Supervisors Release Proposed Amendments For Wednesday Budget Work Session

The Clarke County Board of Supervisors has released a budget document that outlines plans to reduce a proposed two-cent tax increase to one-cent at tonight’s 6:30 pm FY13 budget work session. The document describes an overall $98K deficit change based on the property tax rate change along with a proposed $116K of local funding transfer away from the school division and deferral of property tax reassessment costs until FY2014.

View the entire budget modification document here:




  1. Specifically WHAT reassessment is the “General Gov Capital Projects, ELIMINATE REASSESSMENT,(190,000)” pertaining to?

    CDN Editor: The BOS are proposing to save money by delaying the next county-wide property value reassessment until 2014. The cost of the reassessment is expected to be $190K.

    • So the field work for the reassessment would be delayed from 2013 to 2014 with an effective calendar year also delayed from 2014 to 2015? 5 years between valuations?
      Certainly our last reassessment, performed in 2010, does not reflect current market value.

  2. cheap shot says:

    of course they want to postpone the reassessment-property in the county is over-assessed by probably 20 percent. Check out sales figures versus assessments in the last couple of years. It means they don’t have to go through a tax rate hike after a reassessment. Maybe they should just push it out another year, until after the next election…….

  3. dontaskme says:

    Aren’t reassessments required by statute?