School Board Submits Final Site Plan

blueprintsThe Clarke County School Board continues its stride toward a new high school today by presenting the facility’s final site plan to the Berryville Area Development Authority (BADA) along with $31,950 in fees necessary for the submission process. Collaboration between the town of Berryville and the School Board over an outstanding spending decision, a $200K fire flow pumping station, remains, however the School Board is in position to move ahead regardless of the Town’s final decision.

School Board Chairperson Robina Bouffault presented the final site plan on January 25 in anticipation of discussion and review by BADA at its Thursday meeting. BADA review comes just a week after the Clarke County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved approximately $10 million of supplemental building money requested by the School Board.

Bouffault said, “This is a major step forward, as we have in the last week been able to not only obtain the full supplemental funding requested, but initiate the very last phase of our permitting, after the Special Use Permit and Preliminary Site Plan. With everyone’s cooperation and smooth permitting, we are hopeful of groundbreaking in June.”

On January 11th the School Board submitted a site plan with a fire-flow configuration that attempts to address the new school’s requirement as well as provide the Town of Berryville additional fire control capabilities. The School Board estimates that implementing its own fire flow system will cost $189K. School Board architects estimate that upgrading the School fire control to meet Berryville’s requirements will cost an additional $91K.

In a January 11th letter to the Town of Berryville, School Superintendent Dr. Michael Murphy proffered $200K to the Town in exchange for Berryville’s oversight of the fire control system. Management and oversight by the Town would theoretically provide saving economies for both Berryville and the new school. Murphy has requested that BADA respond to the shared fire control proposal at its upcoming January 28th   meeting.