Strawberry Season Begins in Virginia

It’s almost Mother’s Day, which means pick-your-own strawberry farms are gearing up for the season.

At some operations, picking already has commenced. At others, Mother’s Day weekend will kick off the strawberry season.

“Ours are not quite ready but definitely will be by next weekend,” said Steve Berryman of College Run Farms in Surry County. He will have 3 ½ acres of fresh strawberries for customers to pick.

This spring has been a good one for berry growers, Berryman said. The plants thrive in cool, dry temperatures, and most strawberries are irrigated, so small amounts of rainfall are just fine.

Most strawberry seasons last four to five weeks, depending on the heat, Berryman said. If the days get too hot, the plants quit producing berries. “Hot weather makes the plant want to shut down, and we don’t want that because we want the season to last as long as possible.”

Berryman expects his strawberries to last through May and into early June.
Strawberries are a good source of vitamins A and C and are packed with other nutrients, including calcium, potassium and folate. At only 50 calories per cup, they’re a good-for-you spring food.

To find a pick-your-own berry farm near you, use the “Fresh Food Locator” feature at Virginia Farm Bureau’s

via Va Farm Bureau


  1. River Watcher says:

    What about a local grower? Makes no sense advertising for Surry County!

    Mackintosh Fruit Farm is a family owned farm nestled in the beautiful Northern Shenandoah Valley in Clarke County,Virginia. Opening May 10th farm hours will be 8-6 everyday.
    Strawberry Festival May 21st….

    Its easy to get to and they have awesome fruits and vegetables.

    Support your local farmer…

    CDN: Thanks for your comment. This story is a syndicated story from the Va Farm Bureau, hence the statewide scope of the story. We are vocal advocates of all things Clarke County and are always happy to sell advertising to local businesses who see the value of our local business.

  2. Plus, the last line of the article shows you how to find your local grower:

    To find a pick-your-own berry farm near you, use the “Fresh Food Locator” feature at Virginia Farm Bureau’s

  3. Mackintosh Fruit Farm does have wonderful strawberries but I worry at the amount of pesticides they use on ALL of their fruits and veggies. [redacted] is a rep for one of the largest pesticide companies in the area that sell to farmers and I know how much trouble he has had with his health in the past with the overexposure to all of the pesticides he has used on his farm. If he has had so many health issues, you really need to ask yourself do you want to put those same poisions in your body as well? I am all for buying local, don’t get me wrong but I always ASK questions about the growers methods now. I never did before but after hearing his story and see how much trouble those toxic pesticides has caused his health, I do my homework. I know there are plenty of things that we eat that can be just as bad for us and it’s a choice we all have to make. I am trying my best to limit the amount of toxins my family eats.

    Buying fresh fruits and veggies are so much better than store bought since you know where your food comes from but also asking the farmer how they grow is just as crucial so be sure to educate yourself.