Suspect Arrested in East Coast Rapist Case Has Ties to Clarke County

A man believed to be responsible for a series of sexual assaults and attempted sexual assaults that occurred between January 1997 and October 2009 has been arrested in New Haven, Connecticut. 39 year old Aaron Hajjmalik Thomas is in custody and is being questioned in connection with the case that has been dubbed the “East Coast Serial Rapist.” All of the assaults are believed to have been committed by the same suspect after linking DNA evidence collected at the crime scenes.

First Sgt. Kim Chin of the Prince William County Police said   the suspect was arrested Friday in Connecticut and that he was found through a combination of investigative work and a tip called into Crime Solvers.

The suspect was apprehended by U.S. Marshals on a warrant issued from Prince William County. Authorities said Aaron Thomas was taken into custody in New Haven at his home without incident by the Fugitive Task Force.

Early this week, law enforcement launched a massive media campaign, posting composite sketches of the suspect on digital billboards throughout the Northeast. A website was also launched with detailed information about the crimes in an attempt to generate a break in the case.

Thomas was arrested in Connecticut, but has ties to Virginia and Maryland. Authorities say he attended a Prince George’s County high school and regularly visits family in Clarke County, VA.

Aaron Thomas was cited for numerous traffic violations in Clarke County in 2005 for infractions ranging from no registration to improper equipment. Authorities believe he may have been employed as a truck driver at the time. Further traffic violations recorded in Fairfax County District Court document the suspect having lived in Woodbridge VA.,   Berryville VA., and New Haven CT.

Prince William County Police and other agencies involved in the investigation have scheduled a press conference for Saturday morning.


  1. Firing squad made up of victims would be nice. About the best the deserves

  2. This article needs an update, its lacking information that has been provided by many other newspapers.

    The death penalty for this monster!

    • Breathe Girl says:

      Unfortunately he is not eligible for the Death Penalty. However that is exactly what he gave his victims. I am a rape survivor x’s 2 there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about those experiences. I never make it a solid week without reliving one or more through a nightmare. All of this began when I was a 19 year old virgin and that night my whole life was stolen. I am completely incapable of having an intimate relationship. They end in divorce or I sabotage them practically running a perfectly great man off with a blowtorch. Anything to get the walls up and get rid of them before they find out my secret. Seventeen hospitalizations and three suicide attempts later for some reason I am still here. I have been living with this for twenty years with very little counseling. But I made a big step today and I signed up for an intense in your face PTSD for sexual trauma victims course. I figured it was time to save my own life. All of my prayers go out to these women and I suspect with immediate counseling and family support with ABSOLUTELY no judgment. Believe me, believe me they are already doing enough harsh judgments on themselves. These atrocities don’t have to be a Death Penalty.