Saturday Round-up: Columbus Day Weekend around Clarke County

Clarke Countians enjoyed spectacular weather as fall festivities commenced over what will be a three day weekend for many.  Temperatures had soared to 83-degrees at Winchester Regional Airport by 3:00pm as locals and visitors made the most of the clear skies and many area activities.

Soup and Bread Benefit Sale

Members of the Faith Fellowship Church on Kimble Road offered soup by the bowl for lunch or by the quart for visitors wanting to take home a meal rather than cook on such a beautiful day.

Marie Gorecki wraps cupcakes for Faith Fellowship Church's soup and pastry sale - Photo Edward Leonard

“We have a big pot of bean soup and another pot of vegetable soup” said church member Phyllis Mainheart.

Mainheart and fellow congregation member Marie Gorecki wrapped cupcakes and other baked goods while several other women worked in the compact church kitchen preparing for noon-day lunch guests. Proceeds from the soup sale will go toward future expansion of the 30-member Pentecostal church north of Berryville.

“We hope to build a new picnic shelter and possibly enlarge our social hall” Mainheart said. “The money will go toward those kinds of improvements.”

Mainheart said that people sometime refer to Faith Fellowship as the “chocolate church” because so many past fundraisers involved selling Easter candy to raise building funds.

The church was founded by Pastor Hubert Plummer in 1985 and Mainheart has been a member from the beginning.

“We built this church piece by piece” Mainheart said.

Kiwanis Offers Americana Art Raffle

Fred Dodson’s family lived in what is now the Shenandoah National Park at the turn of the last century. In the early 1900’s the Dodson family was forced to leave from its home when the US government purchased thousands of acres to create the park.

Barbara Lee offered raffle tickets Saturday to support Kiwanis school programs - Photo Edward Leonard

Dodson, a local stone mason, created a replica of his childhood family cabin. The replica was originally purchased from Dodson before his death by Helen Symons, a home health nurse at the time.

Symons has generously donated the keepsake of a lost mountaineering lifestyle to the Clarke County Kiwanis Club.

“Proceeds from the raffle will go to support our Terrific Kids program and our BUG program” said Kiwanis member and teacher Barbara Lee.

Terrific Kids recognizes Kindergarten, first and second graders for good citizenship while BUG encourages students who have “Brought Up Grades”.

The raffle drawing will be held on December 1st. Contact Barbara Lee by e-mail at to purchase a chance at winning this extraordinary piece of American memorabilia.

Farmer’s Market Extends Season

The Farmers’ Market Association and Berryville Town Council have agreed to extend the Saturday farmers market three additional days to  November 20, 2010. The extended schedule provides one additional Saturday for customers to purchase local

vegetables, fruits and meats beyond the usual closing date of October 31.

The Association has also canceled its Winter Market due to lack of interest among  vendors. However, discussions with vendors on Saturday revealed mixed feelings about not continuing to operate over the winter months.

“This is the best farmers market in the area” said Arthur Marrone of Heirloom Italy. “I’d love it if they could stay over the winter.”

Clarke County Farmers Market season ends November 20th - Photo Edward Leonard

Marrone said that he sells at several area markets but Clarke County is a model of what a farmers market should be.

“And the customers here are great” Marrone added. “Jefferson County was having some trouble with their farmers market and I told them that they needed to come to Clarke to see how a farmers market should be run.”

However, vendor Kevin Trask said that last winter’s sales at the market were down from previous years.

“I don’t try too much to guess why sales were down” Trask said. “Maybe it’s the economy, maybe just fewer customers. Who knows?”

Geneva Jackson of “GJ Cooks” said that she believed that the decision last winter to relocate the winter market inside at the Clarke County Fairgrounds may have contributed to the sales decline.

“A lot of people walk to town for the market” Jackson said. “I think some people didn’t know it was there.”

Don and Harriet Maloney demonstrated wood turning on Main Street for the Fire House Gallery’s Art of Making Art artist demonstrations program – Photo Edward Leonard