Shooting at Public Boat Ramp in Clarke County

Police are seeking a suspect in a shooting incident that occurred at a public boat landing in Clarke County.

On June 10TH, 2012, the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office was notified by emergency room staff at the Winchester Medical Center that a 19 year old male patient was being treated for a gunshot wound to the leg. Officials believe the shooting  took place at the public boat ramp, known as Lockes Landing, along the Shenandoah River, in Clarke County VA.

The victim described the suspect as a Hispanic male, approximately 20 years of age, shaved head, goatee, 5’10” tall and 180 pounds.  The suspect was last seen wearing a white shirt and black “dickey” style shorts.  The suspect may be operating a grey or dark colored Chevrolet Avalanche.

The victim’s injuries are not life threatening.

Anyone with any information, please contact the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office at 540-955-1234 or Crime Solvers at 540-665-TIPS (8477).


  1. Clarke County Sheriffs office will find the assailant, and justice will be served.

  2. Another View says:

    Maybe we should get the Johnson Williams principal involved.

  3. Maybe if the Sheriffs Department weren’t tied up dealing with 13 year old master criminals, they could take time to patrol the river where the illegals hang out and deal with minor things……… shootings

  4. A shooting at such a public location?

    Good grief! It’s not like there aren’t homes close and lots of people – at least when we’ve been there. Have had to wait our turn just to launch which has not been a problem because it’s fun just watching people.

    Running out of safe areas to put in-take out with tubes, kayaks and canoes!

    Hope to hear of the suspect being apprehended soon . Then, Sheriff Roper perhaps increased checks of these public areas during summer use.

  5. P Friess says:

    Thank you to CDN for reporting this – and so quickly – we spend time on this beautiful river and were shocked to read this – look foward to more details soon

  6. Why in the world should people have to worry about illegals shooting citizens in this county? Call DHS and have them hang out at Lockes Landing, Watermelon Park and White Post. Run this riff raff outta here!

    • Illegal immigration is an important issue but I don’t recall seeing that word in the article.
      When did Hispanic become a euphemism for Illegal?

      • Mr Mister says:

        Because you shouldn’t assume because they are hispanic, they are illegal. It’s like saying all Iris are drunks. Get it?

        • So are you agreeing with me or do you not know what a euphemism is?

        • We don”t have problems with illegal Irish, drunken or not. We have problems with illegal hispanics. Run them out. Make it uncomfortable for them to live here. Clean this mess up!

      • Another View says:

        Read the newspaper. Watch the television news.

        Facts are stubborn things!

        • Mr Mister says:

          Your television news said that Obama is not a US citizen, but what are the real facts? There goes your arguement, burn…

  7. Future Resident says:

    We plan on moving to Clarke County to get away from just such things. We are in a northern suburb of Baltimore that is overrun with illegals. I can never understand why not much emphasis is put on the word “illegal” when referring to such people. If I was ever to relocate to another country, I would go through the proper channels just as I expect others to do here (I once contemplated moving to Germany).

    • “I can never understand why not much emphasis is put on the word “illegal” when referring to such people”

      Because if you use that term, you are a far right, xenophobe bigot. Plus, we wouldn’t want to offeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend anyone, now would we?

      I’d like to say Romney might pay more attention to the problem, somehow I doubt it

      • jennifer says:

        Romney’s interest is in protecting the Wall Streeters. Illegal immigrants are cheap labor. I don’t think his wealthy supporters would appreciate him cutting their cheap labor force.

        • And the Democrats don’t want them removed from the voting rolls, as evidenced by the Obama adminstration suing Florida for trying to clean up their voter lists. Can you imagine, a stte trying ot get illegals off their voter lists and getting SUED by the Federal government? To quote Sheriff Buford T Justice “What the hell is the world coming to?”

          • Future Resident says:

            And here in Maryland, illegal immigrants get the in-state tuition rate at public universities. So here is the equation

            Out of state legal citizens < Non naturalized illegal immigrants

            Fair yes?

          • Right Winger says:

            Hammer. Nail. Head.

          • In LibWorld.

            All I ask if you do decide to move here is not to bring any nasty, liberal voting habits with you.

            It’s bad enough to have to overcome all the libs that bolted Maryland and moved to Northern Va. And the funny thing is, most of them say they moved because of high taxes, illegal immigration etc that liberals enacted, then they move here and vote for the same type of liberals that ran Maryland into the ground.

            Otherwise, come on down!

  8. River Watcher says:

    Berryville County police report.. 8/26/2010 LOCKES MILL RD GANG UNIT ACTIVITY
    The address is Watermelon park.
    Many illegals and GANG members were hauled off that day by ICE.

    Illegal Fishing Sting Nets 17 Violations on the Shenandoah in Berryville.
    This is still going on but not in large numbers!

    Machete Attack at Watermelon Park
    A Maryland man is behind bars after investigators say he stabbed a man multiple times with a machete in Clarke County.
    Sheriff Roper says Gonzales-Mendoza is an illegal immigrant. Both men were from Montgomery Village, Maryland. This is from TV3, there’s more on CDN on all theses articles.

    These people are mainly from El Salvador and are involved with MS13.

    The victim of the shooting and the assailant came from WMP!

    The Police and our Supervisors IGNORE what goes on down along the river. More needs to be done, waiting for a NEXT time is dangerous and stupid!
    Who is the Supervisor for this area?

    I’m beyond angry! I haven’t been in the river since 2010 to enjoy what I like doing, kayaking. I will not put myself in harms way.

    I’ve said this many times, I feel sorry for the residents that live directly along the river. Week after week in season our police spend a great deal of time along the river. Who pays for foot patrol in WMP? I’ve asked that question since 2008 with no answer!

    Let’s rally up and put an end to this before it’s one of us! There should be no next time!

  9. River Watcher says:







    There’s issues on both sides of the river, assaults, trespassing, disturbances and fights. These are all in our police reports every year, a seasonal problem for that area.

    The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do nothing about it..- Albert Einstein

  10. River Watcher says:

    Correction URL didn’t work..


  11. A Neighbor says:

    Holy! What next? For those residents that moved here for peace, scenery and tranquility it’s time to pony up. Clarke County is hesitant to grow. If everyone is growing AROUND us and their problems spill over because we are small and don’t have the resources to deal with problems … or simply won’t deal with them … what exactly is the difference? There are two alternatives. First: allow growth and utilize the additional revenue generated to expand infrastructure to adequately deal (dare I say combat) this idiocy. The second is to raise revenue from existing residents to accomplish the same. Doing nothing or looking the other way is not the answer folks. I know I know … too much government will cause everyone in Clarke County to have a cold or an allergy maybe we can just politely ask that everyone obey the law and, you know, because we were polite everyone will do it.
    Hey … I got it! Why doesn’t Watermelon Park pay for the use of our Police Department to basically run their security? No more free rides!
    I’m sure the Sheriff is a great guy. Is he in over his head? Just asking.

    • It didn’t happen at Watermelon Park and they have done an admirable job with improving security on their own premises. But you are correct about the county’s no growth dementia. While no one is beating down the door to move here right now, making provisions to “dress up the pig” for when the economy recovers would be prudent.

      • If ICE was too show up every week at WMP, checking illegal statis of campers, this would cut out the bad stuff for a while. Who’s job is it to make that happen, local law enforcement or state?

        • Unfortunately, here’s the deal. I have a cousin that’s a cop. They bust illegals ALL the time. They call ICE, and ICE never shows up. The local jurisdictions don’t have the money to keep illegals locked up, so they let them go.

          Pretty pathetic