Sheriff Briefs Supervisors on Locke’s Landing Shooting, Manpower Challenges

Clarke County Sheriff Tony Roper assured County Supervisors today that Locke’s Landing is still a safe recreational destination for County residents despite a Sunday night shooting that sent a 19-year-old man to Winchester Medical Center with gunshot wounds to the leg. Roper also told the Supervisors that budget challenges have left the County without a Clarke County deputy on duty twice in the last month.

“I have kids that like to use Locke’s Landing to launch their kayaks and boats on the river,” said Supervisor Barbara Byrd (Russell). “Is it safe for them to go there?”

Roper said that the Sunday shooting that may have occurred at the popular boat launching spot was a not a random act of violence as some community members have feared.

“Right now it appears to have been a dispute that occurred between two people who knew each other,” Roper told Byrd. “Locke’s Landing is still a safe place.”

“The young man delivered himself to Winchester Medical Center and said that he had been shot at Locke’s Landing,” Roper added. “That may or may not be true and we are still investigating the incident.”

With County Sheriff manpower levels now back to normal levels, Roper told the Supervisors that twice in the last month there have been periods when no Clarke County Sheriff Deputy has been duty. Roper has said in recent budget discussions that when such manpower shortages have occurred in the past, both he and the chief deputy are placed on call for response if needed.

“We had two deputies who left our department and we were required to cover the cost of their accumulated leave time,” Roper explained to the Supervisors. “Budget constraints prevented us from using additional patrol deputies to fill in during those times. Arrests and citations did go down during that period but not dramatically.”

Roper said that the manpower shortages have now been addressed and he doesn’t expect additional deputy-less patrol shifts in the foreseeable future. Roper added that the County is currently benefiting from additional Virginia State Police patrols but could not predict when the troopers might be assigned to other localities.

“I agree, it’s nice while we have them,” Roper said to Supervisor Byrd who raised the topic.

While Roper and his law enforcement team still rely on traditional techniques like patrols and fingerprints to catch Clarke County crooks, sometimes a little technology can go a long way toward increasing public safety. Roper told the Supervisors of one recent unsuspecting County criminal who became a victim of the technology that he was trying to steal.

“The thief stole a laptop computer but thanks to a program that the owner installed on the computer, the computer sent us a picture of the thief and then told us where he was.”

Roper said that the thief turned out to be in Texas with the stolen laptop.

“Thankfully he was willing to come back on his own,” Roper said. “There was no taxpayer expense necessary to go and get him.”




  1. Richie Blick says:

    A few idiots can ruin anything. Thanks to all of our police for stepping up to keep us safe and for doing without year after year.

  2. Clarke Eagle says:

    Well Mr. Roper if the court system would detain and deport all these illegals than maybe we would not have shootings and machete attacks down by the river. Or maybe if your fellow liberals were not so adamant on the open border policies then you would not need a larger budget. What a crock these government agencies are. Crying “We need a larger budget because of all these criminals we allow in the country” does not cut it.

    Maybe you can ask your task masters like Obummer for more Federal Government cheese?

    • Mr Mister says:

      So only illegals are shooting and committing crime in Clarke County? I bet if you look into all the crime committed in Clarke, you’d see the shocking facts. It’s your fellow Americans. It’s time to put your broad brush away. And how do know which are illegal without stopping and detaining each of them? I hope you don’t choose to eat a taco in public cause you may be searched yourself.

    • george fox says:

      What are you talking about? There is no open border policy, never was. We’re all in much more danger from the broken glass all over the ramp I saw a week ago. Perhaps Clarke Eagle could volunteer to police the place up (and watch for invading aliens at the same time).

      • There is a de facto open border policy practiced by this adminstration. And that of George Bush as well. Only difference is that the Obama adminstration has flat out said they are not going to deport illegals as long as they don’t break the law, which is beyond stupid since they broke the law the minute they ILLEGALLY set foot across the border.

        Unfortunately, we have an adminstration, at least for another 147 days, that likes to selectively enforce the laws of the land

    • ProArte says:

      “These illegals”? The victim, we’re told in the previous article, described the suspect as a Hispanic male. Therefore, the fact has not been established that the suspect IS Hispanic, only that to the victim he APPEARED Hispanic. Even if the suspect is Hispanic, his immigration status is unknown at this point. We should also consider what the word “suspect” means. Let’s reel in the paranoia and the racism, folks. Isn’t it best to wait for the facts to come out?

  3. Sounds like it’s time for an auxillary cop program

  4. River Watcher says:

    This article isn’t helpful, it says NOTHING about what happened! Whats their names? Where are they from? Where did they spend the night before this? How did he get to the hospital? What time did he arrive at the hospital? The original article was up around noon Sunday. How does a 19yr old from another Town know to say Lockes Landing. I believe he meant WMP! Did this occur in WMP? Lets not beat around the bush, enough is enough!

    “I have kids that like to use Locke’s Landing to launch their kayaks and boats on the river,” said Supervisor Barbara Byrd (Russell). “Is it safe for them to go there?”
    Excuse me YOUR KIDS, What about the residents that live there? Is it safe for ‘them’ to live there? Bullets do travel and go through body parts, not all people are a good shot.

    This past winter plenty was said at the New park proposal meetings on the goings on along the river! DID you not hear the residents? People spoke up with the truth did you not hear them or is it you didn’t believe anyone?

    Was anyone briefed about this back in 2010” 8/26/2010 LOCKES MILL RD GANG UNIT ACTIVITY.
    Why weren’t we told anything?

    If extra patrolling and FOOT PATROL are needed near and around WMP they should pay for it.

  5. Tony Parrott says:

    Well, After all the ranting and raving it turns out the guy shot himself (as reported on the radio this morning).
    Imagine that; a witch hunt on the CDN blog section.
    Making a false police report is a crime so stay tuned.

    • Doesn’t negate the fact that there is a problem with illegals in the county, as made abundantly clear by more then one person.

      Oh, and throw this guy in jail for awhile as well. Let Bubba be his nurse

  6. Retreat Owner says:

    Don’t worry. When the Civil War Trust purchases Virginia National Golf Club, with Federal money, and gives the facility to Shenandoah University, all of the crime and garbage will move over there along the river.

    Yes, the Civil War Trust still has the option to purchase the land.

  7. PineGrover says:

    I can’t understand why the Sheriff or the Chief Deputy can’t go out and pull a shift on the road! On call? Puhlese!

    As for the “racist” comments – it’s not racist to be against ILLEGAL immigration. Note the capital letters there folks – ILLEGAL – not like the liberal/Democrat hero Marion Barry’s “filthy Asians” – just ILLEGALS. They’re NOT “undocumented guests”. I do wish all those that are pro-illegal immigrants would illegally go to say, Mexico, and DEMAND that they change their language to English. Guess what – in Mexico and most other countries it’s JAIL time if you are in their country without documentation.

    • EagleFan says:

      I think the racist comment was referring to people assuming that just because this person is hispanic, that he is also illegally in this country. The two don’t automatically go hand in hand.

  8. PineGrover says:

    Understood – and that’s what I was referring to – it isn’t racist to make that assumption. Truth is most illegals in this country are from Central America.

  9. Lockesneighbor says:

    The fact of the matter is that is illegal for anything to be going on at the boat landing except launching and retrieving boats. This is according to our local overworked and understaffed game warden. Its not legal to have a picnic, hang out and go swimming, or to fish at the boat landing. These are people who don’t wish to pay the fees at Watermelon Park. All of the land along the river is private property and should be regarded as so. Signs at the boat landing explaining this would go a long way and with a little enforcement may cut down on crime in the area. Its getting old having people park in your driveway and have things stolen from your home.

    • Clarke Life says:

      Cut the grass at the Primary School. It looks like a hay convention is going in there……. Do we need volunteers to do this??? All this money in Clarke and nobody can cut the schools grass????? Terrible……..

    • Right Winger says:

      “…Signs at the boat landing explaining this would go a long way and with a little enforcement may cut down on crime in the area…”

      Make sure those signs are also printed in spanish.

      • Wouldn’t do any good. My uncle owns land on the river and every weekend they’re invaded by Mexicans, despite putting up signs in spanish. Hell, they even set up a grill in the middle of the road a few weeks ago

        • Right Winger says:


          • I like you’re thinking:) Either that or pungy sticks. But then what happens is what went down a few years ago. Some dunb@$$ jumped off the falls and broke his leg, then actually tried to sue my uncle. Never mind he was tresspassing to begin with. Two summers ago a group of illegals discovered the place and moved damn near the whole of Mexico down there. Brought their boats and everything. Wonder why they have no concept of private property?

          • Realistic Joe says:

            Don’t forget what goes on the end of the pungy sticks.

          • Lots of cow poo right across the road:)

        • Where is the police, they got time and resources to arrest a 15 yr old middle school girl for fighting with her brother!

      • Citizen says:

        Maybe they can take the awful looking sign purchased for the new high school and use it at the boat landing

  10. Hey folks! No more worries! Barack Obama just granted amnesty to every illegal under 30!

    Nice to be able to “govern” all by yourself, huh?

    • Mr Mister says:

      It seems the republicans only need illegals for cheap labor and breaking into the DNC headquarters.

      • And the democrats want them to vote

        Only 144 days left

        • Mr Mister says:

          And the GOP doesn’t? that’s funny. I know you’ve watched Fox lately. Did you notice who they use for commentary lately? Seems like they are using a lot more minorities. Gee, I wonder why? get on board my friend.

          • Mr Mister says:

            Why do you think Fox is pushing Rubio down your throat? It’s for the latino vote.

          • Of course it is. IF Romney picks Rubio, it will be not only in consideration of the votes he can bring not only from Florida but from all Latiinos. I really wouldn’t have a problem with him as VP. He’s certainly a step up from the current one and the speeches I’ve heard from Rubio are pretty solidly conservative.

            And I don’t watch Fox News

          • Roscoe Evans says:

            The “latino vote?” How about the “Anglo vote?” I ask because my sense is that there is no such thing as a voting block based on language and culture that also is as broad and unified as some pundits claim it to be.

            If you know any Hispanics/latins/chicanos — pick your term — ask them. Yep, they have a proud heritage, but they have been divided by war and slavery, economics and politics. Some of them simply cannot stand each other.

            A Dominican is not a Puerto Rican, a Mexican is not a Cuban, and so on.

            Our generalizations about “them” is about as insightful as some of theirs about “us,” and often, meaningless.

            Marco Rubio is a middle class Cuban from a middle class Cuban family. Middle class Cubans in Florida resent having lost their middle class status in Cuba to Castro, and some resent Kennedy’s bungled Bay of Pigs operation, so they are Republican. But financially, they’re just about where they would have been had they stayed in Cuba. There also are vast numbers of poor Cubans — agricultural and cigar workers among them — who might be “anti-communist,” but remain difficult to predict politically.

            Marco Rubio has a cute, roll-off-the-tongue name, a cute, chubby cheeked demeanor, and a whole lot of PR fluff to make him seem even more cute and chubby cheeked. He’s a commodity, and he’s being sold as such. When he’s bald and paunchy — 8-10 years at best — we’ll be wondering “What happened to the cute Cuban boy?”

            If you thought Dan Quayle was a cute, young, hot political comer, meet Dan Quayle Lite–Marco Rubio.

  11. looking@clarke says:

    If the Sheriff’s Office supervised their patrol officers, less time would be spent with patrol cars sitting in a deputy’s private drive numerous times over a shift period when they are supposed to be on duty. Some county deputies seem to have every weekend and every holiday off. Maybe that’s why there are gaps in patrol officer coverage. If this was corrected, maybe there wouldn’t be a need for a bigger budget.