School Bid Documents Ready (Probably)

The Clarke County School Board has unanimously approved the construction bid documents that will be used to construct the new Clarke County High School.

The bid documents will be advertised tomorrow in local newspapers along with construction trade journals such as Dodge Reports and Valley Construction News according to Joint Administrative Services Director Tom Judge. Bids are due on June 8th and will be opened in the Main Meeting room of the Government Center on June 9th at 1:00 p.m.high-school-detail

Much, if not all, of the bid document design work has occurred between School Board Chairperson Robina Bouffault and School Board legal counsel Joe Luchini. The 83 page final bid document was provided to the School Board members for review on Friday evening at 6:00 p.m. and approved today at 3:00 p.m. with only minor discussion of the contents of the documents.

“This is a very good document that has been reviewed by Tom Judge, Joe Luchini, and Gannet-Fleming. The change order language has been tightened to limit fallout and changes,” Bouffault told the School Board.

While the bid documents may have been reviewed by County Staff and contractors, several School Board members said that they had not been given adequate time to review the documents prior to today’s vote. There was no opportunity provided for public comment on the documents. Even so, the School Board approved the documents unanimously.

After approving the school construction documents the School Board made several minor changes to a draft Utility Construction and Cost Sharing Agreement that will be forwarded to the Berryville Town Council for consideration at Tuesday night’s regular meeting. Should the Town Council agree with the recommended changes the fire flow issue may finally be resolved.

Clarke County taxpayers may be surprised to learn that despite all of the money being paid to subcontractor Crabtree, Rohrbaugh, and Associates, the intellectual property generated from tax dollars doesn’t belong to the County. Prior to ending the meeting Chairperson Bouffault announced for the benefit of the public that “all reports, construction documents, and computer files related to the project are the property of Crabtree, Rohrbaugh, and Associates and are subject to U.S. copyright laws.”


  1. Lonnie Bishop says:

    The “intellectual property” thing must explain how CRA was able to sell us an inferior set of plans for a high school. We’re just paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to them for the privilege of building such a thing. Yippee! I’m glad Dr. Murphy and the CCPS staff who’ve looked at those plans were able to suggest and press for appropriate upgrades to make them work as a high school, and not as the middle school it was designed to be initially.

  2. Jim Gibson says:

    While it is encouraging to see that things are one step closer to getting some shovels dirty, it is disconcerting that so much work is only being handled by the chair. Of course, when two others on the board empower the chair to be the project manager, this is to be expected. The fact that this bid document was voted on without due diligence by the rest of the board, because they were not afforded time for such due diligence, is cause for pause. Perhaps it’s just a small thing, but did the superintendent at least get to review it? No public comments were sought? Interesting…