School Census Drops by 56 Students

As Clarke County debates how best to utilize the school construction budget surplus that was created by lower-than-expected construction costs for the new high school, initial school enrollment figures for this year point to a lower than expected student population.

Clarke County Public School Superintendent Dr. Michael Murphy reports that 2086 students attended classes county-wide today.

“This is a head count number only” Murphy said. “We are still enrolling kids and expect more students to show up.”

The 2,086 students are lower than the projected enrollment of 2,140. Murphy said that the higher student estimate was an administrative estimate and school officials were not surprised to see fewer students than last year.

“In a small county like Clarke enrollment projections are very hard to estimate” Murphy said.


  1. Robina was right. (AGAIN)

  2. Concerned says:

    As were 100s of other people…. It would only make sense that with construction of new homes and sales of existing homes down.

    • Naked Truth says:

      May also be the fact that some are choosing private schools. They seem to be on a rise.

  3. Before too much patting-on-the-back takes place, let’s see where the numbers are after next week. I know of multiple absences yesterday in more than one class at Cooley alone.

  4. Things are still changing. I doubt this is a major downward trend. Besides, the classes are still full–many of the high school classes are over 25. Some are over 30, which is tough in a school built with small rooms and big desks.