enforcing the borders. Stopping drilling and shutting down coal plants.

            Obama has done lots. Unfortunately, none of it has been good for the country

          • Fly on the wall says:

            He was impeached on 2 counts by the house, but acquitted by the Senate. Still, like it or not, he is a president who was far and away better than “W” who followed him.

      • HL Mencken says:

        The only thing that has retreated is your sanity if you believe the Democratic party reads anything you write.

        • You obviously didn’t see the platform fight over whether or not to included the word “God” in a plank or whether or not to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

          Don’t believe me? Fine, listen to the tape

          How far has this party fallen to get in a fight over including God in your platform?

          So tell me, is this representative of the dem party, or is it just a bunch of radicals at the convention? Either way, it’s a pretty sad showing.

          And if I remember history correctly, there was another group of people that hated God and the Jews.

          I think they were called “Nazis”

  21. Another View says:

    Fly on the Wall, ever heard of Jim Jeffords? Jim Jeffords was a liberal Republican Senator from Vermont, who became a Democrat for organizational purposes after W’s election. Which means that Harry Reid became the majority leader. Which means that W and the Republicans did not control the entire Congress.

    Read more. Learn more. Think more. Vote Republican.

    • Fly on the wall says:

      They lost control of the Senate from June 2001 until January 2003, when the GOP majority came back following the 2002 elections. However, Jeffords was listed as an “R” by the Senate clerk in 2001 when he voted for Bush Tax Cut 1, but as an “I” in 2003 when he voted against the GOP majority for Bush Tax Cut 2.

      This majority rarely bucked “W” in this time, though, because – if you did – you were considered “un-American” in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. (This was, if you recall, the time of “freedom fries” and other silliness wrapped up in the fervor of the post-attack times.) “W” infamously said, “If you’re not with us, you’re with the terrorists,” and that was used as leverage for a lot of the legislation that passed in this time (NCLB, the USA PATRIOT Act, etc.).

      So, sure, I’ll cede you a point on the timeline, since there were 18 months where Tom Daschle was Senate Majority Leader. But, again, in the fervor of the times, the GOP behind “W” wasn’t really challenged like things are now. So, in essence, in operation it was as if the GOP never really lost control of that chamber.

  22. Roscoe Evans says:

    Back to Mr. Marro’s questioning comments:

    George HW Bush had a great resume going into his first presidential race, and, rightly, got hired for the top job because of it.

    Neither Obama, the first time around, nor Romney, this time (or the last), had qualifying resumes.

    But this time, President Obama does, notwithstanding the quagmire of congressional histrionics and obstructionism that Mitch McConnell and his ilk have compelled him to slog through. He’s done his job as competently as anyone could have expected him to do, and he’s got four proven years of experience that Romney cannot even approach.

    And Don Marro is absolutely right in his conclusion: President Obama has succeeded in life despite the disadvantages presented to him by his irresponsible father and by his his early, impecunious circumstances in life; while Mr. Romney has succeeded precisely because of the advantages presented to him by his father and because of the wealth and the privilege and the connections that George offered and freely gave to his son.

    I want a President to lead this nation, not a plutocrat.

    I expect to vote for President Obama.

  23. At first I thought the older gentleman in the store was railing against the President. Then I listened more closely. No, I’d heard wrong. He was an angry ex Republican.

    “That party went to GD H*ll, I quit it after Reagan. No one should vote for people who want to take basic rights away preaching GD religion and their version of my Lord. Biggest bunch of hypocrites in the world. Obama ain’t perfect, but he’s the right man, not those sorry a**ed preachy do this n do that and if you don’t you’re not American. Well, he continues, I am American and they ain’t gonna tell ME I ain’t no good.”

    Shakes his finger: “You can bet God is not smiling at these GOP freaks.” “I ain’t voting to go back in time, I’ve lived back then. I like this century.”

    Very well dressed, and the language was more colorful than I can get by with here. I shook his hand.

  24. Hey CDN. You guys advertise this site as a news and events site about Clarke County, VA. Well? All this political junk is taking over and the mud slinging on both sides is getting both tiresome and ridiculous. How about you get back to Clarke County and leave the other junk out, okay?

    If I wanted to read about national/world events, I’d go elsewhere. I want to read about Clarke County here. I’m sure many others would as well.

    • kellcsmith says:

      Hey CDN. You guys advertise this site as a news and events site about Clarke County, VA. Well? All this political junk is taking over and the mud slinging on both sides is getting both tiresome and ridiculous. How about you get back to Clarke County and leave the other junk out, okay?
      If I wanted to read about national/world events, I’d go elsewhere. I want to read about Clarke County here. I’m sure many others would as well.

      I have to say, “I agree with you, Right Winger.”

      Since 1881, my family has owned and published the only newspaper in a small, North Carolina county, so I am familiar with the tough decisions publishers and editors have to make on a daily basis to ensure the mission of their publication remains true and focused. I grew up listening to and participating in dinner-table conversations with my grandfather, my father and, now, my brother on these very issues.

      Having said that, this county newspaper has strictly stuck to a simple mission: to serve the citizens of their county. They do not report on state or national news, although they do routinely publish editorials (on the editorial page) by syndicated columnists, who, by nature of their vocation, comment on state issues. Likewise, this county newspaper very often prints Letters to the Editor (on the editorial page) on both state and national issues. But you will never find in this county newspaper prolonged or uncivil responsive word fights between county citizens. You most certainly will not find back-and-forths, uncivil or otherwise, between 2-3-4-5 citizens. In fact, there are strict rules on how often any one citizen may submit Letters to the Editor—the idea being, the newspaper is for every citizen, not just a few citizens.

      Now, I am well aware I am comparing apples to oranges, here. News/Opinion delivered by print is an entirely different matter than News/Opinion delivered online. Print relies on Letters to the Editor for citizens to make their voices heard; online news relies in great measure on Comment Sections in answer to articles and editorials. I’m a big fan of both methods of discourse, but I do feel online editors face a much weightier responsibility than print editors, in that Comment Sections, by their nature, can get quickly out of hand and can, thus, diverge from the mission and, in the process, harm the reputation of the online news provider.

      I have, on occasion, complained (in the Comment Section) to the Clarke Daily News editors about this very issue—the off-topic comments (i.e., comments on Clarke County government issues evolving into national election issues), the incivility and name-calling, the hogging of citizen discourse by a very few. I once got a reply from the editors saying, for all intents and purposes, “It’s a free country, with freedom of speech. If you don’t like the Clarke Daily News, don’t read it.” That was not exactly the retort I would have expected from the editor of a news outlet, especially a news outlet in my own, home county.

      I treasure free speech. As the daughter of generations of journalists, how could I not? My issue is not with free speech–which, by any measure, the Clarke Daily News should uphold and revere. My concern is the Clarke Daily News’s lack of restraint in monitoring the tone and tenor of its Comments Section. Everyone should have a voice, but incivility should not be allowed. My concern is that the Clarke Daily News is not adequately serving its citizens as a trusted news source when they allow important, local discussions to be drowned out by a select few citizens who are intent on turning CDN into their own, personal political blog. My concern is the face that the Clarke Daily News is putting on Clarke County.

      I want Clarke Daily News to succeed, but our county desperately needs a news source that earns its citizens’ trust by concentrating on the issues that affect our county and by doing it in a civil and professional manner.

  25. ElinorDashwood says:

    I have to say I disagree with both above. There is far less vitriol in the comment section of this online paper than many national and local websites. I don’t agree with everyone’s views here but I respect their right to post them. The articles here are well written and informative but comments are comments, if they bother anyone, they don’t have to read them.

    • Politics is divisive. There is enough of that in the world already. Let’s stick to Clarke County here.

    • kellcsmith says:

      Let me make myself clear. I respect everyone’s right to make posts. I just don’t respect CDN’s allowance of incivility. The exchange of ideas needn’t be vitriolic. But, having said that, it looks like I am on the losing end of this discussion. Thanks for hearing me out!

  26. People in Clarke County are concerned about politics as the two conventions are in the news. It is okay for people to express their thoughts as we will live with the consequences of the upcoming election. President Clinton made a very convincing speech last night. I also enjoyed hearing speeches at the Republican convention.

  27. Bob Brawley says:

    There is only two speeches I remember from any politician . Rumy telling the C Span audience that it was good the Iraq people had the freedom to loot.

    and Jimmy Carter in a State of the Union speech said that Its time to start inventing missiles that shoot down missiles.. Ronald Reagan gets the credit for Star Wars but apparently when Jimmy Carter spoke of it Star Wars hadn’t played in the theaters yet.. We got our Dick Tracy wrist watches but we still got to wait for our Star Wars