Supervisors Approve $0.62 Tax Rate

The Clarke County Supervisors unanimously ratified its proposed $38M budget for fiscal year 2012 on Tuesday afternoon. In what will likely be his last county budget action, Supervisor Pete Dunning (White Post) offered the motion to adopt the revenue neutral real estate tax rate of $0.62 per $100 of assessed value.

Prior to the vote Joint Administrative Services Director Tom Judge provided the lawmakers with an unexpected bit of good news regarding the forecasted deficit associated with the budget. Judge said that a vacant position in the Commissioner of Revenue’s office was being eliminated rather than filled.

Elimination of the position will save the county $41,436. Added to other minor bookkeeping adjustments, the county’s new projected deficit comes in at $219,686.

“The $41,436 in savings is against local funds” Judge emphasized to the supervisors.

Final budget appropriation authorization totals are:

Fund Appropriation
General Fund 8,056,246
Direct Revenue to Social Services Fund 935,333
Transfer from General Fund 416,616
Social Services Fund 1,351,949
Direct Revenue to School Operating Fund 8,966,628
Transfer from General Fund 10,081,457
School Operating Fund 19,048,085
Direct Revenue to Comprehensive Services Fund 471,297
Transfer from General Fund 551,297
Comprehensive Services Fund 1,022,594
Direct Revenue to Conservation Easement Fund 0
Transfer from General Fund 150,000
Conservation Easement Fund 150,000
Direct Revenue to General Capital Projects Fund 535,860
Transfer from General Fund 1,189,665
General Capital Projects Fund 1,725,525
Direct Revenue to School Capital Projects Fund 154,000
Transfer from General Fund 690,918
School Capital Projects Fund 844,918
Direct Revenue to School Debt Service Fund 147,673
Transfer from General Fund 3,974,523
School Debt Service Fund 4,122,196
Transfer from General Fund 374,129
Government Debt Service Fund 374,129
Transfer from General Fund 510,810
Joint Administrative Services Fund 510,810
Transfer from General Fund 25,000
Unemployment Compensation Fund 25,000


Approved tax rates based on each $100 of assessed valuation are:

Real Estate, including the real estate of public service corporations*                                                                      $ 0.62

Tangible personal property except machinery and tools and qualified Fire and Rescue Vehicles               $4.69

Tangible Machinery and tools                                                                                                                                                     $1.25

Tangible personal property of qualified Fire & Rescue Vehicles                                                                                  $2.35

* Mobile Homes will be assessed as personal property, but taxed at the same rate as real estate.








  1. Stonebroke says:

    Thanks Pete!

  2. Somebody correct me if I am wrong. If a house is valued at $400,000, then a $.62 per $100 increase would amount to $2480.00/year.