School Board Recognizes Student Spelling Champs – Video

The Clarke County School Board recognized the division’s spelling bee winners on Monday night. The CCPS division-wide winner was Ava Mackay-Smith with Cameron Mackay-Smith was the second place finisher.

School winners include:

Johnson Williams Middle School  – Ava Mackay-Smith, Bryan Boag, David Blight, Rachel Brown, Ellie Aiello

Boyce Elementary – Evan Nichols, Claire Holmes, Cameron Mackay-Smith, Emily Mackenzie, Emily David

D. G. Cooley Elementary- Anna Blight, Bailey Trapnell, Bristen Broy, Sara Allen, Jackson Darman

Congratulations to all the spelling bee winners!

Learn why spelling bee winners like to spell here:


  1. Michelle says:

    They all did a great job and held their own against the School Board in the spell off ! Congratulations!

  2. Right Winger says:

    Hmm, somehow these two kids were able to get the correct start time information, but the rest weren’t?

    Something stinks here.