Squeals of Fright or Delight?

There’s an old saying that has something to do with being as slippery as a greased hog. Last night’s pig chase pitted man (well, small men and women actually) against nature (small pigs, plenty of mud and a lot of squeal.)




Some people view the annual pig chase as a form of animal cruelty that should be abolished. Others, especially those that work with pigs, say that the pigs actually enjoy the human interaction.

What do you think, should the Clarke County Fair abolish the pig chase? If so, what should it be replaced with? If not, why not?

Humane responses only please…

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  1. Well, I gotta tell ya, despite the whining from some folks about the pig scramble, I thought what went on tonight was far, far more disgusting. Perfectly good cars just absolutely destroyed! On purpose! Oh the fear they must have experienced! And some of the biggest terrorists out there were the girl drivers! They were horrible to those cars! Oh the humaaaaaaaaanity!

    Those cars deserved far better lives than they endured out there tonight. I, for one, say we should ban smash up derbys. After all, cars are people too!

  2. livein22611 says:

    If ya don’t like the pig scramble, don’t go to the pig scramble. And could we pave all the fair grounds so we don’t get muddy. And stop pinning up the animals in the show barns. Let them roam free. And if people don’t stop complaining about a fair THAT THEY CHOOSE TO GO TO, sign them up to be the clown in the ring for the bullride on Friday. That way they can get good and close to the bulls and ask them how they feel.

  3. Longtime Berryville resident says:

    Please keep the pig scramble.

  4. Hey, ya gotta teach future farmers how to catch a pig if they get loose!