RRMM Gets the Nod for Multimillion-Dollar Renovation Project

Members of the School Board Construction Committee gathered Friday afternoon to complete a key step in the long process to renovate three aging facilities in the county by selecting a firm to lead the multimillion-dollar project. Two weeks ago the committee narrowed the field of candidates to three firms, RRMM, Gilbert Architects, and OWPR. Each of the three firms provided follow-up presentations earlier in the week and the committee called this special meeting to finalize the selection process.

Committee members (representative, Jim Brinkmeier was not in attendance) once again rated each of the firms on specific criteria relating to the firms ability to complete projects of similar scope and the points were tallied by Tom Judge.

In the end, the scores and the ratings were unanimous. The committee selected RRMM and empowered school staff to begin the process of negotiating a contractual agreement with the firm.

The motion to enter into negotiations with RRMM for the project also included language that was intended to maintain the scope of the project. Earlier discussions by the committee included the of dropping Berryville Primary from the scope of the project, but the overall consensus was to keep it in the project scope while a more clearly defined approach is developed.


  1. Supportin' Clarke says:

    Good News- glad to see our School System moving forward and meeting elementary needs. BIG day coming up for CCHS students! Can’t wait to hear updates on the new building and instructional focus! (already hearing student speculations about new lunch offferings and smart boards instruction… way to go Dr. Murphy!)