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School Board Student Representative Likes Cellphone Policy Change

Student School Board representative Connor Mettenburg told his School Board colleagues on Monday night that by and large his classmates are glad to be back in school and are adapting well to several changes that have been implemented this year.

“Every is getting used to the new class schedule” Mettenburg said.

Clarke County High School classes now begin at 8:10am rather than 8:30am and dismissal occurs at 3:10pm rather than 3:25pm.

“I think that starting a little earlier hasn’t been a big adjustment for most people but students are happy about the earlier dismissal time” Mettenburg said.

Mettenburg also noted that the new policy change allowing students to carry cellphones during class was welcomed by students.

“It’s easier to track assignments because you can enter them right into the phone’s calendar feature rather than having to write the information down and enter it later” Mettenburg said. “You can also use the phone’s alarm function so that you don’t forget any assignments.”

Mettenburg said that he plans to regularly meet with the student council representatives from each school to make sure that he is representing the concerns of each student body. He also plans to set up a FaceBook page and use other social media to stay in touch with students.

Back to School Nights

Parents of D.G. Cooley Elementary School and Berryville Primary School will be able to attend Back-to-School Night tonight (September 8, 2011).

Back-to-School night at Johnson Williams Middle School is September 22, 2011. Clarke County High School Back-to-School Night is September 21, 2011

Back-to-School Smoother Than Normal  

“We’ve had an incredibly smooth back-to-school this year said Clarke County Schools Superintendent Dr. Michael Murphy. “There were a few transportation challenges that we’re dealing with but other than that things have gone very well.”

Murphy said that student scheduling changes, a protracted problem in previous years, have been resolved quickly and easily this year.

“I’ve really enjoyed the professionalism of our staff and we had a great administrative workshop” Murphy added. “Everyone’s doing well and glad to be back.”