CCHS Spring Plant Sale Begins

The Clarke County High School Horticulture Department will begin their annual plant sale starting Tuesday, May 3rd (see schedule below).   Bedding plants, perennials, herbs, tomato plants, and plantings grown and arranged by instructor Beth Novak and the students will be offered for sale.   The program offers quality plants to the community in an effort to educate students about the aesthetic qualities and importance of plants to mankind.   For more information contact Beth Novak at CCHS.

Where: Clarke County High School Greenhouse 240 Westwood Rd. Berryville, VA 22611
Week 1: May 3rd-6th
Week 2: May 9th-13th
Week 3: May 17th & 19th
Hours: 8:30am-5:30pm (1st two weeks only)

Sales will continue through the end of May while supplies last (call for dates and times)

Questions: Contact Mrs. Novak at: (540)955-6137 ext. 290


  1. Interested Teacher says:

    How many people know this will be the last year for the CCHS Horticulture Spring Sale as we know it. Through some finagling Beth Novak and her excellent program will no longer be part of CCHS. This is what happens when outsiders with an agenda meddle with a great experience for our community’s youth. What a shame!!!

  2. Bob Kelly says:

    A shame indeed. Beth Novak is the driving force behind the horticultural program. Word I heard was the out-going principal wanted a full-time staffer in the position and Beth was cut from three teaching periods to one in ag, even though her degree is in horticulture.

    So let’s get out there and show her the support she and her students deserve by opening our wallets and making this the best Spring Sale ever!

  3. Lonnie Bishop says:

    Ain’t there another Horticulture teacher at the school? Y’all seem to be willin to ignore her.

  4. Bob Kelly says:

    I believe there is a difference between an agriculture degree and one in the field of horticulture, Lonnie. From what I’ve heard it’s the principal who’s doing the ignoring.

  5. The spring sale was wonderful and I am so thankful for the plants my son purchased for Mother’s Day with Beth’s assistance. However, I believe I saw a sign there today that said “Sold Out” and “Thanks for your support.”