Shaun Broy Announces Candidacy for 27th District State Senate

WINCHESTER – Stephens City resident Shaun Broy announced today that he intends to run for the 27th District State Senate seat currently held by incumbent Republican Senator Jill Holtzman-Vogel. The campaign is currently gathering the 250 signatures needed to secure a spot on the November 8th ballot.

“After much thought, I have decided to throw my hat into the ring for the 27th District State Senate seat,” Broy said. “I could not in good conscious sit back and watch the incumbent waltz back into office without a single opponent. The Democrats aren’t fielding a candidate, so I will step up and take on Senator Holtzman-Vogel for the right to respectively represent the residents of the 27th District in the Virginia State Senate.”

Broy currently is employed at Shenandoah University as the Box Office Manager and oversees ticketing and seating services for the numerous venues at the Winchester, Virginia campus. He is also a part-time sports reporter for The Nothern Virginia Daily.

“When you take a look at Senator Holtzman-Vogel’s performance over the past four years, you can tell she has been quite busy, unfortunately many would agree that her work has been more focused on strategically positioning herself within her party with her eyes on higher office more than helping her constituents,” Broy noted. “It’s no secret that she is regarded as a possible candidate for statewide office in near future.”

Broy states that he isn’t quite the millionaire that Holtzman-Vogel’s personal finances seem to indicate as well.   He also doesn’t expect to be able to compete with the amount of money Holtzman-Vogel will be able to generate.

“I am a regular hard working guy that has seen and lived through some of the same tough times that many of our neighbors have experienced as well. I have been the one standing in the unemployment line week after week, looking for work. There have been times over the past four years since Senator Holtzman-Vogel has been in office, when I couldn’t find enough change laying around the house to even pay for a bite to eat. I certainly wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth either,” Broy added.

The Broy campaign plans on running an unconventional campaign that is going to rely on things like strong grass-roots efforts and social media outlets to spread the campaign’s message. The campaign hopes that once people start being introduced to its message and what a difference Broy can make for them as their senator, their effort will gain momentum as the campaign heads closer to November.

The campaign is well on its way to obtaining the 250 signatures of qualified voters needed to appear on the ballot. They are hoping that their fundraising efforts will begin to take off as the campaign starts to really get off the ground. They note however, that they won’t sell out to lobbying firms, special interest groups, or other possible donors just looking to buy influence.

“When you take a look at Holtzman-Vogel’s top five contributors to her last campaign, you see the hundreds of thousands of dollars that bankrolled her into office four years ago. You see lobbyists, special interests groups, and big oil companies at the top of her list that helped her buy that seat,” Broy said.

“The senator is a perfect example of what is wrong with politics today. It doesn’t take much thought to know just who Senator Holtzman-Vogel has been more accountable to while she has been in office,” Broy noted.

“I am a fiscally conservative, socially responsible choice for voters. I am running as a different type of candidate that wants to truly make a difference in the lives of my neighbors. I want to fight for the struggling families, who are clinging to saving their homes from foreclosure. I want to fight for those in the unemployment line, like I was not too long ago,” Broy said.

“I believe our politics must change, so that government will work again and produce better results.”


  1. I appreciate all of the support I’ve gotten so far from my hometown friends in Berryville, and Clarke County! Please visit my website if you get a chance. I hope you chose to support my campaign!

  2. Please take a few minutes to check out the campaign website at 🙂

  3. I wish him luck.

  4. Clarke Conservative says:

    It is somewhat disingenuous for Shaun Broy to say he is running as an independent when on his website he is clearly aligning himself with the so-called ‘Independent Green Party of Virginia’. The Independent Green Party touts its mission to bring high-speed rail to Virginia, but take a look at the bottom right hand corner of their site. There is a photo of German Green Party Chairman Jurgen Trittin with the local Virginia Green Chairman.

    The German Green Party is the home of the far-left in Europe. The same radical socialist group that organized the anti-nuclear protests of the 1980’s, the anti-war ( Clinton’s Wars in Croatia and Serbia, not Bush’s) in the 1990’s and have now wedged themselves into limited power in Germany, Ireland and other countries under the Green Energy movement. The notorious fringe group Greenpeace is also part of the ‘Green Movement’.

    If you love the far-left wackos of the Democrat Party then you will absolutely love the Greens.

    • I am not in any way affiliated with the “Green Party.” I have received the endorsement of the Independent Green Party which has a totally different platform. You can find out more information about them at if you would like to check them out. I am not running as an Independent Green Candidate. I am running as an INDEPENDENT candidate. I believe that I share a cross section of views between a number of the different parties.

      • Clarke Conservative says:

        Maybe you think you are running as an independent candidate but the “Independent Green Party” thinks you are one of theirs.

        On it states “Independent Greens of Virginia –Celebrating 10 years as state party” and then directly below “Shaun Broy for Virginia Senate”. This does not say endorsing the ‘independent’ Shaun Broy, it infers their candidate. It also boasts you are the designer of their new Virginia Greens logo. Sounds like you are very involved.

        Even better is at the bottom of is clearly states, “In the state Senate races: Independent Greens Shaun Broy, Gail for Rail Parker are expected to run. In the House of Delegates Independent Green newcomer Joseph Glean is considering an invitation to run.”

        It is the highest level of hypocracy when a candidate does not expose who they truly are and tries to cover up those facts. It is the very worst of politics.

        • Clarke Conservative says:

          I am a conservative who supports Jill Vogel. She is one of the hardest working members of the Virginia Legislative body and I hope she aspires to higher office. We need more politicians like her.

  5. CLARKE EAGLE says:

    “We call for $10 Billion High Speed Statewide Rail Bond in Virginia, like passed in California Nov. 2008. ”

    That is not fiscal conservatism Shaun. The last thing Virginia needs to do is emulate a bankrupt far left state like California. California voters have voted for bond amendments that they can not afford. That is bad government policy.

    Oh and the green party does not reflect fiscal conservatism so I am not sure who you can choose to call yourself one. Fiscal Conservatives move projects and initiatives forward with private enterprise funding not by taking money via taxes from one group of citizens and giving to to another group. This is why politics is so polarized. The 50% of the people in the US that do pay income taxes have had enough.

    • Again… Please check out the Independent Green Party website and you will see their basic platform. I am not in any way, shape or form affiliated with the national “Green Party.” I share a cross section of views supported by various parties. I stand by my statement of being fiscally conservative, and socially responsible. That is one position that I strongly support and share with the Independent Green Party of Virginia. I have received their endorsement, but am running as an INDEPENDENT candidate.

  6. Looks a little too leftist yuppie liberal for me. Website is a little disturbing as well. Definately lost me on the gay ‘marriage” thing

    I’ll vote Vogel thank you

    • Sarge, do you have your reading glasses on? The site does not reference gay marriage. It says ‘same sex unions” There is a difference.

      You vote for Vogel. I will await a tea party candidate to emerge. A true conservative.

      • “You vote for Vogel. I will await a tea party candidate to emerge. A true conservative.”

        I’d go for that as well

    • Hmmm... says:

      Sarge, are you incapable of merely citing what is actually there? “Same sex unions” have an entirely different and broader legal definition than the hot-button term you use…which is probably your point. Why let the facts interfere with your derisive attempt at a point, right?

  7. Clarke 1 says:

    All of the Old-Timers on here will troll around and stir up noise because they fear young people who want to bring change to their area. They want to keep the farms to the rich farmers and let everyone else fend for themselves… Good luck to you!

  8. I did NOT state that I support “gay marriage.” I believe that “marriage” is between one man and one woman. You may want to review my actual statement. Thanks.

    • “I believe same sex unions should be recognized and granted all of the rights and legal privileges equal to marriage.”

      This is on your website, nes ce pas?

      Unless somehow “same sex” and “gay” aren’t the same thing in your world. Does one not have to be gay in order to partake in a “same sex union”?

  9. I continue to express my thanks to those of you who have shared such kind words of encouragement. It’s important for me to say to those of you that disagree with where I stand on the various issues, that I respect the fact that you have expressed your honest views and are engaged in the political process. I may not earn your vote, but I hear your voices and will continue to listen to voters concerns. I am not afraid to change my mind on an issue, in fact I reserve the right to change my mind. I am not afraid of the labels that may come along with changing my mind on issues that I continue to learn more about. I plan on doing A LOT of listening to residents of the district.

    Warmest regards,

    Shaun Broy

    • RasputinSays says:

      Well I may not agree with all of your positions but it is certainly refreshing to see a candidate wade into the fray and respond in forums like this. Kudos for that!

    • This is good to hear. While I don’t agree with many of your positions, it is good you have the gumption and sense of civic obligation to run for office.

  10. Bville-Bud says:

    Best of luck Sean, it is the American way and the right of citizens to run for elected office. After looking at your web site I’ll bet you and I might not agree on too many political issues, but I salute your effort to run for what you believe in, and I like seeing a Clarke County guy in the race even if I will likely vote for the other guy… ‘er gal.

    With regard to the statement “Broy states that he isn’t quite the millionaire that Holtzman-Vogel’s personal finances seem to indicate as well” I do have a comment. I met Mrs. Holtzman-Vogel when she was campaigning for her first political office (I believe) many years ago at our own CC Fair. She introduced herself, and her intention to run for office and I am ashamed to say I offered some negative quip about politicians and American politics, but Mrs. Holtzman-Vogel was gracious, brushed off the comment, and spent time explaining her positions and what motivated her to run for office. I was surprised at the thought and insight that went into her position, and was also surprised at the sunburned shoulders and band-aids covered blisters on her feet that she had earned while walking from house to house (and fair to fair) while working toward her goal. That lady may have been born into a wealthy family, but she can work like a farmer for what she believes in. Sean – it may be best in the future not to take poorly aimed shots at others based on their economic status (either rich or poor); it is often a poor indicator of their values and ethics.

    OK rant over this is not an endorsement for either candidate, just some friendly support and advice. Best to you Sean, I know you will do well in life and owe you a coffee next time you are in Jane’s Lunch.

    • I believe there is a clear difference in how a candidate like myself can identify with the many, many individuals and families struggling just to not fall another month behind on thier mortgage payment or trying to decide what they must go without in order to put food on the table. I spent 8 months on unemployment, and developed my own blisters on my feet from beating the pavement in search of employment.

      I didn’t take a poorly aimed shot at Senator Holtzman-Vogel. In fact, I believe my shot was right on target. It is a pretty fair bet that those most of those millionaires in the district can’t begin to identify with what an average american household is faced with today. They aren’t staring foreclosure in the face, or being evicted from their homes.

      The fact is that Senator Holtzman-Vogel is a MULTI-millionare, who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her last campaign saw her father dump hundreds of thousands of dollars into getting her elected, not to mention the lobbyist firms and special interest groups that did the same.

      Birds of a feather flock together… and for anyone to think that while Holtzman-Vogel has been in office, she hasn’t been looking out for those who paved her way to Richmond with all that money is simply kidding themselves.

      It’s sad, but true. It is how the “politics” game is played and most of the time won.



      • Roscoe Evans says:

        Didn’t Ms. Vogel sponsor legislation that would have precluded mesothelioma victims from seeking redress from their employers? Now, that was symptomatic of special interest-lobbyist driven law that is calculated to hurt the average american worker. It’s too bad, because I’d otherwise be open to voting for her, but I have looked hard and have found no signal accomplishments that warrant her re-election. And you’re right, Shaun. If my relatives were busy spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to elect me to political office, I’d suggest they redirect that cash to Operation Smile, Heifer International, or the USO.

  11. Although I may not fully support every aspect of Shaun Broy’s views, I definitely support his view on not limiting our rights. We are all personally governed by our own set of morals regardless of how the government recognizes it and politics cannot change that. I see his agenda as fiscally conservative, yet socially realistic and that appeals to me.