School Board Recognizes Key Staff

The Virginia School Boards Association has designated February 13 -19, 2011 as “School Board Clerk Appreciation Week.” On Wednesday night the Clarke County School Board took time to publicly recognize two key staff members who consistently keep the administrative wheels of the school systems turning; Joint Administrative Services Director, Tom Judge and Clarke County Public School Office Manager, Renee Weir.

School Board Clerks are appointed by law to fulfill their duties and responsibilities and provide an invaluable service for school boards and superintendents.

Clarke County Public Schools Office Manager Renee Weir (l) and Joint Administrative Services Director Tom Judge were recognized for outstanding performance by School Board Chairman Barbara Lee - Photo Edward Leonard

Tom Judge provides oversight of budgets and fiscal strategy for both the Clarke County School Board and the Board of Supervisors. Judge is routinely tasked by county leaders with figuring out how to improve the county’s use of limited financial resources. Over the past year, Judge’s role for the School Board has varied from straight-forward tasks like providing cost benefit analysis of using solar panels to generate power for playing field irrigation systems to renegotiating use of excess school bond funding from the Clarke County High School construction project so that the additional funding can be used for renovation of other CCPS buildings.

Renee Weir is a consistent presence at every school board meeting and routinely provides school board members with a valuable guidance on both administrative and procedural questions. Not only does Weir support Clarke County education professionally, she also has demonstrated her commitment to students and learning by establishing an annual scholarship fund recognizing outstanding student performance in the area of business.

On Wednesday evening Clarke County School Board Chairman Barbara Lee, on behalf of the School Board and the Clarke County School Division recognized Judge and Weir for their excellent and faithful service.

“Thank you for everything that you do for us,” Lee said. “Your dedication and performance on behalf of our students is exceptional.”