Showers Come Too Late to Dampen July Record

As scattered thunderstorms push through Clarke County, Virginia, on Monday afternoon, any cooling effects from the rain will be too late to change July 2011 from being the hottest month ever recorded in Washington DC.

Photo Edward Leonard

Photo Edward Leonard

In in an interesting weather note published last week by the National Weather Service in Baltimore, Maryland, not only was July 2011 the hottest July on record for the Washington area, August could also be shaping up to be a scorcher if patterns follow last year’s record heat wave.

According to the national Weather Service, a comparison of the five last hottest summers on DC records before this month’s record – 1930, 1936, 1980, 1988 and 2010 – was performed last year. During the first four record breaking summers there was a significant cool down during mid-August. However, 2010 proved to be an exception to the trend with daytime temperatures hovering above 90 degrees thru the end of August.

NWS says that the 1930 DC July temps actually look fairly similar to this month’s. The 1930 average high temperature was 91.6 compared to this month’s 92.8 degrees. However, this month’s average low has been 5 degrees warmer than the 1930 temps.

NWS said that in 1930 the high heat kept up thru August 9th topping 100 degrees on five more days.

But then the temps dropped dramatically.

After a high of 102 degrees on August 9th, record lows of 56 degrees on the 12th followed by 55 degrees on the 13th were logged. Both low the August lows remain records for the day.

That must have been one heck of a cold front. Let’s wait and see if history repeats itself.


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