Secret Snowstorm of 2010

Berryville-snow1Forecasters predicted this would be a near miss as a southern storm passed us by, leaving nothing more than an inch of snow. Instead we have another substantial winter storm event covering our region with a fresh blanket of snow.

Snow began to fall in Berryville around 7:00AM this morning, later than forecasters had anticipated. Snow has continued to fall throughout the day and as of 3:00 PM the official weather station of Clarke Daily News in Berryville (my front yard) has 6″ of powdery dry snow.

A quick trip around town found all roads to be completely covered in snow. Route 7 is covered but passable with one lane of traffic traveling slowly down the center of east and westbound lanes. In town the roads still have substantial amounts of snow covering as well. Crews are diligently working to remove the snow but low temperatures are keeping the road surfaces frozen.

Berryville-snow2The Virginia Department of Transportation is urging motorists to stay off the roads as heavy snowfall continues throughout much of the area. Roads are passable but hazardous. If you don’t need to be out, please stay home and allow the snow removal crews time to clear the roads.

This marks the third weekend winter weather event this season. The forecast for tomorrow is sunny with a high of 30 ° so it looks like it should be over and cleaned up for schools to open on time Monday.   Another wasted snowstorm…


  1. Laura Bohall says:

    great pics, great coverage! thanks for keeping us current in Clarke County.