School Plan Reaches Berryville Area Development Authority

CCGovtCtr1The Berryville Area Development Authority (BADA) met last night to elect its leadership and to schedule hearings for reviewing the high school site plan submitted by the Clarke Count School Board on Monday.

The committee unanimously elected H. Allen Kitselman, III, to continue as chairman and George Ohrstrom as vice Chairman. The committee then turned its attention to review of the high school site plan submitted earlier this.

School Board Chairman Robina Bouffault presented a timeline graph to BADA that anticipates site plan approval by the various reviewing agencies by the end of April. Bouffault again repeated her intention that ground-breaking for the new high school happen by June 2010. Bouffault said that the timeline has been presented to Christy Dunkle, Assistant Town Manager for Community Development & Operations, who concurs with the schedule. BADA Chairperson Kitselman, characterized the school project as the “largest thing that any of us will see during our tenure on this board.”

The proposed plan still faces a number of hurdles including permits from several government agencies. In addition, a final decision is still outstanding from the Town of Berryville of whether to opt-in on the School Board’s offer to share the costs related to a new fire control system. Final disposition of Mosby Boulevard must also be approved by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), though Bouffault said that budget cutbacks could delay the road decision. VDOT has announced plans to close its Lurray, Virginia office in April and shift review of the Mosby plan to its Staunton office.

A work session will be held on February 17th at 4:30pm to review feedback from various agencies about the plan and any potential impact to the permit process. The subsequent public hearing will be held on February 25th at 6:00pm at the Clarke County Government Center.


  1. Jim Gibson says:

    Glad to see this process take another step forward. It is in the best interest of my town’s leaders to “opt-in” to that agreement, as (A) everyone knows that funds for the actual school are limited, (B) town kids and county kids will attend school there, and (C) it will be a solid example of collegiality and compromise that would begin to put to rest lingering issues over the Mosby Boulevard dustup of last year.

  2. [redacted text] did you have any reaction quotes from the Town of Berryville about a decision date for the fire control system or from VDOT on their Mosby Blvd “extension” (2 lanes, no curb and 1000′ short)? We’re on month 18 of this site, and 5 months away from ground breaking, right?

  3. Tony Parrott says:

    Great but we still need a “special use permit”. I was told by Ms. Lee that she and Rhodes would vote for the deed of dedication with no strings attached if the Supervisors approved the additional funding. Well the funding was approved but the deed was approved with strings attached.