Romney, Ryan and Ryan’s Mommie

So young Paul Ryan took his Mommie with him on Sunday to a Florida seniors center to defend his Medicare plan.

I remember quite clearly my first day of school at P.S. #6 when most kids couldn’t wait to be rid of their mothers, though some others couldn’t bear the thought that they’d have to face the world, starting that very day, without Mommie.  That pretty much marked both groups of kids for life.

So Paul Ryan brought Mommie to protect himself against criticism that he’ll eviscerate the social safety net, starting with Medicare.  Mr. Ryan needs more than Mommie.  Ryan can run on P90X (no pun achieved), but not on his votes for unrestrained deficit spending for prescription drugs, two wars and tax cuts for those who hardly needed them.  Ryan works from Romney’s book – Romney’s Mommie isn’t here to beard him but Mrs. Romney of dressage as therapy and passive business expense tells you how wonderful Mitt is (and honestly, why do those people, merely because we want them to vote for him, need more tax returns when I can tell them how fabulous he is, and besides, they’ll only find fault with our tax rate, offshore accounts and tax schemes).

So Ryan drags Mommie center stage to say – see how good I am, Mommie came, notwithstanding what I’m about to do to people her age.  Can you hear the Greek chorus whispering “hypocrite”?

I can hardly wait for the howls of outrage from the learned Constitutional scholars and budget experts who regularly write under clever, colorful assumed names to enliven this forum.  Yet it strikes me that most of those who write will or have benefited from the safety net programs they are quick to condemn so others can’t use them.   Like Romney taking money for his Olympics, and Ryan taking earmarks and stimulus funds, though neither has the courage to ‘fess up.

Show of hands, please.  Which of you howlers declined the advantages of the safety net?  You may be hypocrites like your heroes but aren’t terminally stupid.  You know safety nets are the humanitarian response to needs of ordinary people (you know, people like you), and know your heroes, Adelson, Trump, Koch, et al, the capitalist caricatures and “job creators”, are very happy not to pay as much as you do even if it means depriving people (or an economy) in need.

Look closely: isn’t that Greed, not Humanism, that’s writ large on their coats of arms?

Take a good look in the mirror and see whose interests you really serve.  If the phrase, “dupe” comes unbidden to mind, don’t be surprised, for that, my good friends, is what you actually are.

Now, an “adult” conversation about Medicare.  Aging produces suffering like no court could impose as punishment without Constitutional objection, yet religion, doctors and drug companies (with few exceptions) countenance and thrive from it.  How about outcomes-based medicine, Mr. Ryan?  Mr. Romney?  How about death with dignity?  These too Ayn Rand for you?

Let’s hear how you howlers defend this suffering, and the joys of suffering-based profits.

Donald Marro

The Plains, Virginia


  1. I guess you were too busy being smarmy to understand that no one over 55 is affected by the Ryan plan, huh?

  2. Another View says:

    Eliminate government involvement in health care, both as a regulator, provider and subsidisor, and you will increase product quality, availability and affordability.

  3. Mr Mister says:

    Show of hands, please. Which of you howlers declined the advantages of the safety net?

    Tears will flowing for these 54 and under GOPers in about 10 years. Oh well…

    • Tears will definately be flowing with ObamaTAXcare. Having lived for a number of years in a socialist country and having seen the effects of cradle to grave government health care, I assure you we will be worse off in ten years unless it’s repealed.

  4. PineGrover says:

    This letter is exactly why liberals should never be allowed to hold positions of responsibility. After four years of proven failure, to attack a VP candidate for having his MOTHER speak out against an ill advised health care plan that is going to cost BILLIONS if not TRILLONS of dollars is as stupid as it is to have Biden out speaking to the public down in North Carolina – er Virginia – or where ever he thought he may have been at the time! The best the left can come up with is false attacks because they have NOTHING after four years of FAILURE? To call out “Mommie”? Really? If only people would quit following the main stream media. When there is real news the main stream media only reports what it wants some people to know. It is actually frightening the ignorance of so many people. Why does the main stream media continue to feed the ignorant? Because they know they CAN! It is time to wake up. If you agree with your news source all the time it is time to find another source!

  5. Donnie! Electro shock therapy is covered in Obamacare!

  6. Why is this nonsense printed?

  7. So it can be easily referenced when he runs for president with Mr Broy in 2016

  8. Reality Bites says:

    This is an exceptionally vile bit of rhetoric. What motivates you to be so publicly nasty, Mr. Marro? Hemorrhoids?

  9. Agreed.. this is a rant that makes me question what the color of the sky is…. Berryville Pharmacy is no longer in business. I believe and correct me if I am wrong due to Obama care – they now work for CVS who just now provided me with a robo call telling me that I need to buy more prescriptions for allergies…. Whatever……..
    My company recently provided us with one “choice” for health insurance which cost me more and provides me with service that leaves me wondering what I am paying for….

  10. The said pharmacy is no longer in business because the former owner, who helped deny a pharmacy at food lion, flew the coop with his loot. Not Obama on this one. The former owner is no doubt laughing all the way to the bank.

  11. Clarke Fan says:

    This is true Griffen! Everyone who has lived here for some time knows this story! Mr. Vinson blocked this one with the help of the BOS back then. Now he is counting his money and the residents who made him rich has to travel to Winchester for their meds! Thanks Randy…..

    • Sage of the mountain says:

      Not all of us go to Winc now Clarke Fan. Purcellville is closer to some and while in Loudoun spend money on Lunch etc.

  12. I hope he promised her a voucher to replace her current Medicare coverage. His whole adult life he has worked to kill Medicare and Social Security. He is getting close.

  13. ElinorDashwood says:

    While I agree with what you say about greed, humanism, capitalist caricatures, drug companies and Ayn Rand… I wish you had not gotten personal in your article. Although I don’t like Romney or Ryan or what they stand for, I see nothing wrong with Ryan wishing to have his mother with him. She nurtured him so she is undoubtedly, part of why he is the way he is and proud of him. I have a son so I know the mother-son bond is a very strong one.
    All I’m saying is that you write well and the facts and truths are good enough to stand on their own. I agree that some of the inane comments are maddening but we just have to continue to take the high road.

    • Another View says:

      “[W] just have to continue to take the high road.”

      You mean like referring to Mitt Romney as a felon? Or running commercials suggesting he killed a woman who died of cancer? Or inciting the populace against those in society who are wealthy or successful? How about referring to those who oppose the redefinition of marriage as homophobes [implying mental illness] or haters?

      Can you people even see the high road from your low station?

  14. Roscoe Evans says:

    You know, there’s yet another, Another View, who just has taken a two day dump on a local sheriff’s deputy, and who routinely calls his fellow citizens communists, fascists, and socialists, while demanding the violent overthrow of our government, should the current President be re-elected.

    You might want to chat with him in your spare time. You know, when you’re not communing face-to-face with God, speeding down your Greenway, or litigating the constitutionality of crosswalks or tic-tac-toe, or whatever you’re obsessed with these days.

    I admire Elinor’s good sense, and courtesy.

    • Another View says:

      Elinor’s commentary suggested that the LEFT was a courteous, “high road” bunch. I called her on that suggestion, by noting specific examples of discourtesy, and outright lies by the LEFT. I did not suggest that the RIGHT [or I] was anything, better, the same or worse.

      You, however, by taking a cheap shot, prove my point. Thank you.

      • It was not a cheap shot in your opinion to end your response to Elinor by saying “Can you people even see the high road from your low station”. You’ve been doing this type of thing for months. Give your snide little observations, then state “foul” when you get what you give.

        By the way, the “slights” you accuse the left of are fairly mild to what the Glenns, Rushes, Hannitys have been throwing out the last 8 years.

      • ElinorDashwood says:

        Examples? For every one you provided, I found one of equal or greater vehemence directed the other way. (make sure you read the analysis of each ad)

        All I can say, AV is that I can manage to state my opinion without trying to shove my views down anyone’s throat. Your need to constantly attack people’s comments just proves Roscoe’s point.
        I’ve heard that Lubbock County, TX is threatening to secede or have a civil war or something, if Obama is re-elected… just thought I’d put it out there in case you’re looking for property somewhere.
        Thank you, Roscoe.

        • Another View says:

          Don’t listen to talk radio.

          But I do not attack people who do not attack me first. I try and keep to the issues. For example, socialized medicine is not an attack. Referring to freeloaders as such, or my favorite, “takers” is not an attack. If, on the other hand, I called you a name, that would be an attack.

          • ElinorDashwood says:

            Nice try, AV. You did personally attack me with your comment, “Can you people even see the high road from your low station?”, and I wasn’t addressing you or any comment by you, I was addressing Mr. Marro.
            Tunnel vision, may friend…and I didn’t mention talk radio.

        • Another View says:

          The Republican ads are nothing compared to what the Democrats are doing. I WISH the Republicans would call Barack Hussein Obama a fascist, but they won’t because they are weenies. The Democrats, on the other hand, had no problem claiming that Ronald Reagan wanted to starve children. Or that George W. Bush lied, people died. Or that Mitt Romney is a felon.

          And if Barack Hussein Obama is reelected, there will likely be a mass movement for secession. I am hoping for Richmond to be the capital again.

  15. I wish democrats would call the far right wing a hate group. Guess they are weenies too.

    Bush lied and people died. And now we blame Afganistan on Obama; who was it said it was “his” war?

    Frankly I think both sides have crossed the line, trouble is the far far right wing has been doing it for years.

    Just about the only person I admire right now is Senator Aiken; not for his tasteless uneducated remarks, but for the fact he is ignoring party bosses (whose platform he supports; his stance party bosses agree with). I personally believe he is, while committing political suicide, at least standing true to himself. If both sides would do more of that, something might get done.

    • Another View says:

      The “far right wing” has been doing it for years? I don’t think so.

      Lyndon Johnson’s “Daisy commercial”. The charge that Barry Goldwater was both mentally ill and a Nazi?

      What about Ted Kennedy’s speech concerning Robert Bork? Or the lies told about Clarence Thomas?

      No. The LEFT is the king of ad hominem attacks.

  16. Quaint how you stopped stopped in the early 90s….how many years ago?

    The Daisy ad ran once, I do believe. I would not have voted for either candidate in that election, could I have.

    Quote on Bork, who was a loose cannon, tho Kennedy went too far, but for a reason (Bork was a ummm nut). Guess you don’t like the subsequent choice.

    “Bork was defeated by a vote of fifty-eight to forty-two, and Reagan nominated Anthony M. Kennedy in his place. Justice Kennedy has been no liberal, to be sure, but he has been the single vote that kept Roe v. Wade on the books, was the first Justice to recognize the rights of gay people, and imposed a restraining hand on President Bush’s excesses when it came to the treatment of detainees. For that, and for his presence on the Court, the nation can look to Ted Kennedy.”

    No wonder you are upset. Wow. Someone on the court who believes in human rights!

    I don’t know about Goldwater being called those things. I do remember hearing how people were scared of him….from republicans, like my parents. And oh he didn’t like social security either.

    No wonder you are upset.

    What lies about Thomas? I do not, as many Americans, believe them to be lies. You call Obama a fascist and think it is fact? Thomas is a sexual predator. There’s my fact. And what of substance on the Court has he provided?

    But let me restate, so you can come up out of the 90s……with the advent of far right wing talk radio, yes, the attacks on not only the left, but moderate mainstream Americans has increased; any educated person sees and hears them for what they are…pure unadulterated propaganda, aka, nazi style. I don’t particularly like being stopped at a booth showing the POTUS with devil ears and when I say politely with a smile, “I don’t agree with that,” being told I am a lousy and sorry human being.

    And I will restate also that both extremes are to blame. And no, I won’t proceed to gratify you with examples on both sides. We all can read, I assume?

    I can at least say that both extremes have crossed the line, and all you can do is go back to the Daisy ad?

    And what do you think of Aiken standing up to the republican bosses, who agree with what he said, but don’t like that he said it.

    • Another View says:

      Robert Bork was the most qualified man ever nominated to the Supreme Court, and Ted Kennedy–a disgrace in every respect–began and led a slander campaign never before seen in our politics.

      Anthony Kennedy is a disgrace. The decisions you cite illustrate a love of results, and a disdain for our Constitution.

      Clarence Thomas is an intellectual giant, and has served admirably on the Court. His decisions demonstrate understanding of and fealty to the Constitution. No wonder you hate him. And Anita Hill lied; that was proven during his confirmation hearings.

      Barack Hussein Obama is demonstrably a fascist. Demonstrably due to his policies–GM, Chrysler, Solyndra, socialized medicine, and his promise to do for all other industries what he did to GM. You cannot ignore the facts; Barack Hussein Obama believes in a government centered and directed society. That belief is antithetical to our Constitution, and more akin to the beliefs and actions of Mussolini and Hitler. Read your history.

      But back to our main topic–both sides are not to blame. And your refusal–inability?–to cite examples by the national Republican party, as I have of the national Democrat party–shows the falseness of your premise. You cannot dismiss the obvious, that the Democrats are flamethrowers, with little regard for the facts or civility. So to make yourself feel better, you claim that the Republicans do it too. But they don’t, and you cannot demonstrate it. An unidentified boor at a booth is not the same thing as Debbie Wasserman Shultz lying day and night on cable television. Or Ted Kennedy slandering one of history’s greatest legal minds on the Senate floor. Or the Daisy ad.

      And you know it. Which is why it upsets you.

      • Flat earthers like you do not upset me, nor do I watch cable television, because I do not like the rhetoric from either side. I think for myself, and do wonder at sheeple like you, and how you attempt to incite people with your loose use of Nazi and Fascist comparisons; I believe they are more far to the right. The fact that you want and actually pray for Richmond to be the next national capital speaks volumes, and diminishes any opinion you put forth.

        Ok, so Bork Bork was the only one on Nixon’s list who would support the “Saturday Night Massacre” for Nixon, which was considered illegal, somehow makes him the “best qualified person for the supreme court ever?” Note I say person, you said man, which means you don’t think much of women….that also speaks volumes.

        So at one point he supported the Poll Tax in the South. ummmmmm ok. Of course, that is his right as a person…as is his right to opine that he wanted to roll back civil rights decisions. ummmm ok. And more power to the executive branch of govt. Surprised you think that’s good. Oh, of course he wanted to overturn Roe v Wade. While Kennedy was vile, it was a good thing. After all, kind of like calling Obama a fascist I suppose. Saying anything to get your way is ok with both sides, right?

        58 people voted against the man. But of course you are smarter than they are. Funny guy.

        Why Anita Hill had to lie about her harassment by Thomas is unclear to me. One of them lied, he needed the job, my vote is with him, she had nothing to lose except having her name trashed. But you know all the “facts” I imagine.

        Both sides are to blame. Read the news. I don’t have to cite it for you. But I can admit that, apparently you think the extreme far right nazis are pure and smell sweet.

        RIP Neil Armstrong. I wonder if you think he actually walked on the moon.

        • Another View says:

          1. There was never an accepted view that the Earth was “flat”. That is a myth.

          2. Robert Bork wished to resign in the wake of the Saturday Night Massacre, but Atty. Gen. Richardson talked him out of it, citing his duty to serve, in light of Richardson’s and his deputy’s own self-serving resignations. Robert Bork did his duty.

          3. Richard Nixon’s firing of Archibald Cox was legal, and the correct thing to do, in light of Cox’s insubordination.

          4. Robert Bork never supported a poll tax, or worked to roll back civil rights. You are wrong. Perhaps you confuse adherence to the Constitution with results oriented legislation. There is a difference.

          5. I am smarter than anyone in Congress, then or now. So are 97% of the American people.

          5. Anita Hill is, and was, a liar. Thomas needed no job. Indeed, I know Justice Thomas, and he is a fine and upstanding man, in addition to being an outstanding jurist.

          7. Both sides are not to blame. I read 8 newspapers a day, in addition to briefings from various agencies. I am informed; you are wrong.

          8. I saw Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. Nice try.

          • Technically…all anyone “saw” of Neil Armstrong’s lunar steps (outside of the other 2 fellows on that flight) is a very grainy TV signal beamed around the world. Were it not for the other flights, it could be easily argued – and, indeed, is by some fringe groups – that it was all staged out West somewhere.

            As for Robert Bork, he was an “originalist” like yourself, but he tried to switch his views to get onto the SCOTUS. This essay pretty well speaks to that.

          • I read “My Grandfather’s Son” by Clarence Thomas. He talked about the racism in Gerogia during his youth. My bother Dan Card worked with Clarence Thomas in the Attorney’s General Office in Jefferson City, Missouri. Attorney General John Danforth gave Clarence Thomas a big break by hiring him. Clarence Thomas had a law degree from Yale and was qualified. I read Danforth’s book “Faith and Politics” and it is excellent. My brother Dan said that Danforth was a man of integrity and a statesman, while John Ashcroft was a politician. My brother Dan and John Ashcroft wrote a published article together called “Writ of Quo Warranto”. Clarence Thomas became a US Supreme Court Justice because of the good word of the reputable John Danforth. Since then, I feel that Clarence Thomas has acted as a quiet “Uncle Tom”. In his book, Clarence said some people resent him being married to a white woman. I personally believe Anita Hill.

          • Another View says:

            For you to refer to an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court as an “‘Uncle Tom'” is racist. If you have specific complaints about him, why not air those instead of racist name calling?

            And Anita Hill lied. She is a political hack for the Democrats.

          • No more racist than you perpetually using Obama’s full name, repeatedly, to play up his foreign and Islamic-sounding names, when you never do the same for ANY other current or wannabe presidential candidate.

          • Another View says:


            It is not racist to use someone’s proper name. Indeed, Barack Hussein Obama used his entire name in taking the oath of office. Is he a racist by using his entire name? Or are you the racist for attaching a racial connotation to someone’s name?

            And Islam is not a race. It is not racist to oppose or denigrate Islam. It might be rude, but it is not racist.

            You might also notice–pay attention please–that I almost never discuss other presidential candidates. Frankly there has not been a decent presidential candidate since RONALD WILSON REAGAN (is that racist? I used his whole name!).

          • You are one funny bloke…you flail and rage to protest when you are clearly busted, despite your penchant for parsing words like the legal eagle you profess to be. Your goat is so easily had, it’s comical.

            And, yes, when you only use that one president’s full name – to the exclusion of other presidents, there can be no other reason to deduce: you do so to stoke fear in the ignorant. Sadly, this is a trick all too common on the far right, but also evident abundantly on the left, as well.

          • Another View says:

            There is only one President at a time. So I can only refer to one President’s full name at at time.

            But what does it say about you and your ilk that you immediately assume racism when someone uses a man’s full proper name. It seems like your mind is the one with the evil thoughts. Care to confess?

          • Me and my “ilk”? Nice try, but don’t be deflective, AV.

            It wasn’t until the current POTUS was elected that talking heads and others on the right began referring to the current President by his full name, particularly emphasizing his middle name. NONE of the previous presidents (who are named by their title out of respect for the office) received such treatment – not from you, nor anybody else. Why is that? Do YOU care to confess something, beyond your hatred of the current POTUS?

          • life is good says:

            “Since then, I feel that Clarence Thomas has acted as a quiet “Uncle Tom”. ”

            AV, why is this bad only because it refers to a Supreme Court Justice, as you suggest? Is Sam simply expressing his personal opinion about one man, putting into quotes what others have said in a more vicious way? Freedom of speech and all that.

          • Another View says:

            Well, I suppose if Sam Card wishes to refer to Justice Thomas–or any black man–as an “Uncle Tom”, that is his free speech privilege. But it is rude, it is racist, and just because other people speak in rude and racist terms, that is no excuse for Sam Card, or anyone, to similarly engage.

            But I guess if you cannot criticize a man’s substance, throwing out racist ad hominem attacks will have to do. That is what Sam Card did, and what you defend. How sad.

          • From 1967-1991, Thurgood Marshall was a passionate and respectable US Supreme Court Justice. In 2000, General Colin Powell could have earned the Republican nomination and be elected the first black President. I was glad that Colin Powell served as Secretary of State under President George W. Bush.

          • life is good says:

            Thurgood Marshall was the epitome of Supreme Court Justices.

            It really is too bad Colin Powell did not seek the presidency….personally, I think he was too intelligent to do so. But I think he would have been steller.

          • Sorry, Thurgood Marshall and his court almost destroyed America. His court was tied deeply into the counter culture hippie, if it feels good do it in the middle of the street movement of the 60’s and early 70’s. He also viewed the Constitution as “defective”. He was for abortion rights and against the death penalty, a complete contradiction of logic.

            But never fear, two of his clerks are now on the court and highlight an even more important aspect of the election in 70 days. Do we want more Ginsbergs and Kagans, or do we want someone less liberal?

          • Another View says:

            Thurgood Marshall was an excellent advocate and a mediocre judge. His tenure at the Supreme Court illustrates his disregard for the Constitution and the law. There was nothing respectable about his jurisprudence or his tenure.

            As for Colin Powell, he never could have secured the Republican nomination, as he is way too liberal. And he is no Republican, as evidenced by his endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama.

            He [Colin Powell] was a lousy Secretary of State. He fought against the policies of the President under whom he served, which is why he was pushed out. He also kept quiet about the fact that his deputy, Richard Armitage, leaked the matter of Wilson’s wife to Robert Novak. Colin Powell is directly responsible for a political witch hunt that ruined an honorable man, Scooter Libby.

            Neither Colin Powell nor Thurgood Marshall are anyone to admire or brag about. Thank goodness both are gone from the public square.

  17. Wow, 8 newspapers a day and briefings, (and posting on this site, but I guess that really doesn’t take long since you cut and paste yourself) and you still have Numbers 1-5 wrong.

    I read only 3 papers a day, at most. I’m too busy doing menial work and can’t afford “briefings from various agencies,” so I have to think for myself

    Keep on; you like to see yourself think, and will never admit to be one hate filled paranoid rightspeak parrot.

    Time for some fresh air, maybe you should try it too. If you can walk and read at the same time.

    • Another View says:

      Pray tell how I got 1-5 wrong. Because as a matter of F A C T, I am correct. For example, Robert Bork did wish to resign, and Elliott Richardson did talk him out of it. I defy you to point out any factual inaccuracy in that assertion. EVEN ONE!

      And I’ve already walked today, got my fresh air, and feel great. It always feels great being right.

  18. Got-A-Dollar says:

    Hurricane to hit Tampa! Looks like God is mad at somebody.

  19. lovethisplace says:

    Oh, dear not hurricane Isaac…where is Pat Robertson when you need him.

    • ElinorDashwood says:

      You’ve hit the nail on the head…Why isn’t Pat Robertson on the air declaring that Hurricane Isaac delaying the start of Republican National Convention is a “sign from God that the Republican Party has veered away from the teachings of Jesus?” You know he’d be saying that if it was the Democratic convention.
      Prayers for those in the path of destruction and stand to lose everything, prayers for those in the path of hurricane Isaac too.

  20. And God Bless federal organizations like FEMA, who have been dispatched to help everyone that may be in need.

    Wonder if Sheldon will ask for help? 🙂

  21. lovethisplace says:

    At least the storm scared Trump away, I am sure everyone on both sides is happy about that one.

  22. goodgracious says:

    I have read my 34 1/2 newspapers today, received briefings from around the globe, including Mars and Pluto, run 20 miles, and have decided that it’s really too bad the Donald won’t be at the convention… Willard deserves to have this hateful idiot hung around his neck…. Now I’m off to pal around with my friends, Clarence, Bob, Curly, Larry and Mo. We plan to discuss and dissect Ayn Rand for several hours, as well as traumatic brain injury.

  23. ElinorDashwood says:

    Paul Ryan gave his speech at the republican convention. I rarely watch or read anything from FOX news but I must say this article about him surprised me.

    • Why should it shock you? She’s a liberal that writes for Fox

      Sally Kohn is a political commentator, community organizer, and founder and chief education officer of the Movement Vision Lab, a grassroots think tank. Kohn is a paid contributor for the Fox News Channel, and has her work published in publications like The Washington Post and USA Today.[1]

      Previously, Kohn was Senior Campaign Strategist with the Center for Community Change, where she served as co-Director. She also previously served as Executive Director of the Third Wave Foundation. Kohn held a program fellowship at the Ford Foundation, helping to manage more than $15 million in annual grants. She was also a distinguished Vaid Fellow at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute. Kohn has consulted at organizations such as the Urban Justice Center. She was also a strategic adviser to the Social Justice Infrastructure Funders.

  24. ElinorDashwood says:

    I’ve just never heard anything so liberal from a FOX news thread. I applaud you for taking the high road and producing her credentials and the facts without stating anything personal about her or her life. Someone else on this site wouldn’t have done the same.

    • ” I applaud you for taking the high road and producing her credentials and the facts without stating anything personal about her or her life”

      What, you mean about her being a democrat? I know it’s embarassing and all, that’s why I didn’t mention it. 😉