Shockey of Winchester Submits Low Bid for New High School

Howard Shockey & Sons, Inc. appears to be the likely builder of Clarke County’s new high school. Shockey’s $23.3M bid was just $69K less than the next lowest bidder. Shockey’s positive local reputation and years of experience makes the slated July 9th contract award a near certainty for the Winchester builder.

Joint Administrative Services Purchasing Manager Mike Legge with high school construction bids - Photo Edward Leonard

“Shockey is thrilled to have the opportunity to build another one of Virginia’s public high schools — especially right here in our own backyard. We will give our very best effort to the school board,”  said Shockey Vice President, Jeff Boehm.

Bid amounts ranged between Shockey’s $23.3M low to a high of nearly $25.9M. Before making a formal award Clarke County staff will evaluate all of the bids for compliance with the request for proposal specifications and for vendor qualifications. The Clarke County School board will announce the apparent contract winner on June 25th at 2:00 pm.

Approximately $29M of funding has been earmarked for the new facility.

School Board member, Janet Alger said that she was very pleased with the bid amounts. “It’s exciting to have this come in within the budget for the new building,” Alger said. “This is a tremendous step forward.”

Board of Supervisor Chairman Michael Hobert was also present for the bid response opening. “The bid amounts are very competitive and look very good for our community,” Hobert said.

Howard Shockey & Sons, Inc.  is one of Virginia’s largest general contracting and construction management companies. The family-owned business provides construction services throughout the mid-Atlantic region and was founded in Winchester, Virginia in 1896. The firm is one of the oldest continuously operating building contractors in Virginia.

CCPS Superintendent, Dr. Michael Murphy said that he was elated with the procurement response. “This has been a long, long journey for the Clarke County community. Getting to the point where we are ready to award a contract is thanks to the collaborative effort of many individuals.”

Murphy said that school and finance staff will spend the next week checking and double checking the bid submissions. “We have a lot of work to do in the week ahead.”

The following bids details were announced during today’s meeting:

Vendor Base Bid ($) Town Water Line Breakout Cost ($) Temporary Entrance Breakout Cost ($)
Shockey & Sons, Winchester, VA 23.3M 18K 59K
Nielson Builders, Harrisonburg, VA 23.369M 16K 8K
Dustin Construction, Ijamsville, MD 23.438M 72.1K 57.8K
Caldwell & Santmeyer, Berryville, VA 23.7M 15K 45K
Hess Construction, Gaithersburg, MD 23.95M 15K 30K
Waynesboro Construction, Frederick, MD 24.148M 12K 52K
Lobar, Inc., Dillsburg, PA 24.283M 72K 60K
Henley Construction, Gaithersburg, MD 25.377M 40K 60K
Lantz construction, Winchester, VA 25.789M 12K 22K
Mid Eastern Builders, Chesapeake, VA 25.870M 14K 40K
VF Pavone Construction, Manassas, VA 26.363M 12K 54K


  1. Lonnie Bishop says:

    Well…this does look promising. Shockey has a very solid reputation in this area. Seems a bit of good fortune has come our way.

  2. Bubba D says:

    Kudos to Shockey. I’m confident they will give us a quality building at a fair price. It’s also a plus that a local company will be doing the work. Finally, a bright spot on the horizon after a long, drawn out process.

  3. Bond, James Bond says:

    Kudos also to the School Board. That the bids came in $7 million lower than budget tells me that the SB had prepared for the worst and found the best. With the extra funding, who knows what could be had. Perhaps the build out to 1000 students or the renovation of the old high school. Any way, it is good news for Clarke County tax payers.

    • Right Winger says:

      Don’t believe for a second that 7 million bucks will be saved. Somehow, the SB will figure out a way to give it to lawyers, or waste it some other way.

      • Travis Goodwin says:

        RW, you are so constantly negative on these threads…what’s your problem? This is an opportunity for the SB to get it right. They have to know that all of the voters are watching them, hoping and praying that they dont’ repeat the mistakes of the Supervisors and School Board of 25 years ago.

        If the Supervisors would agree to use some fund balance money to cover the Mosby costs, or things like that, then that extra $7 million more easily can be applied to setting up the new CCHS to start with better equipment, and perhaps house the greenhouse and ALL of the vocational classes on one campus.

        Lay off the snarky negative vibes, man.

        • Right Winger says:

          I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for this new high school to be built, all the while paying close attention to the players involved. It’s time to light fires and kick arse until the powers that be prove themselves worthy of praise.

          10 years is too doggone long. All they do is talk talk talk. When it’s time for action, they waste money on lawyers and architects.

          In short, I’ll believe it when I see it finished.

      • Henry B. says:

        Wow I can hear your axe grinding around the entire site. Maybe you need to reflect on your malice to seek its real source.

        • Right Winger says:

          So, I’m supposed to be all happy uplifting when a child is killed because of the lethal combination of drinking and driving? Wake up! This kid was robbed of his life because of something STUPID!!! The family, his father and mother, have to bury their son (something that should NEVER happen) because of something STUPID!!! Everyone wants to be all touchy feely, but the heck with confronting the problem…….Not me. I’m not wired that way. We pound it into kids’ heads everyday, we bombard them with messages about what not to do. But when they do it, we’re supposed to be compassionate??? No. Not me. Not ever. You do something stupid or wrong, you pay the consequences of your actions.

          • Henry B. says:

            Your detractors could not have said it any more eloquently than the very words out of your own mouth…

            “compassionate??? No. Not me. Not ever”

            Nice way to go through life.

          • Right Winger says:

            I have a great life, thank you. I just don’t get along well with people who do stupid things and expect me to say it’s okay.

          • Lonnie Bishop says:

            There’s a place and time for this discussion related to the accident. Unfortunately, you picked the wrong place (this thread) and time (so soon after the accident) to be so negative.

          • Travis Goodwin says:

            Ummm…I think your anger has caused you to hijack the wrong thread with that post. Seriously, though…you need to look at yourself and get rid of some of that anger.

            Yes, the new CCHS process has been frustrating; God knows it’s taken far longer than it should have taken. There’s ample blame for all concerned – old AND new school board, the supervisors, certain private citizens, etc. Still…the bids came in very much in our favor, and the supervisors have been willing to cover the extended costs (like Mosby). At the end of the day, it does seem like some dirt will start turning this summer. That is a good thing.

          • Right Winger says:

            HA!! You honestly think that the BOS will still hand over that extra $7 million to the SB??!!!

            I want whatever drugs you are taking, because it’s obvious that my cynicism with our elected leaders on the school issue has jaded me.

          • Lonnie Bishop says:


            I think that everyone connected with this project knows what’s at stake, and they also know that there’ll be a price paid @ the ballot box if they blow this one shot to get it right. Give ’em a chance to prove that they can learn from their mistakes. They know it’s their legacy on the line.

          • Right Winger says:

            Hmm, give them a chance, eh? Well so far they’ve managed to waste time and money with still no dirt turned. I think they are showing what they are not capable of.

            Oh, and that supposed “extra 7.2 million”?


            I told you so.

          • Allan McWilliams says:

            You are such a considerate person.

          • Tony Parrott says:

            Well , there you go again. It’s easy to be an “[redacted]” when you hide behind an alias.
            As for the favorable bid and budget windfall; I’ll take it.
            And as for giving them a chance; a wise man once said “Trust but Verify”. So I’ll trust they will do the right thing, verify when I can and beat them over the head when I think they have stepped out of line. And I’ll do all this while using my real name.

            BTW What happened to “Compassionate Conservative”?

          • Right Winger says:

            Good for you, Tony. However, I have seen firsthand how my kids are treated in cases where I have raised issues using my real name. It happened before, it still happens, and I ain’t gonna risk it until they’re done with this school system and the retaliatory methods used that go unpunished by the administration.

            Compassionate Conservative? That’s just a political buzzword made up by the GOP to describe shrub junior. I’m more interested in doing the Right thing, regardless of politics.

  4. Goodness! Tempers are flaring in here.

    Since I just saw this…I suppose at least they can look at the numbers and at least get that right. Shockey is a good company…so good for them to keep it in the neighborhood.

    We’ll see what happens with it when it comes down to getting it built! Hopefully they stand true, and it actually gets done!!