Scott Ainslie Call and Response – African and American Musical Traditions

Scott-AinslieIn a program of spoken words and live musical performance, diverse audiences of all ages will journey with Scott Ainslie through a survey of the hidden stories and the dynamic interplay of more than a century of American and African musical traditions.   In this varied program featuring the calabash gourd banjo, diddley bow, and guitar, Scott Ainslie tours the music of the American South where European and African musical traditions cross-pollinated to make the powerful hybrids that have long dominated popular music in our nation and, subsequently in the world. Picking up the banjo and fiddle, Scott Ainslie brings his broad musical and scholarly expertise forward in a program that profiles the broad impact of African musical and cultural traditions found in Old-time mountain music, blues and Gospel music in the South.

When: Saturday February 20th at 7:30 PM

Where: Grace Episcopal Church Chapel – North Church Street, Berryville, just above Main

Admission: $10 for Adults,   Children admitted free

Sponsored by: Berryville Main Street and the Sounds of Grace

Call: 540-955-4001 with questions

Funding assistance provided by Marion Park Lewis Foundation