Snow in the Forecast and Clarke County Schools Are Closed

Forecasts of inclement weather prompted Clarke County School administrators to cancel classes today, hours before the predicted snow starts to fall. This precautionary move comes on the heels of the area’s first snowfall of the season which occurred on December 10th. That late morning snowfall caused dozens of accidents in our area.

There is a Winter Weather Advisory in effect for our area from 8:00AM this morning through 9:00PM tonight. Forecasters are predicting snowfall with accumulations of 1-2 inches. Snow should begin falling in our area around 9:00AM and 11:00 AM this morning and continue through this evening.

Roadways and paved suraces are extremely cold so snow will begin to accumulate immediately. Drivers are cautioned to be extremely careful on the roadways as even small amounts of snow will create extremely difficult driving conditions.


  1. It’s great they take into consideration safety but are they jumping the gun a bit? I just don’t know. I guess better safe than sorry. I remember when I was in school (CCHS) and we got a snow day for a situation just like this. Not only did it not snow that day but the tempatures also rose to mid 40’s.

    I am glad to see VDOT prepared. At 5:00am this morning they were sitting all down I81 waiting.

  2. I remember, back in the day, when Ms Crocker would drive her bus on 601 with a few inches of snow on it to get us home.

    How times have changed

    • And she was probably the only vehicle on the road at that time of day and she was transporting all the children, 1 thru 12 grade.

  3. [redacted] It’s winter and it will probably snow a bit. Safety is one thing, but 1-2 inches, give me a break. People who live a bit north would be laughing at this. How about we stop wasting snow days, and get out a bit earlier in June? Also, this is a major inconvenience for parents who need to take off work and use vacation time because the school system is overly cautious and unprepared to deal with a dusting of snow.


    • Yeah, this area is a bunch of pansies compared to up north when it comes to snow. Here’s an idea, train the bus drivers to drive on the snow!!!

      • It’s not necessarily the bus drivers, but he other idiots that don’t know how to drive in the snow

        • I’d be willing to bet the bus drivers would be the most cautious and least of the problem. It’s a combination of everyone and everything. “People” can’t drive in dry conditions, let alone snow and ice.

  4. Birdonawire says:

    Its all about liability and our lawsuit crazy world.

  5. It’s a Catch-22 of sorts – some folks will mitch and boan if their kids are on buses on the mountain and those lovely little country roads that get nasty when it’s icy or snowy, and some folks will do so for a “waste” of a day. At least the white stuff is actually falling this time. Personally, while it’s an inconvenience for me to arrange something else for my kid, I’d rather they err on the side of caution.

    And Rightwinger, is there nothing you won’t be negative about? Your grumpiness @ the bus drivers is not called for. I recall an article back in the spring or so, where CCPS drivers had driven some huge # of miiles (a million?) without incident. I think the drivers do their jobs quite well, actually. My kids love their driver; she always has a smile on her face. Don’t be a Grinch.

    • I didn’t mean to come across as grumpy towards the bus drivers…SORRY YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!! It just doesn’t make sense that busses used to drive on the snow daily, and now they don’t.

      I think the bus drivers are the most wonderful, giving people in the school system. And they are SEVERELY underpaid, like the teachers.

      • RW you were SOOOO close to having a completely nice and polite post. The “sorry you wonderful people” just blew it.

        Otherwise, I compelely agree.

        • What??? I was talking about the bus drivers as being the wonderful people! I seriously wasn’t trying to be sarcastic to anyone!!

          AAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (Picture Charlie Brown banging his head on the desk, that’s me!)

  6. Our bus driver (a petite older lady) could put chains on her bus in no time flat and that bus was heavy enough to get through anything, especially with the extra weight of kids on board. And yes, anything below 5 inches meant school went on as usual. The buses didn’t crash or careen out of control, we never slipped, fell or broke a leg. If we did, suing was not something that crossed your mind. Our health insurance was a fair price and so were doctor visits.

    It seems the school systems today are a bit trigger happy to call of school early in the snow season. But then, by around February when built in snow days are getting lean, they call it off less and take more chances.

    Closing schools today all day came as a bit of a surprise to me with a forecast of only 1-3 inches. I still think a 2 hour early dismissal would have been a better call.

    • Oh, and let us consider if kids would layer up and wear the appropriate amount of winter clothing on both their bodies and heads. injuries due to slippery conditions are next to impossible with all that extra padding.

      But sadly, I did notice some kids in 21 degree weather yesterday wearing only shorts and short sleeves. Most only wore hoodies at best.

  7. CCHS Parent says:

    I am thankful that my kids are home safe and sound today while I am at work!! No worrying about anyone getting hurt!! We are called parents because we HAVE to be able to be flexible.

    • That is not why we are called parents.

      late 12c., from O.Fr. parent (11c.), from L. parentem (nom. parens) “father or mother, ancestor,” noun use of prp. of parere “bring forth, give birth to, produce,” from PIE base *per- “to bring forth” (see pare). Began to replace native elder after c.1500. The verb is attested from 1660s. The verbal noun parenting is first recorded 1959

      has nothing to do with being flexible.
      Unfortunately, most parents have to work, and send their kids to school, and it IS and inconvenicence when it is cancelled. Sorry you disagree, but that’s reality.

      • Yes most parents have to work, but school is not your daycare center. You need to have a back-up plan. That’s reality.

        • Obviously Lucy, you do not work outside the house, or do not have kids.

          School should be cancelled within reason. It’s when we parents are blindsided and have to scramble to make arrangements or take precious time off from work because of a threat of a couple inches of snow. We ALL pay in the end.

          • Actually, I do have kids and worked outside the home the whole time they were growing up. Funny how you refer to work as “precious time”. I always considered “snow days” precious time.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            Clearly, jim, your willingness to make assumptions about someone you don’t know makes you look grumpy and misinformed.

            Given the number of accidents I saw on the way home Thursday afternoon, I’m glad my kids weren’t on a bus for any sort of early dismissal. It is a gamble, but I’m glad Dr. Murphy erred on the side of safety.

  8. My young daughter questioned if I was sure it was a day off and if I heard it right. I told her yes I heard right and then she proceeds to ask me why because there was no snow. I told her I don’t know, that is what “they” get paid to do and she followed quickly with, “well then we should pay them a lot more!”

  9. berryville says:

    don’t forget a big reason also for why school is closed. there is a large group of student drivers. and a lot of them probably haven’t had much practice driving on snowy, slippery roads.

  10. yousepeople says:

    It can backfire calling off school with snow only in the forecast, not yet visible. They called it right this time. Neighboring counties who had school are closing early and driving kids home in the middle of it all. The bus drivers do a wonderful job, but I wouldn’t want my kid on a bus coming down the mountain with all the speed happy drivers who don’t care what’s happening, they’ll go 80 down the mountain anyway.

    Hey, they saved on gasoline!

  11. It used to be fun drving the bus in the snow..the kids cooperated so well. They loved piling in the back, near the tires. And it worked. But truth be known it is the idiots in cars that cause the problems.

    • Good point! I have a large 4 wheel drive pick up yet I have a good idea of a vehicle’s limitations no matter what it is. It always amazes me to have multiple little front wheel drive vehicles in close proximity to each other pass me on a snow/ice covered rt 7 when I am clipping along myself at 40-45 MPH. which is plenty fast for those conditions.

    • Especially those old ladies driving Camaros! 😉