Spring Egg-Stravaganza




Location:           Sky Meadows State Park, , Delaplane, VA

Cost:                    $4/vehicle

Contact Info:   Christa Kermode,  540-592-3556


Website:              www.virginiastateparks.gov

Description:      Celebrate Spring at Sky Meadows State Park!  Join us for the Spring Egg-stravaganza and experience the park as it awakens from its winter slumber.    At Noon try something new; learn about Geochaching & how to use a GPS unit on a virtual egg hunt along the Snowden Trail.  At 2:00 p.m. learn about egg identification and the different types of nests used by the parks various birds.  Throughout the day enjoy live music on the porch and take part in traditional 19th Century egg games on the lawn of Mount Bleak House.  Don’t forget to bring your own hardboiled eggs & learn how folks in the 1800s would have colored their eggs using natural dyes.