Tastee Freez Closes Up Shop

Looking down Main Street today some may notice something old that is actually something new. The old Camino Real sign has reappeared at their former location because Tastee Freez removed their sign and closed their doors. A sign on the door said simply that the lease ended and they would be closing August 13th.

While it had been announced on the door for some time, the removal of the sign was the first indication of the closure for many residents and took some by surprise. One resident commented that it was reminiscent of the Baltimore Colts leaving town. “One day they were there, the next day they were gone.”

Tastee Freez had a long history in Berryville. For years it was located across from Enders Fire Company in the spot now occupied by Knossos Restaurant. After a brief absence after the closure in that location the establishment reappeared on Main Street in the building that housed Camino Real before they moved to Crow Street.

The former owners could not be reached for comment but the sign on the doors closes with “It has truly been a pleasure to serve you.”


  1. Because I Care says:

    Maybe Wendy’s will come back for a day!

  2. My 2 Cents says:

    Terrible food at high prices! Wonder why you are gone?

  3. I’m not sure what happened, but when they moved into the Main Street location, the food was horrible. I went in there awhile ago to get a Big T Burger and it was terrible. Gave them one more chance, because even good restaurants can serve a bad meal once in awhile, same result.

    Like someone said, maybe the town will allow a Wendys or Mickey D’s, but I won’t hold my breath

  4. Great, now we have another open space for lease in downtown b ville

  5. We dont need a Wendys or Mickey D’s! Those places are just ugly. Becides we allready have a Mickey D’s, no point in another.

  6. Have to agree with you sarge. Although my grandkids loved it. Different tastebuds… I guess. Not enough room there for a wendy’s or macD’s

  7. Missin' oldies, but goodies says:

    I will miss the Freeze! Have gone there since I was little. Maybe they will find a new spot to re-open.

    • My 2 Cents says:

      I hope you aren’t referring to the Tastee Freez as an Oldie but Goodie???? Its an Oldie alright, however far from a Goodie…..

  8. You have got to be kidding me! Tugs Dad, you are something….. You will lobby for a Tastee Freez but not for a place that actually has good food…. You think a Tastee Freez crammed into the old Townhouse Rest. is a pretty sight???? How is a Wendy’s or Mickey D’s ugly???? You must hide behind your alias and be a member of the Good Ole Boys Club who wants to keep Berryville just like Mayberry….. Keep on Farming!

    • Gone local says:

      I’ve been to tastee freeze once and once was enough..

      Without farmers you will not eat! I suppose you want to rely on another Country to provide us with good food.
      What sense does that make?
      Try eating some fresh vegetables it may make you less cranky. Smile and have a peach.

    • “lobby for a Tastee Freez” That, I am not doing. There are plenty of places to get Ice Cream around the county, Their food left much to be desired and it was overpriced. I don’t care if they go, stay or reopen in another location. Don’t think I’m lobbying for Tastee Freez because I’m not. I don’t want to see a Mickey Dee’s in town or any other fast food chains either, their store fronts would be an eyesore in town. Like it or not, that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it just as you are yours.

      • My 2 Cents says:

        Yeah, because The Red Apple Deli is more modern and pleasant to look at! Just like Mackenzie’s as well. Not trying to slander those business’s here, but the newer McDonalds are nice looking. Have you seen the one out by the Outback Steakhouse in Winchester???

  9. Left Winger says:

    I say we lobby for a Chik-fila…their corporate culture and values would fit in with the Berryville atmosphere (Note this is NOT sarcasim).

  10. Do you all REALLY think The Town of Berryville, Clarke County will let anything worth while come in? Don’t think so. I use to work for the County, I know they won’t let anything come in. As long as the big wigs don’t want it, we don’t get it.. It would be nice to have something like Chik fil a or Wendy’s. Anything.

  11. Stonebroke says:

    Not this discussion again! We have been having these discussions for the last 30 years. It will never happen!

    • Because I Care says:

      The only way we will see Wendy’s again is if they pay to make a commercial in town again and give away freebies.

  12. My 2 Cents says:

    The reason why we constantly have open storefronts is because we have no meaningful business’s to support….. If you put something downtown that people would patronize, you will be successful. However, these off the wall places will continue to be a flash in the pan because the Town/County wants to keep this place an antique.

    • And I thought the reason we constantly have open storefronts was because 1) the rent is too high for the foot traffic; 2) two or three people own most of the downtown businesses and are more invested in the downtown area than the shopkeepers.

  13. Because I Care says:

    Roy Rogers would also fit in with the cowboy and yippee-ki-yay horse crowd of Berryville as well!

  14. Blossom Butt says:

    The main reason I and many of my friends did not go to Tastee Freeze was the food wasnt great, but every now and then we would like to have fries or ice cream, BUT, getting a parking place was almost impossible unless you got really lucky. Who wants to park 2 or more blocks away and walk through crazy heat or cold, just for fries or an ice cream. If a person is not really particular about what they eat, they are going to the most convenient place and downtown Main Street has no options for that at present.

    • Subway, Knosiss, Marios, and Foxes all have parking. The latter three have fries. At least two have burgers. All qualify as fast food. Foccaccia has great fries and burgers for carry out, among other things, no wait if you call ahead, and again, plenty of parking. I really don’t see availability of, and access to food as a problem in Berryville. Perhaps it is a drive through that you are missing?

  15. Well, all I can say is I feel for the ladies that worked there. They pooled their money together one day to support a single dad who didn’t have enough money to get his kids a complete meal. They helped him out without blinking an eye or making it a huge deal. Sometimes we need to pass on atmosphere and superficiality (like that has gotten us far), and just have a semi decent place to bring our kids for some ice cream without making a federal case out of it! I don’t expect Le Cirque any more…..

  16. Roscoe Evans says:

    I have a cast iron stomach.

    Still, I had only two “meals” that I can recall at the Tastee Freeze. They could barely get hot dogs right.

    On the other hand this talk that continues to pervade every discussion of downtown “development” in Berryville of a parking problem is simply absurd. Two blocks does not amount to a walk. No trek in Berryville, from one end of town to another, amounts to a walk. People who can’t, won’t, or don’t walk surely don’t need more fast food options.

    • BlossomButt says:

      Fine. The next time is is pouring rain, or blowing snow from the west, or 110 degrees outside, I want you to park next to the Dollar General, then walk to where Tastee Freeze was, then see how long it would take you to get back with your bags of food to take home. Oh, and dont forget the drinks and shakes, those are fun to carry as well. Actually, perhaps I will just call you so I can sit on my fat behind and not have to do all that walking.

  17. Gone local says:

    To the people wanting processed nasty fast food, are any of you in good health? hmmm makes me wonder…

    I’ve never had a problem parking on Main St., a few times had to park in front of the park or the parking lot across from the Grill. It didn’t bother me to walk an extra 30 steps, it’s no different than parking at a busy grocery store. Plus the fact if there is no parking spaces that means businesses have customers. Isn’t that a good thing?

    Valet parking anyone?

    • The old Tastee Freeze had plenty of accessible parking. The choice of locating the new Freeze on Main St. was an unfortunate one. Too bad Lawrence White didn’t move on the original plan to occupy the spot on 340 in front of Food Lion. Then B’ville would still have its ‘precious to some’ fast food outlet.

      • BlossomButt says:

        Ummm, there never was an actual plan to move near Food Lion. That was simply a plan to keep any other competing business from using that land.

        • Yes Mr. Butt, you are correct. That being said a location on a major highway and plenty of parking is best for fast food outlet. The Food Lion location is still a good financial risk for a chain restaurant even in today’s risky market.

          NOBODY who eats fast food walks to get it. If you don’t have a drive-thru window you’re not going to make it.

      • CCHS graduate says:

        Thank you Lawrence White for the old Tastee Freeze with its parking near the Crows Nest. In the 1960’s and 70’s this was the great social hang out for high school students. We liked the flavored shakes and T burgers. Maybe a Wendys could come to town now, as we would enjoy their almond berry salads. Wendys like Subway sells healthy fast food at a reasonable price. Some people only have a 30 minute lunch break from work, so that is a reason why many go to fast food restaurants. People want convenience and good food fast. Please come downtown on saturday mornings and buy healthy food from the Berryville Farmers Market. Thank you Bill Mackintosh for showing us that local food production for local consumption is the best for our community. Thank you Bill for a wonderful Peach Festival where the peach ice cream was better than the soft serve at Tastee Freeze.

        • I don’t know which is the worst of two evils-processed fast food or local farmers aggressively spraying pesticides on their crops. A lot of people get a false sense of security when shopping at the farmers market. They feel since it is local, it’s gotta be good for us. Wrong. Unless the grower is certified organic or uses organic means to grow, it’s poison going into your body. I hope that if you do shop at the farmers markets that you do ask the growers about their growing methods. Those strwberries might be the juciest and tastiest you’ve ever had but at what cost?

          • Stonebroke says:

            Wow! Now I have to ask what types of pesticides are used on my strawberries! I’m glad I live a free life and don’t really worry too much about the small stuff! We are all going out of here some how/some way!

          • We all know we are “going out of here some how/some way” but a lot of us like to control how much poison goes into our bodies. You should be asking which pesticides they use and how much. It’s a valid question.

  18. Hmmmm…. Maybe somebody will get reckless and bring back the Townhouse and its ‘Big Tex Burger.’

    ‘That’s BIG, son!’

    Oh the memories …

  19. Pete Chapman says:

    We were in Berryville about a year ago and went to Tastee Freeze for ice cream. The people there didn’t seem to know what they were doing — no wonder they closed. — You can’t get anything of worth, any more in Berryville. I grew up with Hess’ Shoes, Shurers Clothing, White’s Pharmacy, Ramsburg Hardware — where, oh where have all the good ones gone????

  20. Miss my berryville says:

    Wow.. does anyone have anything nice to say!

    • Big Tee Burger says:

      When it comes to the Tastee Freez, there’s not a whole lot of positives to talk about!

  21. Longtime Berryville resident says:

    After a swim in the pool behind the current Dollar General store, we kids enjoyed flavored shakes on hot, humid summer days. Tastee Freeze was kind to pay to put an advertisement in our Clarke County High School yearbooks in the 1970’s.. For decades, Tastee Freeze provided part time jobs for high school students and tax revenue to our community.

  22. Maybe a Wendys, with their drive- thru, could be built by Food Lion. People from Virginia Beach and Maine have seen the Berryville Wendys commercial. There is a a parking lot by Food Lion and Wendys would provide our community with tax revenue. Wendys has a good variety of food on their menu and their signs say, “Quality is our Recipe”.

    • I moved to Clarke for it’s rural style, but I see no problem with a Wendy’s by food lion. That whole area looks like crap anyways. Cookie cutter homes, chain food store, Wendy’s, what’s the difference?

  23. Anybody remember the Eagle Burger?