Shaun Broy Announces Change in Campaign for State Senate Seat

Stephens City resident Shaun Broy has announced that he now intends to seek the Democratic Nomination for the 27th District State Senate seat currently held by incumbent Republican Senator Jill Holtzman-Vogel.   Broy had announced last week that he would run as an Independent for the same seat, but states that the Democratic Party is a better overall fit for his candidacy.

“After much thought, I have decided that the right decision for me is to run as a Democratic Candidate for the 27th District State Senate seat,” Broy said. “While I will always have a strong independent streak, I stand with the Democratic Party’s positions on many issues of utmost importance facing us today.”

The Broy campaign still plans to run an unconventional campaign that will rely on strong grass-roots efforts and social media outlets to spread the campaign’s message. The campaign hopes that once votersare introduced to its message and the difference Broy says that he can make as a state senator, the effort will gain momentum as the campaign heads closer to Election Day.
“I am a fiscally conservative, socially responsible choice for voters. I am running as a different type of candidate that wants to truly make a difference in the lives of my neighbors. I want to fight for the struggling families, who are struggling to save their homes from foreclosure. I want to fight for those in the unemployment line, as I was in their shoes not so long ago,” Broy explained. “I am still the same candidate I was last week, except for the “D” that may now appear beside my name on the ballot. Unfortunately, Senator Holtzman-Vogel is still the same senator, who just about sold her soul to win her first, and if I have anything to do with it, her last term representing the 27th State Senate District.”

Additional information regarding the campaign can be found on its website at


  1. Melody Goodman says:

    I have all the confidence in the world that Shaun Broy will make a good representative for State Senate.

  2. Joe Smithers says:

    While I am a democrat, I am concerned of his lack of ANY political science or law experience…besides some college classes. Does he even have a solid college degree that at least shows classes have been taken to secure a strong understanding of what being a state Senator means?

  3. Fly Swatter says:

    Flip-flopping? – – He’s ready for public office.

  4. I’d love to talk with you all regarding my understanding of what being a state senator means. I will be at the Clarke County Fair pretty much every night at the Clarke County Democratic Committee booth. If you believe that being a state senator is defined by more of the same old tired politicians running the General Assembly looking out for either their own best interests and/or “special interests,” then by all means I am not your guy. I believe our politics must change, so that government will work again and produce better results… actual results.

    I also believe that I reserve the right to change my mind. As your senator I wouldn’t care what someone called or labeled me if I decided to change my position on an issue after reviewing additional information and/or having discussions with my constituents.

    Thank you for being engaged enough citizens to even post or read these comments. We may disagree on whatever, but I still respect your right to freely express yourself.

    God bless you all, and God bless Clarke County…


    Shaun Broy