Snowstorm Precipitation Totals

While snow fall totals from the Trick-or-Treat Snowstorm were low as far as record snows go, the combination of sticky wet snow on tree limbs, many with still green leaves, caused significant damage to trees and left thousands without power for several days.

Snow began falling across Clarke County on Friday night and continued until around 4:00pm on Saturday. The storm dumped nearly eight inches of snow along the crest of the Blue Ridge with about four inches throughout the northern Shenandoah Valley.

As of Monday afternoon, 536 customers are still without power across the Rappahannock Electric Cooperative service area with approximately 314 of the outages in Clarke County.

Areas to our north, including Massachusetts, New Jersey and Hew Hampshire, received over 30 inched of new snow according to the National Weather Service. As of Monday nearly three million homes are without power across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

While the Virginia Department of Transportation had little trouble keeping up with the snow, it was a different matter for Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative, Dominion Power and REC crews. Power was restored to many customers during the storm only to fail again as additional tree limbs broke from trunk and fell on wires.

Tree damage across the county appears to be moderate with heavier damage at higher elevations.

Snow totals reported by the National Weather Service for the Trick-or-Treat Storm (click to enlarge)