State Championship Eludes Eagles

Photo credit: Pam Lettie

By Pam Lettie

After weeks of playoffs, the Clarke County Lady Eagles lost the state championship soccer game to George Mason High School June 11. The final score was 0-2. The team – including 11 seniors – played to an audience of friends, family and other Clarke soccer fans who made the four-hour trek to Radford.

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  1. To each Clarke County Girls Soccer Team member:

    Congratulations on an awesome season. Few people and teams could accomplish what you did this year. To the graduating seniors: I wish you luck for the future and hope all of your dreams come true.

    I am so sorry it did not turn out how you wanted. I can only imagine how much it hurts right now. It must be frustrating to find that five times someone else was “this much” (a minuscule space between your thumb and index finger) faster or stronger or luckier than you.

    Life is not fair. And that can be heart-breaking.

    But you are not a loser. In fact, you are so valuable and wonderful in many ways.

    Life has a way of keeping things in balance. Occasionally, you get that tap on the shoulder with a voice telling you: “You are great at what you do, but there is somebody behind you who is just as good as you are. Don’t think TOO highly of yourself. Keep working.”

    It must have been ordained early on that this other team received this tap and you were the ones to get in their path for them to greatly appreciate all the championships they would produce. “You are talented,” the voice told them, “but to earn all of these championships, in your way will be this team from Berryville just as talented and strong as you. Every time you kick them out of the room, they will come back fighting and more determined than the previous time, and it will be tougher to defeat them each succeeding time. In fact, you will have…to…beat…them…FIVE …TIMES. Slip up once, and you won’t win all the championships you desire. You are good, but you cannot win every game eight to nothing.” If it wasn’t for you, this other team wouldn’t value all they earned. And getting by you means it was tough.

    What’s the consolation here? The memory of your outstanding play all season will be forever. You are part of the awe-inspiring history of Clarke County sports. The effort was superb, the results the best. You are great.

    To come back and play the same team despite consecutive losses and still present a challenge few other teams could provide shows unmatched, quantum effort. You are heroines. You are super-heroic.

    There are so many teams wanting to be in your spot. A chance to play for the state title happens so few times. Don’t be unhappy it ended this way. Cherish the fact this season occurred.

    Perhaps you were inspired by the 2004-07 Clarke County girls soccer teams that achieved so much. Someone has watched your progress this year and determined, “With hard work, you can accomplish amazing. This team is SO INSPIRING. I am going home to work harder on my skills.” And in the future, someone else will be inspired by that person to achieve great things. That process started because you worked, fought and sacrificed to be the best. You are a role model.

    For all of your fans, you gave them something extraordinary. Life is stressful between work, raising a family and trying to do our best. For several hours this season, you gave the people who care for you something (and someone) to believe in. You took them away from life’s problems. You are a stress reliever! And those hugs from these special people in your life cannot be replicated. Hugs, the sincere ones, are better than medals.

    And hang your medal from Saturday in a prominent location. At times, life for you will be challenging. There will be the obnoxious boss or employee, or the pressure to accomplish a major project. Never doubt yourself. Come back to this time and medal and remember, “For a while, I was part of a tremendous team. I made contributions I didn’t think possible of myself. I believed in myself and things turned out well.” Draw on this time to get you through the tough times, for you can accomplish anything if you believe in yourself.

    You are an awesome person. And as you can tell, the world is a better place with you in it.