Snow-Damaged Awnings Replaced at Boyce Elementary

On Wednesday, February 10, 2010 Boyce Elementary School and Clarke County were smacked by the second of two snowstorms. Following the second storm, Boyce Elementary principal Susan Catlett and CCPS Central Office staff made their way to the school to inspect for damage.   Today, thanks to CCPS’s insurance policy with the Virginia School Board Association, the awnings are being replaced just in time to greet students arriving back at school.

Boyce Elementary after removal of destroyed awnings - Photo Paula Shipman

Upon arrival after the February storm, Catlett noticed that a portion of the outer awning canopy over the gymnasium steps at the rear of the school had collapsed under the snow.    Then, sometime on Sunday, the remaining canopy collapsed, probably from snow sliding from the roof onto the weakened canopy.

Students arrived at school to caution tape stretched around the area and a small army of county maintenance staff working to remove the remaining debris.

Armstrong Awning Company of Winchester replaces awnings at Boyce Elementary School - Photo Edward Leonard

Workmen from E. W. Armstrong Awning Company in Winchester were on-site today installing new awning material on the existing frames.

“This material is much stronger than the materials previously used for awnings” said the job foreman. “The school shouldn’t have those kind of problems again.’

The awning installation was completed this afternoon while step railings, also damaged during the snow storm, will receive a fresh coat of paint over the weekend.

Boyce Elementary School Principal Susan Catlett is very pleased at both the appearance and presence of the renovations.

“The awnings look awesome!” Catlett said late on Friday afternoon. “It’s nice to have them back in place.”

Catlett said that he awnings serve the important purpose of protecting children from the elements while they are waiting to be picked up after school.

“Students love to sit outside on the steps while they wait to be picked up” Catlett said. “Now everyone doesn’t have to crowd into the gym whenever there’s bad weather.”

Boyce Elementary school will hold Kindergarten Orientation on Monday, August 30 at 9:00 a.m. followed by an Open House at 1:00 p.m.

Clarke County School students return to school on Wednesday, August 25th.

Workers maneuver new awnings into place - Photo Edward Leonard

New awnings at Boyce School replace damage caused by the past winter's heavy snow - Photo Edward Leonard


  1. Check the date. Kids go back on Wednesday, August 25th.
    That date would give them another whole week off!!

    CDN Editor: Nice catch, thank you!