Shooting Victim’s Initial Report Deemed False

The weekend shooting that was initially reported as an act of violence appears to have been accidental in nature.

Investigators from the Clarke County Sherrif’s office conducted several interviews, searched the crime scene, and found inconsistencies with the victim’s portrayal of the incident.  The 19-year-old victim, Gustavo Edenlison Munoz-Argumedo, from Winchester, Virginia was re-interviewed and confirmed police suspicions. Through the course of the investigation police have learned that the shooting incident, as originally reported, was false.  The shooting was accidental.  Munoz-Argumedo was handling a pistol while traveling down Senseny Road in the early morning hours of June 10, 2012.  The pistol discharged and Munoz-Argumedo was shot in the lower leg.

Investigators plan to consult with the Commonwealth’s Attorney about charges for the false report.



  1. So, the weapon belong to this guy? Is it registered? Is this guy illegal? If so, why does he have a gun? Lots of unanswered questions

    • Mr Mister says:

      Why question why he has a gun? It’s his right as it is yours, correct? Or does the right to bare only apply to lighter skinned Americans?

      • “…Or does the right to bare only apply to lighter skinned Americans?”

        I’m all for baring it all!

        As for the right to ‘bear’ arms, I would think that applies to citizens of the US. This doofus is suspicious enough to warrant a look into his citizenship status.

        • Actually, gun ownership in Virgina is not limited to just citizens or Americans. As long as you are here legally and can prove legal residency for at least three months, you can purchase a gun.
          Believe me, I am not a citizen and legally own a gun in Virginia.

          “Does one have to have U.S. citizenship to be eligible to purchase a firearm?
          A buyer who is not a citizen of the United States must have lawful alien status and must establish that he or she is a resident of a state by providing a valid photo identification and documentation such as a utility bill or lease agreement which would establish that he or she has resided in the state for at least 90 days prior to the date of the sale.”

          • Forgot a part

            Congress has passed prohibitions that apply to “any alien in the United States in a non-immigrant status” with certain exceptions and a waiver process. Contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives if you have questions about these regulations.

      • No, it applies to AMERICANS. If he’s illegal, then he has no business with it. But keep on trying to pin it on race

        • Mr Mister says:

          By quickly stating that he is not an American by his last name only, I would say that you are bringing race into the issue. Therefore the label would apply. Where in any article does it say he is from anywhere but Winchester? How are you sure that he is illegal? If he is an American, then he has every right to own and carry a firearm. Like it or not.

      • “It’s his right as it is yours, correct?”

        Not if he’s an illegal. That’s a right reserved for AMERICANS

    • Mr Mister says:

      And before you try the illegal route, where in any of the articles does it ever say he is from anywhere else but Winchester?

  2. River Rider says:

    Is it common for the Sherriff’s department to talk to the Common Wealth Attorney before they file charges? I thought they just did this on their own if something was in violation of Virginia law.

    • I would think on most cases such as this it is standard operating procedure to consult with the Commonwealth’s Attorney. Who would better know on what charges could be filed compared to the information you have gathered. You don’t want a Judge to throw out a case because of a simple oversight.

  3. What a tool. I’ll bet he got free treatment at the hospital on our dime and now that he’ll be charged with filing a false police report, he’ll get 3 hots and a cot with cable tv and air conditioning on our dime as well.

  4. Realistic Joe says:

    Good questions.

    And for all the wrong answers to the right questions I can only hope that they charge him accordingly.

    Life and bad choices is not a game you can walk away from.

    That his lie used innumerable amounts of resources and placed dread to every parents mind of their children’s safety and others at the riverside.

    He has now instigated even more undue suspicion from others about his own culture and heritage.

  5. River Watcher says:

    Sounds good to me, I always drive around playing with a gun!

  6. If he was handling a handgun at 19 without adult supervision, and not on his own property, he was breaking a few laws. Regardless of his citizenship.

    Early morning hours…. Nothing good happens after midnight! Should not have been out anyway, guess it was his “right” just not his wisdom.

    He certainly should be charged, wasting our officers time and resources is not something we can afford, especially at this time.

    • Mr Mister says:

      Umm, at 19 you are an adult.

      • 21 for a handgun… Old enough to die for your country, not old enough to posses a handgun without adult supervision or on your own property.

        In fact you are not allowed to purchase handgun ammunition until you are 21.

  7. Future Resident says:

    Was reviewing the firearm code, in anticipation of moving to Clark County and saw the following ordinance:

    “54. It is unlawful to transport, possess, or
    carry a loaded rifle or shotgun in any
    vehicle on any public street, road or

    I don’t know if it applies to pistols, but if so, Mr. Gustavo Edenlison Munoz-Argumedo should go away for a while. I always transport my guns in an unloaded state when coming down for the weekends. Doug is right “Nothing good happens after midnight”. Most respectable folks are home, unless they are hard at work during third shift (and there’s no shame in that).

    That being said, why does a 19 year old kid feel the need to carry a loaded pistol? This is the type of crap we are trying to move away from and one of the main reasons we stay away from downtown Baltimore.