Steve Geyer to Leave Clarke County Schools for Goochland

This morning the Clarke County Public Schools Superintendent Michael Murphy released the following statement announcing the departure of Berryville Primary and D.G. Cooley Principal Steven Geyer.

The Goochland County Public Schools have appointed Dr. Steve Geyer as their new Director of Elementary Education.
After eleven distinguished years in Clarke County, Steve will soon be assuming new professional roles and responsibilities at the division level.   Steve’s new position will allow him to further his passion and work with elementary school students and staff at a much higher level of responsibility.
While his leadership skills and smiling face will be missed, Superintendent of Schools Michael F. Murphy is “excited for Steve as he continues to demonstrate his love for education and sense of community.   His dedication for and about teaching and learning will be missed.”
“It has been a pleasure to work with such an outstanding leader the last three years.   I wish for Steve and his family much happiness as they look forward to new activities and adventures in a new home town.”
Rick Catlett, Assistant Superintendent of the Clarke County Public Schools, also shared that that “Steve’s drive and dedication has influenced the lives of hundreds of children and families over the course of the last decade.   His mark as an instructional leader will be remembered for years to come in the Clarke County community.”
Dr. Geyer’s last day with the Clarke County Public Schools will be June 30, 2011.


  1. DAWN PRICE says:


  2. Well, that’s the second administrator to jump ship. Don’t blame him.

    Shh….Do you hear that sound? It’s the BOS slapping themselves on the back for another job well done.

    It’s a shame we don’t get such publicity for teachers who are leaving this year as well, some even don’t have anything lined up yet, they just know they want out of CCPS. The sad part is, the teachers who really should leave, stay.

  3. Martha Pool says:

    Not surprised that the community is losing yet another fabulous educator. Steve has been a wonderful administrator and smiling face at Primary and DG Cooley. He will be greatly missed. Best of luck Steve in your new adventure and know that we will always remember all the fabulous things you did for the children, parents and Staff at Berryville Primary and D.G. Cooley.

  4. PositiveInfluence says:

    Dr Geyer you will truly be missed – We LOVE you and cant imagine it being the same without you here! We wish you the best, but know we truly do miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dr. Geyer will be missed. First the high school now Cooley. We finally have two great principals and they leave Clarke County . Not that I can’t blame them but they both have really been there for me and my children and helped in so many ways. He will be greatly missed.

  6. Living in Berryville says:

    Best of luck, Dr. Geyer. Clarke County Public Schools will truly miss you! You have touched us all in so many positive ways.

  7. Stonebroke says:

    A sad reflection on how things are handled in Clarke County. Maybe one day the voters of Clarke County will wake up when they go to the polls!

  8. ReachHi says:

    While I wish Dr. Geyer the best, we are very sad he’s leaving! They are going to be tough shoes to fill, and I’m not sure the county is up to it 🙁

  9. This is really sad for Clarke County. I’m so tired of us losing all the great people that have brought so much to our kids. I question often now why I stay here any more…

  10. Mike Jenkins says:

    Ever think he wanted a change of scenery and had nothing to do with pay or “horrible” clarke county? Or maybe a position that a small school system like clarke can’t offer?

  11. This is bad news for the students of clarke county elementary schools. Dr Geyer was Cooley’s best hope. Inspiration for me to leave this sweet southern town before my son has to experience Cooley’s mess without him, so sad!!

  12. Goochlander says:

    It is encouraging for a Goochland parent to hear so many positive comments about our new employee.

    Whatever discord there is in Clarke County is no different than in Goochland. Here the school board and Stuperintendent are much maligned and are plenty glad to gut the schools of teachers, programs and supplies to hire relatively high paid administrators (like a director of elem. ed. – which has been vacant for some time….and functionally unnoticed), despite the wishes of the public.

    Dr. Geyer’s hiring comes before the school board here has approved the budget including his position. A little detail that will make his arrival contentious. While I’m sure he will win over the hearts of the parents here, he may just be back in your area once he realizes the rats nest he’s coming to for what it is.

  13. Dr. Geyer is moving up from a principalship to a county director. Less stress, better hours, and likely much better pay. The county will miss him, but that’s what talented people do; they move up the ladder. He stayed for eleven years, so he must have liked what he was doing and felt comfortable in the community.

    Goochland County Public Schools

    Dr. Stephen Geyer was named Director of Elementary Education and Title I. Dr. Geyer comes to Goochland from Clarke County, where he has been a principal for eleven years. He brings a wealth of practical experience in elementary educational leadership, Title I programming, literacy instruction, preschool education, and professional development. Dr. Geyer has also served as adjunct faculty for the University of Virginia Educational Leadership program.

    Interesting sidebar: Francie Ball, one-time teacher and principal of CCHS is principal of Goochland HS.

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  15. Angela Broy says:

    I have had the pleasure of being one of Dr. Geyers parents for 5 years both at Primary and Cooley. He always has a smile and a warm hello for you when you see him. He knows all of the children by name and who is associated with each child. All of the children love and respect him. He will be greatly missed. Goochland is very lucky to have him. My family and I wish him the best on his new endeavor.

    • Couldn’t of said it better my self Angela! I loved that he knew every child by name. And special things about each one. Timothy will be lost with out him.

  16. Tony Parrott says:

    Steve was one of the youngest (if not youngest) Principals in the State of Virginia when he took over Primary. I have always admired Steve’s drive to improve Elementary education in Clarke. He has a true passion for working with the younger children and we have had the pleasure of all four of our kids going through his schools. For whatever reason he is leaving he and his family will be missed. Good luck and God Bless.

  17. Christina says:

    I first met Dr. Geyer 10 years ago and was shocked when he introduced himself as the principal (He looked like the PE teacher!). It didn’t take long to realize that he was an incredible leader and the Primary was an amazing environment for my kids to grow. I wish him and his family nothing but the best but the selfish part of me wants to keep him here in Clarke. I have 5 more years of elementary!!

  18. justinterestes says:

    Dr Geyer will be sadly missed in the CC school system. He has given much to the school system and is beloved by most. Good luck to his future and may Goochland realize the prize they have recieved.

  19. justinterested says:

    meant justinterested not with the s..sorry

  20. A Goochland Parent says:

    I also fear for this great educator who is truly coming into a very corrupt political system. Seeing his tie to Mrs. Ball is not surprising since most of Goochland runs off of Cronyism. It also explains why his hiring was done secretly and DENIED :

    “In response to the public outcry, the Chairman deferred the vote on the budget until Tuesday May 31. The School Board then went into closed session, and approved the appointment of a new high-level administrator from Clarke County for the vacant Director of Elementary Education position. No matter that the public had just asked the School Board to eliminate this position to save $80,000, ****or that the funding has not yet been approved in the budget***. The announcement for the new Director was made on the GCPS website, and by the Superintendent of Clarke County Schools on May 25, 2011*** and yet on May 26th, GCPS denied that any employment contract existed!*** ” The Goochland school system is falling apart, and with all due respect, they are cancelling language, drama, music yet hiring an administrator.. unless this nice man will be teaching 4th and 5th year French, he will be nicely padding his resume but doing little to nothing to help the students.

  21. Another parent from Goochland says:

    This man does sound like the kind of administrator we need in Goochland.. How about we start campaigning NOW to make him the NEW SUPERINDENDANT and get RID of the very very bad one we have now.. return to the days of Dr. Morgan when the kids came FIRST !!!!!!!

  22. Bobs Sports Store says:

    Steve Geyer will be awesome in whatever position he holds in any educational system, I am disappointed for our loss, and happy for his choice, I really would have liked for him to have been the new principle at CCHS!

  23. Trish Fox says:

    Dr. Geyer will be extremely missed, and I wish him and his family the best.

    To the Goochland Parents, you are receiving the “best of the best” give the politics a rest and let Ms. Ball and Mr. Geyer help to improve your school system one day at a time. Wishing you the best of luck. He is worth every dime your give him and will follow through with everything he states that he will in order to improve education and childrens minds!!!

  24. Goochland 1 says:

    @ Trish Fox – The Goochland parents are not the ones creating the politics – we are only the victims of it.

  25. A Goochland Parent says:

    Update !!! As of the school board meeting last night – All French classes are GONE from Goochland High School.

    • Goochland Mom says:

      @ A Goochland Parent:
      French classes are not “gone”
      One French teacher was lost, one still remains.