Soaking Rain and High Winds Knock Out Power Throughout Clarke County

Soaking rainfall and high winds created the perfect formula for uprooted trees and downed power lines in Clarke County and one tree incident has knocked out power for over a thousand residents. Rappahannock Electric Cooperative has indicated several outage incidents in the county including a major outage in the Boyce area. REC is estimating that 1139 customers   in   Boyce are currently without power . The outage occurred at approximately 5:09 AM Wednesday morning and power remains out as of noon. Boyce Elementary is without power as a result of the outage, but the school remains open and is operating on emergency lighting.

Other spot outages are being reported throughout the county. For up to date information visit REC’s outage map here.


  1. Frustrated says:

    Ubderstanding the many uncertainties involved with the largest being when will the power come back on, Boyce Elementary remained open…but the kids had to sit on a school bus to keep warm. As soon as that happened, they should have canceled the rest of the school day.

    • The problem with that is a logistical one. How do you contact all the parents for the students so that someone will be home or is able to come in and pick up their child? A scheduling nightmare, to say the least, for EVERYONE.

      • frustrated says:

        I receive emails from the school system on a weekly basis, I receive automated phone calls from the the school system, and I hear the announcements on the radio. In fact, we, received a call that morning with an automated message from Mike Murphy telling us the power was out however school was open as they were using emergency generators. However, it did not mention that the school would be without heat and they would put the students on a bus to keep warm.

        The school system has various ways to notify the parents. They have no problem shutting the schools down for half days when weather starts getting bad in the middle of the day…why could they not do it on that day?

        • Apparently all the emergency generators power is the “exit” lights because they had no heat, no lights (which means bathrooms without windows dark), no way to fix hot lunches and no telephone.