School Board Approves Superintendent’s Contract

The Clarke County School Board met in closed session on Monday night to discuss Superintendent Dr. Michael Murphy’s employment contact. After the meeting school officials confirmed that Dr. Murphy’s employment contract was officially extended for two years expiring on June 30, 2014.

CCPS Superintendent Dr. Michael Murphy - Photo courtesy Clarke County Public Schools

Murphy will receive an annual salary of $130,000, the same rate approved when he was first hired four years ago.

No additional details were released from the meeting.


  1. supportn Clarke says:

    Glad to hear Dr. Murphy will continue to lead our school system! His dedication and accomplishments in Clarke County are invaluable – we are extremely lucky he has chosen to work here. Looking forward to moving past the long-awaited high school opening and seeing Dr. Murphy’s administrative team finally able to focus on the education of children! (…. keep up the great work……..)

    • Right Winger says:

      “…seeing Dr. Murphy’s administrative team finally able to focus on the education of children! …”

      Not so fast.

      I agree to a point. however, there’s some unfinished business about the spelling bee debacle that should be cleared up. He’s got an administrator that was caught in an untruth in front of parents and students that has remained silent on the issue since it was brought forth. The half-hearted “we’ll do better next time” comment preceded that, yet nothing has been said since then. Those kids and parents deserve an answer, and so do we as taxpayers who fund their salaries and pensions.

      • hhhmmm.... says:

        The answer is they screwed up. It happens. No, it should not have happened to the kids…but it did. It won’t be the only disappointment in their life. What’s done is done. Can’t change it. But, if it does happen again then he’s got some major explaining to do.

      • Seriously, RW, give it a rest. It was an incredible snafu, but one that was acknowledged and it’s time to move on with the knowledge that – in 11 months – they can get this right. Seriously…you pounding the drums on this serves no purpose but to make you look like you’re obsessively petty.

        It’s well established that mistakes were made. Everybody – CCPS admin, the public – knows it. I’d wager the margin for error is non-existent now. Check your blood-lust at the door, lower your blood pressure, and give ’em a chance to do it right.

        • Right Winger says:

          Where did ANYONE acknowledge that they screwed up in lying to the kids and their parents? All I’ve seen or heard is that they acknowledged that a mistake was made BEFORE news got out that there was a bold-faced lie.

          People here beat the war drums on a disagreement between Wolf Trap and our Barns of Rose Hill. You go nuts over a silly sign dispute. Y’all even got frothy-mouthed over an issue regarding a substitute teacher!! But you don’t give a rat’s patootie about what happens when a school administrator lies to parents and students and nothing happens.

          • In-the-Know says:

            What about the FIRST lie when the teacher-in-charge at J-WMS forgot to set up and arrange for the spelling bee and didn’t realize the mistake until parents started showing up?? Big lie told to parents and students as the bee was postponed until later. Inexcusable!!

          • Right Winger says:

            I thought the CCPS motto was “Clarke in Motion…Committed to EXCELLENCE”.

            Really? Allowing teachers/administrators to lie and get away with it?

            This is absolutely unacceptable behavior and it should not be tolerated!!

          • Really? Wow…that was 6 weeks ago. I was in the office that day dropping off something for my kid – it was an embarassing thing for the school for sure, but one they owned with humility (imho) and made right the next week, right?

            Seriously…y’all need to not hold grudges and move on.

          • livein22611 says:

            Funny you mention “y’all need to not hold grudges and move on” to a group of people who CANNOT move on from the half-truths they have been told about a certain former school board member. But that’s the problem with “y’all”, you have very little first hand knowledge about what you comment on. Time will tell about this superintendent.

  2. Way too much to manage this school system. Isn’t it about the kids, the service? I guess not.

  3. Roscoe Evans says:

    The spelling bee fiasco was unprofessional, this year, and, I understand, in past years, too.

    Still, there isn’t a person on this board who has not made his own mistakes and told his own lies.

    So please, grow up, and stop this nonsense. You are poor examples to your own kids.

    Meanwhile, Tony is right. The superintendent isn’t paid enough to listen to the nonsense he has to hear day in and day out from “taxpayers” who claim they are paying his salary out of their own pockets. That’s absurd. Most of us pay enough to fill a pothole or two, or to buy a shelf of books for the library, and we whine about that.

    Work harder. Pay more taxes. Stop your whining.

    • Right Winger says:

      So, standing up for what is right is a poor example to my kids? I should just keep my mouth shut when someone lies to my kids and gets away with it? Wow. I’m stunned. [redacted]

      • hhhhmmm... says:

        No. Not at all..what we would like you to teach your kids is that people are human. Whether they make a mistake or someone else we would like you to teach your kids that while it’s wrong at the same time it happens. Learn from it and make sure that same mistake doesn’t happen again.

  4. Right Winger says:

    I would expect that a school system claiming that is committed to the excellence of its students would also expect the same of its employees.

    • Tony Parrott says:

      So high and mighty, what do you want? People lie, bend the truth, make mistakes; it happens. It’s not right but it happens. I felt bad for the kids but I’m over it now. An apology went out, what more do you require? Pay the kids some money, fire people, have a sit-in or maybe kids could boycott class for a week?
      Mistakes were made; let’s learn from it and move on.

      Besides what does this have to do with the actual article?

    • An awful lot IS expected of its employees, every single day. Because it’s a school, these folks get held to a far highre standard than nearly any other profession – and thus the crucifixions are that much more merciless.

      You, sir, can rant all you want, but was your own child affected? Are you so perfect? We’re all human…and thus we all fail. The important thing is that we learn from that, and apply that knowledge to the next time. I have a hunch this snafu will not be repeated. If it is, well, feel free to get your torch and putchfork out. Until then, spare us your Pharisitical bombast.

      • Another View says:

        The fact is, the spelling bee snafu demonstrates rank incompetence among public employees who are demanding a tax increase to increase their pay.

        Public employees need to demonstrate excellence before they start asking for more money.

        • Really? The schools have consistently done well on state and national assessments – 1 better than others, for sure, but overall are very solid. Our on-time grad rate is the highest around, and our dropout rate is one of the lowest around. The athletic teams achieve a lot of success, the arts programs are very solid, and DECA, the robotics, and FFA groups all consistently do well. (These are some of the things my wife and researched when we moved here several years ago).

          Not sure what the specific stats are, but it seems the local crime rate is low and limited to small-time stuff; certainly not like areas over the mountain to the east. That, at least in part, is a credit to Sheriff Roper and his deputies.

          The spelling bee snafu is just that – a snafu that, admittedly, was most unfortunate and regrettable and one promised to not happen again. To use tht as a reason to deny a sorely-needed infusion of financial support is just petty and spiteful.

          • Another View says:

            It is neither petty nor spiteful. And having the government grade the government schools is hardly a ringing endorsement.

            Moreover, while I have no complaints with the Sheriff’s Dept., it is foolish to attribute to them the low crime rate. Other factors, such as population, commuting traffic, etc. are more likely contributing to the higher crime rates in the East and the lower crime rates in Clarke.

            And finally–again–the taxpayer is tapped out. There is no more money for the government to squeeze out of us!

        • In-the-Know says:

          Please don’t judge ALL CCPS employees by the missteps and mistakes of a few.
          That’s wrong!
          And to say we are “demanding a tax increase to increase (their) pay”…Wrong again!

          If you think we don’t constantly demonstrate excellence, it’s time you paid a visit to some classrooms!

          • Another View says:

            You are not demanding a pay raise? FANTASTIC! Issue solved. No need for a tax increase. THANK YOU!

  5. Gooooo clarkeeeee!

  6. Berryville Cowboy says:

    Sounds like someone has his hand in our pockets if you ask me.