Salvation Army Attorney Disputes Bouffault

The attorney for the Salvation Army says that the plat for a proposed 400 acre subdivision adjacent to the Clarke County High School has been publicly available for seven years and any suggestion otherwise is a falsehood.

Leesburg attorney John Farrell made the statement during a Sunday morning phone interview in response to an electronic mail message sent by Clarke County School Board member Robina Bouffault (White Post) to the Clarke County Planning Commission earlier in the week.

Bouffault’s email, which Farrell said he has not received, questions the Salvation Army’s request for a consumer disclosure statement waiver and asks why the subdivision plat for the property wasn’t made available to Planning Commission members.

Bouffault’s email, in part, reads:

“On page 1 of the Army’s ‘under protest’ consumer disclosure statement, for point 6-A-1, they indicated that the plat (presumably concerning the subdivision) is located at 305 Harrison Street, Leesburg, VA 20175. This location is a large office building, with a number of offices, which include the law offices of H. Robert Showers, where I presume the plat must be located, as they have been, at least in the past, the Army’s attorneys.

Why wasn’t this plat provided to the Commissioners for their review?   Is it available to the public for review?   It should be.”

However, attorney Farrell says that Bouffault was already aware that the plat document is on file with Clarke County Zoning Administrator Jesse Russell and therefore available to the Planning Commissioners.

“The plat has been publicly available for seven years and Ms. Bouffault knows that” said Farrell.

“I was in a meeting with Ms. Bouffault, Supervisor Dunning, two engineers from PHRA and others in 2007 when they saw the plats” Farrell said. “The plats have been there ever since.”

Farrell also dismissed rumors about undisclosed interest in the property as false saying that the only party with any interest in the property is the Salvation Army – a fact that he says was publicly disclosed many years ago and has not changed.

“The identification of the owner of this subdivision has been known since the subdivision plat was filed” Farrell said. “The ownership has never changed. The statute requires that disclosure of ownership be stated on the plat and the Salvation Army has done that consistently throughout the entire application process.”

“Any suggestion to the contrary is a falsehood” Farrell added.

“The Salvation Army doesn’t build houses” Farrell said. “The Salvation Army intends to sell the lots to homebuilders or to individual lot purchasers who will build their own homes. However, no individuals or homebuilder companies have approached the Salvation Army at this time and a deal to sell the property or otherwise convey a beneficial interest has never even been suggested.”


  1. To point out the obvious in response to Mr. Farrell:

    1. If the plat in question is indeed the old one that has been in possession of the Planning Commission since 2007 (which I did see at the time), WHY does Mr. Farrell’s document indicate that the plat in question showing ownership is located in LEESBURG, and not at the Planning Commission office?

    2. If indeed the Salvation Army is the sole entity with a “beneficial interest” in the property, and there are no other persons with any “beneficial interest” in it, WHY is Mr. Farrell requesting a waiver of the Consumer Disclosure Statement? Certainly his reticence and arguments against it could lead people to surmise otherwise. Could it be that there are perhaps private agreements already in place with third parties that might prove controversial if known?

    The Salvation Army has taken a “non-issue” and by their refusal to comply with routine county ordinances, have blown it up into a major issue. Why? Mr. Farrell is representing that the Army are sole owners with beneficial interest in the property. Why the reluctance to put it in writing and record it?


  2. Right Winger says:

    I’d be willing to bet that the parties with “beneficial interest” are very closely related to a former Superintendent.

  3. livein22611 says:

    Can’t the county just tell the Salvation Army to take a hike?? I’m really tired of hearing about them and putting up with their crap. All they want is to build some houses (gee-wonder who will benefit from that) which will cost our county in services anyway. They haven’t given the 70 acres to the schools. And after researching them online their business dealings are questionable. The local SA does good in the community and we will support them but the national organization is a joke. This whole thing stinks. They are not fooling anyone. We know who those with “beneficial interests” are. Take a hike SA!