Shockey Selected for New School Contract

Howard Shockey & Sons, Inc. of Winchester, Virginia has been selected as the apparent low bidder for Clarke County’s long-awaited new high school.    Shockey’s $23.3M bid was just $69K less than the next lowest bidder.

According to Clarke County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Michael Murphy,  Shockey’s bid was compliant with the request for proposal documents issued by the School Board.

Today’s announcement signals the School Board’s formal “intent to award” notification to the other bidders for the contract. A two-week waiting period will now be observed to allow for contract protests, if any, to be filed unsuccessful bidders.

Formal contract award to Shockey will occur on July 9th  if no award protests are filed.


  1. This is the best news regarding the high school project in many months. Shockey built the regional jail in Winchester, and every one of the subsequent additions and enlargements. I know that the original contract was completed correctly, under budget and on time, and have reasons to believe they have performed similarly on the later contracts.


    • Hay zoos says:

      I’m sure you didn’t mean that building a school is the same as building a jail, but you will give credence to those kids who do equate school with jail. Yes, He does have a strange sense of humor!

  2. Lonnie Bishop says:

    This does bode well for this sorely-needed project. Let’s turn some dirt.

  3. Since the current plans were pared back to save money and the new school was expected to be built at near total student capacity, let’s build the extra classrooms to the 1000 student capacity now. Fancy frills we can do without, capacity can’t be overrated. Just look at all our current trailers that resulted from the last school being built to then current capacity.

    Let cooler heads prevail!

    • JWM:

      Fancy you say that! I stated in another page that I had sent an email to Jennifer Welliver regarding this matter explicitly. Since I went to CCHS…I know how crowded it was back in the day…much less now! I asked why they were only building a school for 1,000 kids. Here’s her response back to me: (The numbers she referenced were from 2008, as that’s when I sent the email to her)

      Actually the high school enrollment for this year is 738, which is down 14 from this time last year. Also, looking at the enrollment in each of the upcoming grades, the rising freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes are all smaller in number than those classes were last year.

      The plan is to build a high school with a central core (the gym, auditorium, cafeteria, library…) for 1,000 and plan for the future addition of classroom space as needed whenever it becomes needed. This way we can get everything that we need now and the things that you could not easily ad on later (the core) are built to a size to accommodate future growth.

      Remember, we eliminate 90+ new homes by building on this site. Other area developments have all but stopped for the foreseeable future and we have, thankfully, a slow growth BOS.

      Building onto the existing hs would require building onto Cooley too, and we would use every inch of our land in doing so. This would get us a 1,000 student school but it would not be in the best interest of any of our students, or the community as a whole. now or in the future.

      Answering your question: yes, I do have a say in these decisions and I believe that we are making good choices for our children, including my own.

      Thank you for your thoughts,

      Jennifer Welliver