Ruritan Thanks Volunteers for Making CC Fair a Success

Well the Clarke County Fair is over. We had a bit of heat, a little rain, a little wind, and a lot of great people come and enjoy the fair this year.

As co-chairman of the Ruritan food stand I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the individuals and groups that helped feed the crowds, groups like the Blue Ridge Hunt Club, the Clarke County employees, the Town of Berryville employees, Boy Scout Troop 34, and the Men and Women’s Clubs of St. Bridget Catholic Church, and lets not forget the many folks that signed or just came in to help during the day when we needed it most.

At times it might seem that working over a hot grill, a steamy fryer, or a sticky soda fountain is a thankless job, but we, the Clarke County Ruritan Club, do remember and appreciate it.

For all the great volunteers, please come to the Ruritan Appreciation Dinner September 15th at 7pm so we may show our gratitude for your hard work.

You are the reason Clarke County is such a great place to live. There is one last group I must thank, the Macintosh Farms, for the fantastic peaches we received so many compliments on.

Jim (Sarge) Willis


  1. As a wayward volunteer for just a short stint at the gates this year, and a 4-Her at the fair for many years when i was a girl (’78-86), I appreciate it and this community so much. Thanks Ruritan, and everyone who makes this home!

  2. I’d like to return “thanks” to the Ruritan Club for their usual outstanding job at putting on a great county fair. I bumped into a photgrapher at the fair that works for an independant magazine. He said this is one of the few fairs left in the state that still highlights agriculture, and that combined with the atmosphere took him back to his childhood in Iowa

    Anyway, thanks again for all the hard work!

  3. Naked Truth says:

    I’m just glad we didn’t have any American Idol [redacted] headlining this year.