So What Is It About Life In Rural Virginia?

By J.C.Coon June 28th 2010

Went to an auction this weekend.

A family’s whole life was laid out for us to see. How she kept her kitchen. What little things brought her pleasure. How he cared for his tools and his property. All there for us to see. It was a thing of beauty. People who came to the auction came for many reasons, but one I think was out of respect. Maybe to pick up a thing or two. But it was a respectful auction, not one where everyone was grabbing and fighting over what ‘they were going to get’. If you didn’t get what you wanted it was okay. If you did get something of Hers or His it was a treasure to hold and remember simpler days every time you looked at it.

The tables under the tent were loaded with cooking and serving pieces. Oh my, can you imagine the meals that were fixed and the conversations around the tables. When you looked at the furniture and the bedding can you imagine the people that were offered hospitality just because it was the thing to do.

What is an auction? Is it a place to gather and meet, because we have no more places to gather and meet?   Now at the end of the day everyone just crawls into their individual caves exhausted from competing in the ‘rat race’.   Is it a place to be ‘seen’?   Is it a place to reconnect with long lost friends and school mates and to marvel at ‘how you have grown’ or is this your ‘little one?”.   Is it a thirst for human companionship? To connect with real people ‘who knew you when’ or who remember your mama or your grandma or your pa or granddad or went to school with your sister?   Is it that we feel a sense of connection in this busy disconnected world?   Is it that we feel loved for just being us and not being judged?   And if we are fussed at it is in love and ‘for our own good’ and what??……we even listen to what our elders say and take their words into our hearts.

Is this why people drive miles daily to work in the big cities and towns, but come home every night to the ‘country’? Come home so they can sit on the porch at night, smell the honeysuckle in the summer and watch the fireflies as dusk approaches and know it is time to turn in for the night–no need for a clock. Or wake in the morning to smell the clean air and maybe it will have a bit of wood smoke smell if the night had a chill.

Do you drive the distance because it is so worth it to start your morning so close to God and Nature? Do you take a moment to soak up the peace and splendor of the morning as you pull out of your dirt driveway where the deer are retreating into the woods for the day? Do you enjoy with awe and wonder the peace and orderliness that God has put in place?
Life is good in the country.


  1. Really enjoyed reading this article with my morning coffee today. Thank you.

    • Absolutely agree with Beth – very well written and loved the picture! Many people travel to these estate auctions to see what they can get at a bargain price but, it truly is a glimpse of how a family lived. Thanks for sharing.