Schools Say No Decision Yet on Athletic Plaques

Clarke County Public Schools superintendent Dr. Michael Murphy said Monday night that no decision had been reached either in favor or against displaying a series of athletic plaques at the new Clarke County High School that had formally been displayed above the gymnasium entrance at the former high school.

“The plaques were taken down and are now in storage,” Murphy confirmed. “No decisions have been made about what to do with them yet.”

Each plaque commemorates a former student or team that has achieved a significant athletic milestone in Clarke County athletics. It was not known how many plaques have been placed in storage or how far back the series spans.

Each ten-inch by six-inch plaque includes a photo of the athlete or team and a short description of the record or milestone that was achieved.

Murphy said that while the plaque display decision is still up in the air, all of the school’s trophies from the current display case will be displayed at the new facility.

“The problem that we have is that there are a lot of trophies and we have limited display space,” Murphy said.

Murphy said that the final decision on whether or not to display the athletic plaques will be a building principal decision.


  1. Just a Thought... says:

    These All-District, All-Region, All-State, individual and State Championship team plaques put a face to former eagles that have “soared” and provide inspiration to current athletes, it would be a shame not to have the presence of their legacies in the new athletic areas at the new high school.

  2. Right Winger says:

    “…The problem that we have is that there are a lot of trophies and we have limited display space,..”

    Middle Schools weren’t designed to have large trophy cases.

  3. Stonebroke says:

    Just give them to the athlete’s !

  4. Use them for a fundraiser and auction them off. I bet there are a lot of alumni that would be interested in owning a particular plaques for sentimental reasons. It’s a win win.

  5. It appears that there is enough money laying around for hidious signs. Perhpas there are a few bucks laying around to where the school could identify a space and buy a few large plaques or whatever that fit that space. They could then transfer all the names off the small individual plaques onto the new custom plaques. Then give the old ones to alumni or whatever.

    That way the school keeps the history of the names on a nice display without having to jam a bunch of smaller plaques from 1950 all over the place

  6. It looks like the school would be proud of those achievements. Do you want to erase all that history from your athletes? Other schools have pictures of their athletes displayed. Those former students worked very hard to be put on State Teams. What an accomplishment and then they are put in storage. Each of the athletes were also given one of the plaques.

  7. letemplay says:

    I was told by [redacted] hat the were not going to new school…what a shame , just put history of athletics at CCHS in storage

  8. StoneBroke says:

    I would say that All-State achievements should be kept. All- District plaques should be given to the participant.

  9. Jezzz!! The elected/appointed officials of this county seem so out of touch most of the time. They speak so much about the history of the county. By leaving the athletic plaques in storage they are keeping history hidden away. ” limited display space ” Does the new school not have walls? They don’t have to all be displayed in the same area. Put the athletic plaques out for all to see be proud of what the school system has for achievements.

  10. Former State Champion and all state member says:

    As a 5 time former state champion (years 2003-2007), it feels like all our hard work, dedication, and accomplishments are simply being erased. I can remember as a middle schooler coming to the high school, seeing those trophies and dreaming of what my teammates and I could accomplish. How sad that someone has the power to box up those memories and INSPIRATION for alumni and young athletes.

  11. There is plenty of room to display the plaques. Anyone who says otherwise is full of hooey. Not sure why the Superintendent would not want to have the plaques displayed? I seriously doubt anyone at the school level would be against it. Get the plaques out of storage and get them displayed. And there is room to add more trophy cases as needed throughout the school. It’s just sad that this is even an issue. Stop worrying about taking our achievements away and get back to worrying about the academics.

  12. DAWN PRICE says:


  13. Elizabeth says:

    I think the problem is that there are two of these for every sport every year–one male, one female. That adds up to about 20 new plaques every year. They would probably fill up the Gym wall in about two years. Which is fine, but there are already extremely large trophy cases right in the front hall of the school for athletic awards. Other groups have won awards at the school too, and their trophies don’t have as prominant a spot. It is a constant reminder that if you don’t play sports in Clarke County, you don’t count. I am all for displaying awards, but perhaps we limit it to the last three years so we don’t fill up things too fast. Or, maybe we transfer the names to plaque listing the names of the winners only. That way we can see the history of the awards, but they take up less space.

    And I do have tons of pictures of my family memories, but too many to display, so I look at them on the computer or in a scrapbook. They are not all hanging on my wall–just a few special pieces.

    • Please read this article again. I don’t think you understand which plaques they are talking about.

  14. The suggestion that the plaques be given to the athletes, while touching, is unnecessary. The athletes already have them – at least for those that are All-State. VHSL provides two plaques – one to the athlete and one to the school. In many cases the same athlete earned multiple plaques in the same sport (as was the case with my daughter). What might be a nice compromise is if they display, say, the last three athletes in each sport. State recognition takes precedence over regional, regional over district. If an athlete has multiple plaques, just display the most recent with an added acknowledgement of previous achievements.

    The problem I always had with the old high school’s display of these plaques is they appeared to be randomly placed. A little organization and some rules of thumb for which are displayed would both save space and provide for adequate recognition. It’s truly amazing what these kids have accomplished over the last decade.

    • How about some sort of “Hall of Fame” wall for, say, the past 5 or so years?

      If not that, then – unless it is to denote some sort of school/district/regional/state record in a sport…why show it? A plaque for participating is a waste of wall space. Take team pictures and show them, with proper labels on the frames indicating the team’s accompishments (track/CC might be a different matter, but whatev).

      • lifelongresident says:

        Why would track/cc be any different. I feel like the individual plaques need to be limited to those who actually won a state championship. through the competition. Although the all state designation is a great honor, many times it is based on the voting of coaches or other individuals and can show bias.

  15. StoneBroke says:

    I figured the kids would rather have them instead of placing them in storage. I thought the plaques looked a little tacky at the old school. (Too Many) Let’s take it back to the old school way of doing things and only display the team trophies/awards that are won. It reminds me of how Little League now operates with the “everyone gets a trophy” motto! If an individual earns a District/Regional/State award get the plaque and take it home and put it on your wall and reminisce about the good old days!

  16. letemplay says:

    Did the EAA purchase these and give to school.. We are the only school in our district that has them that I have seen?

  17. livinginbville says:

    While I realize that these awards were hard-earned accomplishments, they looked dirty and sloppy at the old high school. No one can deny that.

  18. Bville-Bud says:

    Strasburg has theirs mounted in in their hallways, we can find a space. I know most of the young men in those photos, they worked hard and represented their school and their community well. I can only hope that it is not a concern about putting a nail or old picture on a new wall. I want to say this with kindness and respect, but worry that the person / people making this decision are not Clarke alumni, and will likely not finish their golden years here. This is a part of our community history, and promotes positive school spirit, FIND A SPOT.

  19. Fill up the case with the trophies awarded most recently. Take the oldest ones and place them on the walls in other parts of the school. Win a new one, take the oldest one out of the case, replace it with the new one, put the old one on the wall.

  20. jennifer says:

    the walls outside the team rooms and in the gymnasium come to mind. remember the scholastic bowl team, the art students, Deca, FFA, and others receive awards too. They deserve prominent display. That trophy case is an awesome testament to our athletes.

  21. Reading this I want to give my opinion but then I read ” It was not known how many plaques have been placed in storage or how far back the series spans.” How frustrating is that? How can you have a discussion without the facts.

  22. Vet Teacher says:

    We honor the students too much for doing1) things they are doing for themselves and 2) things that may or may not tell the story of the person. Too many awards are senseless and over doing it. Get rid of the old plaques and don’t give them out. Recognition for great feets are in the trophy case.

    • In-the-Know says:

      Every plaque tells a story, and I for one, enjoy seeing them up on the walls to remember the fantastic achievements Clarke athletes have accomplished in the last ten years. No other school in the area can claim as many State championships or all-State teams. And their accomplishments, while involving swift and talented “feets” are actually “feats!”

  23. Jesse Russell says:

    Certainly State and District Championship awards to the High School athletes should be found a place to be displayed. I understand how today ribbons and trophies of just participation are given out by the lower grades but the HS district and state championships are quite different and provide both school and community pride. I would even go further to have at the minimum a history of all the accomplishments of the old Johnson-Williams HS displayed as well. They were a Clarke County HS and should not be forgotten.