State Road Funds May Benefit Clarke County

Clarke County Supervisors prioritized potential road improvement projects with Virginia Department of Transportation officials yesterday in hopes that some portion of a potential $1.45 billion in surplus funds might find its way to Clarke County transportation needs.

At yesterday’s meeting the Supervisors discussed a request from Virginia delegate Joe May asking for road improvement project suggestions that could improve safety, increase economic development or mitigate traffic problems. Delegate May may receive a portion of the funds to distribute between Clarke and Loudoun counties.

According the Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s website, the source of the funding is from an independent study which identified over $1.45 billion in VDOT’s budget to be used to fund transportation projects. Termed an “action plan”, the funding is intended to respond to more than 50 audit findings and proposes cost-saving strategies, organizational efficiencies, and performance and operational metrics that will make VDOT more effective, efficient and accountable.How much, if any, of the money will be scene in Clarke County is unknown. However, Clarke County Supervisors spent time yesterday identifying the top priorities for road improvements in the county:

Priority 1: The intersection of Senseny Road and Route 340. VDOT suggests installation of turning lanes. Estimated: $500K cost, 1-2 years for completion.
Priority 2: Extension of Westwood Road from Mosby Avenue with the addition of a turning lane to serve the two schools Estimated: $600K cost
Priority 3: Funds to cover the budget shortfall for Mosby Road extension. Estimated: $250K

Other Possible Funding Projects:

  • Signal stop light for Boyce at Route 340
  • Park & Ride facility near Route 340 & Route 7
  • Selected improvement of sight distances, blind curves and rural rustic road designation at sites throughout Clarke County

Other VDOT Activities in Clarke County
VDOT officials told Clarke Supervisors that bridge replacement had been completed on Virginia Route 606 as well as various patching and  Boom-Axe, a rotary cutting head used for heavy-duty brush-cutting up to 5” in diameter, operations on secondary roads throughout the county.

In November Route 601 will see pipe flushing operations while non-hard roads throughout the county will begin to receive grading operations.

VDOT reported that rural rustic construction has begun on Ebenezer Road (Route 604) on the Blue Ridge. VDOT held a preliminary meeting to discuss plans for Mosby Road and is currently reviewing site contractor and project consultant comments. In addition, VDOT is performing sidewalk repairs and additions on Route 723 in Boyce, Virginia.