School Carryover Request Will Increase Oversight of Hourly Employees

The Clarke County Board of Supervisors agreed to on Tuesday to a request from the Clarke County Public Schools to carryover $134K from the FY 2011 budget for one-time capital expenditures in 2013. The request covers a range of items including $50K that will be used this year to re-surface the school track.

Appearing before the Supervisors to make the request, School Superintendent Dr. Michael Murphy said that this year’s carryover request had been delayed until May.

“Typically, these funds are requested in January,” Murphy said. “This year the expenditure request was delayed until May in an effort to ensure availability of ’emergency’ one-time funds. Given that, we are in the middle of the second quarter of FY12, we are now requesting approval and appropriation for expenditure on July 2012 (FY13).”

Murphy said the request to use $50K of the funds this year was needed to expedite $107K worth of track resurfacing work already planned for this summer.

The remaining funds will cover a wide range of School Board requests.

Murphy said that in addition to a list that includes playground equipment, a portable sound system, and a Duplo digital duplicator, the school division will purchase software packages to track hourly employee time reporting, field trip expenses and vehicle repairs.

“We need software to track our hourly employee’s time and will move immediately to implement in our food service division and for our custodians,” Murphy said. “If folks don’t work they shouldn’t get paid.”

Murphy said that the new software will allow time sheet information to go directly to the payroll department.

Murphy said that the field trip tracking software will allow the school division to recoup expenses associated with field trips while the vehicle maintenance packing will allow maintenance teams to track all of the expenses for a specific vehicle.

The request also includes $12K for school bus chains that can be automatically install by a bus operator in the event of inclement weather.

“I never want to have a bus driver try and install chains,” Murphy said. “I’ve been there, done that. Never again.”

Murphy said that the remaining balance of the FY13 carryover request will be used to purchase traditional and electronic text books.

View the full Clarke County Public Schools FY13 carryover request here: 2013 carryover request


  1. Only thing on the list that seems ‘odd’ is playground equipment for Cooley when it is still undecided where and how the schools will be configured. Seems like things like this would be put on hold.

    CDN Editor: During the discussion Supervisor Byrd (Russell) inquired about purchasing playground equipment for Cooley given the uncertainties of future school configuration. Dr. Murphy acknowledged the concern and replied that the money was intended to be used as matching funds for the Cooley Parent Teacher Association and would not be spent immediately. Murphy added that the school division would plan accordingly to ensure that playground equipment could be relocated given any future changes.