Sign Thief Leads Police on Chase Through Three Counties

The theft of a “One Way” street sign in Frederick County turned into a multijurisdictional pursuit Wednesday morning as the suspect fled from police. Frederick County Police were contacted on a reported theft of a street sign in the 1500 block of Valley Mill Road. The Frederick County Sheriffs office issued a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) for a white Chevy Astro Van with West Virginia plates in connection with the incident.

Clarke County Deputy M. Thompson located a vehicle matching the description of the suspect vehicle and attempted to initiate a traffic stop at Route 7 and Trapp Hill Road. The suspect fled eastbound on Trapp Hill Road and turned onto Route 340 northbound. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the pursuit and deputies followed the suspect vehicle into Jefferson County on Route 340.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies picked up pursuit of the suspect on Route 340 at approximately 10:20 AM. The suspect turned off of Route 340 onto Wheatland Road and then onto Lloyd’s Rd. With police in pursuit the suspect jumped from the moving vehicle and attempted to escape on foot into a nearby field. Police quickly established a perimeter and a Jefferson County canine unit was called to the scene. Police also received support from a Maryland State Police Helicopter as the search continued. The suspect was spotted in a wooded area after an hour long search. 38-year-old Christopher Michael Shenton of Harper’s Ferry West Virginia was apprehended and arrested without incident near Withers Larue Road and Franklintown Road.

Police determined that Shenton was driving with a revoked license from a previous DUI. This is his third offense which will result in felony charges. Shenton also face charges in two other jurisdictions. He will be charged with Grand Larceny for the theft of the street sign in Frederick County and faces Felony Eluding Police and Misdemeanor Driving Suspended in Clarke County.

Shenton was transported to the Eastern Regional Jail in West Virginia Wednesday afternoon.


  1. One way… or another, their gonna getcha… their gonna getcha getcha… One way, maybe next day…. (sorry Blondie)

  2. Jeremy Carter says:

    Ah! I forgot how cool road signs look in a garage!

    “Look, I got this one from ’round the corner by Jon’s Diner” “that’s my pride an joy there….”

    “Oh and over here…I got this here one from down by the apple orchards in Berryville!” “They didn’t know what was coming!!”

    C’mon man……seriously? What is wrong with people?

  3. It was Charles Town Police that picked it up. Not Jefferson County Sheriffs Office.

  4. livein22611 says:

    A three county chase and a police helicopter from Maryland all over a street sign? It is an important sign but just wondering about the extent of the chase and thankful no one got hurt. Who’s picking up the tab for all that?! Really? A helicopter? I’m thinking—overkill.

    • Maybe TruTV was doing some filming for “World’s Dumbest 15”?

    • doubleedge says:

      If the deputy had a crystal ball, and knew that this guys only sin was stealing a state roadsign (which comes out of taxpayer money), then maybe the pursit would have been less intense. But one must wonder, why is this guy fleeing for just a roadsign? Article also said he was suspended for prior DUI charges. People dont run without reason. Iam glad local police take these people serious, with all the brekeins that have been reported lately.

    • If LE didn’t make a point of pursuing those who ran, then people would always run and get away with all traffic offense, etc. And LE will call off pursuits if they believe the situation has become too dangerous.