Teacher Disciplined Over Remarks About Bronco’s Tebow

Clarke County Public School officials say that they aren’t able to release details of an investigation last week into reportedly inappropriate comments made by a Clarke County Public School teacher in front of a classroom full of students on Tuesday, January 10.

Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow at prayer in the end zone

In response to an initial inquiry made last week by the Clarke Daily News, Superintendent Dr. Michael Murphy said on Friday, January 13 “We received a report late yesterday afternoon regarding an alleged comment made about Tim Tebow by a staff member.  An investigation was started this morning and is still underway.”

At the time, Murphy declined to provide additional information after labeling the issue a “personnel matter” and saying that the division would handle the issue “swiftly and confidentially” and declined to describe any specifics of the alleged statement.

During last night’s School Board session, School Board and Policy Committee member Dr. Beth Leffel asked Murphy about the incident.

“I received an email request dated January 15th to publicly address the situation and to disclose details that were not confidential with regard to personnel names,” Leffel said. “I was specifically asked to confirm a quote which led to the complaint being filed. So I’m just bringing that to the School Board’s attention and directing the matter to Dr. Murphy.”

“What policy are you referring to?” Murphy replied.

“Policy 5-12,” Leffel responded.

Murphy paused to consider the question and then replied “To the best of my knowledge no complaint has been filed by a student or a resident of Clarke County. Mr. Catlett, is that correct? Are you aware of a complaint that has been filed against an employee of Clarke County Public Schools by a student or a resident of Clarke County?”

“We’ll, I’m reading this policy – Third Party Complaints Against Employees,” Assistant Superintendent Rick Catlett replied. “I guess technically, officially, no, I’m not in receipt of a complaint. I’m not aware of a complaint. Dr. Murphy, we are bringing it to the closed meeting of the School Board for a discussion tonight.”

“That is correct,” Murphy replied.

“I was emailed the statement – it’s rather inflammatory – that the person wanted confirmation of whether the [teacher’s] statement did occur?” asked Leffel.

“Until the School Board has received the results of our investigation on this alleged matter I do not believe that any member of the School Board is in a position to comment on any statement that may or may not have been made. It is an active and ongoing personnel matter.”

After the meeting, Catlett clarified that no student or staff member had made a formal complaint about the comments, but confirmed that the issue had been brought to the attention of the CCHS principal who then alerted school administration.

Although school administrators declined to publicly release information about the specific comment that sparked the investigation, sources with direct knowledge of the incident said that an offensive comment occurred during the class “warm-up period” as the teacher was checking homework. One student reportedly said that he liked NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. The teacher’s comments in response to the student’s admiration for Tebow were the cause of the investigation.

Denver Broncos’ quarterback Tim Tebow’s willingness to openly express his religious beliefs, both on and off the field, has cast him as an angel in the eyes of some fans and as a show-off in the view of others.  Tebow’s practice of offering end-zone prayers that can last longer than a brief kneel has caused him to be openly mocked by players from other teams, as well as fans, for his Christian beliefs.

Apparently, news of the alleged comments raced quickly through the school division and became the central topic of conversation at the CCPS Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting the following day. The FCA discussion prompted a CCPS staff member to bring the comments to the attention of CCHS principal Dr. Jeffrey Jackson.

Assistant Superintendent, Rick Catlett issued the following statement this morning: “It was reported to us that an employee made inappropriate remarks on a non-school-related topic in the presence of students.  Appropriate disciplinary action was taken against the employee.  It is the policy of Clarke County Public Schools not to disclose any further details about its employees or personnel matters.”


  1. Say What? says:

    Can we focus on important things like changing to a 10 point grading scale like neighboring counties and colleges (at least 25 years overdue), replacing the elementry grading system, replacing huge, expensive & heavy text books with Kindle’s? You know, something to show Clarke is modernizing instead of fading as a relic while allowing everywhere else to pass us by???

    • From hearing the budget, you’ll be lucky if the kids have a teacher much less electronic textbooks.

  2. DAWN PRICE says:


  3. I can imagine what kind of comment it was, but I’ll reserve comment until it’s confirmed.

    I will say, however, that it’s a sad state we’ve reached when someone like this is mocked and derided while the sewerpipe that is Hollywood and TV in general is glorified in this country.

  4. First, I trust Rick Catlett to address the issue properly and completely. Second, I encourage CDN to publish the comments that the teacher made. The tone of the hate speech has no place in a classroom or workplace. Had a fanatical ESPN announcer made the same comment he would have been fired immediately and vilified by Christians and non-Christians alike. Further, the segment of the community that is sensitive about AIDS related bias would be up in arms too. What comes from the mouth is an indication of what is in one’s heart. There are some positive lessons that should be learned from this fiasco.I look forward to seeing CCPS do the right thing.

    • There are no lessons to be be learned other than, people say stupid stuff, and should be punished accordingly. If the networks had never shown Tebow posing, then we wouldn’t be discussing this at all.

    • Rick Catlett DID handle it correctly, folks. A teacher made a poor choice, his supervisor was informed and passed it up the chain, it was investigated, and a discipline was handed down; that’s all the law entitles the public to know. What more do you want? Seriously, y’all…put away your torches and pitchforks.

  5. Bill Bell says:

    I have no idea what was said, but it will not be released by the schools for CDN to publish.

    What I do know is whether it was a pro-Christian or anti-Christian comment somebody was going to be offended. The complaint may be a petty gripe, or it may be about a serious insult. Don’t judge unless you heard it and let the administration do their jobs.

    Chalk it up to court opinions holding that if you mention anything about religion in schools you have offended someone. Sad, but true.

    • I was there when they said it, and it actually wasn’t really about religion. It was an innapropriate comment that should not be said about anyone Christian or not. While I didn’t appreciate what was said, I do think it was blown out of proportion a bit. I’m surprised it made the news. In my opinion, a simple, “Don’t do it again.” would have sufficed.

  6. This is an outrage. Whatever this teacher said is totally irrelevent. Tim Tebow is just some fool wearing his religion on his sleeve and anyone in America can say anything they want about it or him without feeling the need to apologize to anyone. Unless this teacher said something way out of line, there was no cause for any discipline. And who’s the little narc who felt obligated to tattle on the teacher? This country and its sudden religious fervor is obnoxious and smacks of anti-freedom of speech behavior. Whatever religion you and the Tim Tebows in the U.S. want to practice is your business as well as your right. But please, keep Tim Tebow, as well as the stupid Kardashians, and any other TV personality out of our school system and stop disciplining any teacher for his/her feelings about those individuals.

    • “Anti-freedom of speech”? You obviously want freedom of speech, what American wouldn’t, yet in the first line of your paragraph you call Tebow a “fool” for “wearing his religion on his sleeve”. While you do have the right to say that, I hope you see the hypocrisy in your argument. Religion and the display thereof is a type of speech, and here you are, criticizing someone for exercising it.

      Also: “anyone in America can say anything they want about it or him without feeling the need to apologize to anyone.” Is that just in reference to Tebow and fellow Christians, or am I allowed to go up to my two gay best friends and call them every vile name I can think of? Or my black friend? Or, if I had any, my Muslim friends and call them terrorists? No.

    • “And who’s the little narc who felt obligated to tattle on the teacher?” How dare you. This student was simply standing up for what they saw as right and wrong and should be commended. Most kids our age, and in fact, most people in general, don’t have that much courage and just because YOU wouldn’t be brave enough to speak out against something that was wrong doesn’t mean you should prosecute someone else for it.

    • And who’s the little narc who felt obligated to tattle on the teacher?

      Perhaps……………..had there been more “narcs” around last summer, there’d be one more living student and one more that’s not in jail

  7. I appreciate your perspective but please collect some facts. If Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) made the same comment=fired. If Bill O’Reilly (FOXnews) made the same comment = fired. I have no idea what happens to a CCHS teacher when they interject hate speech in a classroom. If my child hears about a teacher dropping an F-bomb, N-word, anti-gay, or any type of hate speech I expect them to bring it to my attention. I don’t think that makes them a narc. For the record, those who point the finger and call “narc” are often afraid of the law and accountability. Free speech is one of the most powerful legal forces of our Constitution. What this teacher said is equivalent to yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater. As far as I know, that is neither protected nor defensible speech. An atheist would be offended by what this teacher said. I think you would be too.

    • MLK…you are grossly overreacting…You need to both collect and pay attention to some basic legal facts, and not react in such a selfish, knee-jerk manner.

      Equating whatever was said to calling “Fire!” in a crowded theatre – which could produce panic and result in multiple injuries and deaths – is a failed comparison. The answer contained in this article is all that the employment laws allow to be made public: there was an offense brought to the attention of the superintendent, it was investigated, and the teacher received a punishment. You seem to know the answer to what you are demanding, yet you persist in wanting it aired publicly. To what end? The law is very clear that they cannot do that.

  8. This is stupid. I seriously doubt that anyone was personally offended by whatever remarks were made about a show-boating millionaire foot bone-head that no one here knows personally. The people who filed this complaint clearly have nothing better to do with their time. When are people going to grow up in this kindergarden society of ours where everything has to be ‘politically correct?’

    • While I’m frustrated by having to be ‘politically correct’, I am more frustrated by the double standards that are painfully obvious in American society. Personally, I’m offended by what you just called him. But you clearly don’t feel that white, christian males deserve the same type of ‘respect’, let’s call it, that we are forced to give everyone else. Just think of what kind of hate I would get if I called President Obama a show-boating millionaire bone-head, which, honestly, I think he is. I would immediately be called an extremist-right wing racist tea-party moron. But guess what. Racism and religious prejudice can be aimed towards whites and Christians just as easily as it can towards blacks and Muslims.

  9. Personally, I applaud whatever student informed others about the inappropriate and unnecessary comment. Anyone who says differently needs to put it in perspective.

  10. I find it very amusing that the most “open-minded” of us feel the need to insult someone’s religion. Do they feel threatened? Or does their false sense of superiority via their pseudo-intellectualism feel the need to deride people to make themselves feel better? Either way you can keep it. Thirty years ago being liberal meant an entirely different thing that it does today, and they can keep that too.

  11. DAWN PRICE says:

    The sad thing in today’s world teachers do talk to freely to our children in the school system . I hear everyday how a teacher spoke to a child and used bad langue along with it .
    we need to support our schools but the respect has to be there also . I do not care what grade a child is in the langue needs to be used in the right manor . Everyone is different in this world and everyone needs to respect that if what was said hurt someone than it needs to be addressed. Remember we all are humans and do make mistakes in our everyday life .. So i will say a prayer for all and amen on that

  12. The Printer says:

    Just another example of how far our society has came as a whole! I feel so sorry for the kid that heard this remark, I’m sure he/she is scarred for life. (Give me a break) I’m sure the kid wasn’t the one raising the fuss, I’m sure it was Mom/Dad. I hope your kid will make it in the real world, instead of always having their parents holding that protective umbrella over their head everyday. Grow Up!

    • Read the flippin’ article – the comment was made (stupidly); kids were talking about it the next day at the FCA meeting; that sponsor talked to the principal; and off the ball began to roll. Move on, folks…it was handled properly, and it’s over.

      CDN Editor: CDN did not report that the FCA sponsor reported the incident. If that impression was gained from the article it is incorrect and we apologize for the mis-perception.

  13. Ok, so the comment made in class was not about Tim Tebows religion at all. The fact that people are so upset about something that they have no information about. If someone said the same thing about any other NFL football player, i can gauruntee that no-one would have said anything at all. People need to not be oversensitive about things like this. It is absolutly ridiculous that highschoolers can not have the maturity level to accept comments made in a joking manner.

  14. dmaxnjackson says:

    Once again, the CC rumor mill is running wild………………..

  15. Oh, come on people! This event has been blown way out of porportion. The comment made was not nearly as bad as this article makes it out to be. I feel sorry for the teacher and the stupidity that has ensued needs to end.

  16. Concerned says:

    Whether in this instance or any other….I believe that teachers should not be voicing their personal opinions to students at anytime. A teacher’s job should be to educate our children on subjects so that our children can develop their own educated opinions….not voice their own 🙂

    • Why can’t a teacher have their own opinion? They are human also. Everybody has an opinion, that doesn’t mean we have to agree. It’s called freedom of speech. That’s how we learn what we do or do not believe in.

    • My 2 Cents says:

      Hard to educate when teachers have to teach test results, rather than actually teaching to learn….

  17. Many thanks to whoever brought this to the school board. Teachers have to remember the possible outcome of making any type of comment that could offend any student. Any teacher who has the audacity to disregard this is definitely not someone I want anywhere near my child, much less teaching them. If this staff member cannot take care of himself and watch his own mouth, how is there any way he is able to take care of and teach our children?

  18. please read says:

    I am current junior at CCHS and I know what was said and who said it, let me say that I’ve had that teacher who is in questioning and they are a wonderful teacher! They have taught me so much, many students would say how incrediblely intelligent this teacher is. Most of you are adults on here and everyone makes mistakes no one is perfect. I had a teacher call me stupid my freshman year, and the teacher in questioning was one of the only teachers who cared enough to work with me. I hope this blows over because I would hate to lose such an amazing teacher who is loved by students and staff. So please stop with the negative comments, their are so much other things to worry about then this.

    • I hope you’re right. I’ve had teachers that can be downright nasty, but often, they are the ones who care most about you. If you know what was said, however, stop the rumors and simply quote him/her. I don’t even want a name. I, as a senior at CCHS, simply want to know what was said so I can judge for myself.

    • Here’s hoping that they weren’t your English or Grammar teacher. Then there might be a bigger problem than their recent comment.

  19. the Bold Truth says:

    This teacher [redacted] should be reprimanded for his behavior- he/she should be counseled and given some direction on respect. Glad someone spoke up finally and followed through with it- still have some of the good ole boy society working-but in any regards we should have teachers who have high morals and RESPECT for others and themselves.

    • The teacher WAS reprimanded. Read the dang article. This was one incident with one teacher blown completely out of proportion by the rumormongers that live amongst us.

      • goodgracious says:

        The teacher was reprimanded…..the situation is in no way newsworthy.

        I cannot believe the attention this is getting, and good for the student in the class who spoke up

  20. Complaining about this when there are so many other things to be brought to attention says:

    @MLK…you mention “Free speech is one of the most powerful legal forces of our Constitution.” and yet you are saying this teacher can not say what he or she wanted to say that is a little hypocritical to me. I feel as though if we are going to bring up our amendment rights then this teacher had a right to state his or her opinion. Teacher our there to teach the children yes and in school these student learn or “learn” about their rights as well as the rights of every other American. Do teachers have some standards? Yes Should they keep personal opinions to themselves? yes unless asked by a student. All these outraged parents that are commenting were you there in the classroom when the teacher made this comment? I think not. So instead of buying into the rumor mill of Clarke County maybe you should let things be.

    It was stated above as well that teachers are there to teach your children and not give them their opinions and yet you have raised your children with both facts and you own opinions which have shaped their opinions of various things. Yes you are the parents but what makes you any different from stating your opinion in front of your child or their friends outside of school that a teacher stating theirs when having a conversation with the students. You are still forming the opinions of others by what you say just as you claim you do not what the teacher doing.

    So before pointing fingers at someone maybe all facts should be gathered by the people that really matter not outraged parents “who have never made a sarcastic remark or ill opinion in their entire lives” and the entire county of Clarke. This is what happens when you have one to many busy bodies in this small town. Don’t like the way Clarke County teachers teach MOVE! Your problem is solved!

    Ta Ta For Now

    • Wait one minute

      1) Personal opinions that respect other religious beliefs are welcome.

      2) What makes me different? Its my child. Thats whats different.

      3) The teacher is doing it on public property while being paid. You cant have a prayer service before a football game or a dance or GRADUATION , then I dont want teachers giving their “personal opinions” to my young child. High schoolers are different,

      . Teachers have constitutional rights to express their opinions, WHATEVER THEY MAY BE, but not in the classroom, where they are custodians of the classroom, not owners. If my kid has to celebrate a “winter festival”, instead of Christmas break, then you can bet good money that said teacher needs to keep their anti Christian opinions to themselves. Thats where we have gotten in this day and age. Tim Tebow expresses himself in one way, and thats not good; but Hollywood idols go out and shack up with every other person of any sex that walks around the corner, and thats OK. Newt Gingrich wants an open marriage and thats big news, but John Edwards is shacking up with his gal pal right in front of the press corps and behind his dying wifes back and they keep that to themselves. So if the other sides guy is a creep thats bad, but if my guy is doing it hey no big deal.
      The true story here is the shameful display of hypocrisy in our society at every level, and teaching our children to continue on with this shameful practice.

  21. Teachers have always used their position to ruminate about things in the news. They need to learn to walk a fine line in between teaching and opining. Back in the 70’s teachers would always talk about certain things in the news. But i think they also would know enough not to say anything derrogatory about someon’es relig
    oeus beliefs. We havent been told what was said, But I can;t imagine that it was complimentary.

  22. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the kids who complained, rather than them sharing it with their parents and hence the firestorm! Probably the radical evangelical parents to boot……….. Of all the things going on and this is what they are focusing on…… You gotta be kidding me????? Only in Clarke….

  23. DAWN PRICE says:


  24. I have also read and heard what was said. Granted it is “alleged” but the gist remains the same from all sources. What would have happened if a student said this about a teacher, or an administrator in the school? I am sure this teacher did not mean to cause such a stir, but I cannot believe people are complaining about the attention this has garnered. To make light of this teacher’s comment is to condone this behavior from the students when it arises.

    I cannot imagine EVER wishing a horrible, horrible disease such as Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) on ANYONE- even someone who kneels in an end zone. I lost a friend to complications of this disease. Teaching young adults it is acceptable to joke about it, and make light of something that ate away at my friend, stripping any shred of dignity he could grasp; not to mention the millions of others suffering now, is disheartening to put it mildly.

  25. CCHS Student says:

    This entire issue has been blown way out of proportion. The teacher in question is a good man, and I have personally known him ever since my freshman year, and am now a senior. The comment he made, though maybe not fully appropriate, was made as a joke. High school students SHOULD be mature enough to deal with it, and form their own opinions about it, rather than needing to run home and complain to their parents about it. We all have the right to free speech, and by punishing this one man for making his opinion known, Clarke County is essentially saying that teachers can’t express their own opinions. Their job is to teach us and they can’t do that if they are scared to talk freely in front of us. I feel that this entire issue is outrageous, and shouldn’t have been taken nearly this far. Leave the poor teacher alone, the situation has already been dealt with, and shouldn’t still be causing this much of a scandal.

    • CCHS Senior says:

      CCHS Student: I cannot believe that you are defending this horrible, unnecessary, hateful statement. I know exactly what this comment was, and who said it. Whoever informed someone else has my thanks. I wish I had been a witness and could’ve assisted you.

      Oh and by the way, CCHS Student, I would like to thank you for saying that high school students should be mature enough to deal with this, because as “mature high school students,” we should be able to tell right from wrong and ‘just a joke’ from a major offense.

  26. My 2 Cents says:

    Maybe we can get Tebow at the Apple Blossom Parade now! Just Sayin……..

  27. please read says:

    To the bold truth – to whomever you may be, with all respect ma’am/sir my teacher has respect. This whole situation is being blown up. I am a god loving church going child, I’ve grown up in a christian house, but I don’t believe god is in heaven helping Mr.tebow get a touchdown. I believe its all for publicity matters. But I don’t know that for a fact, I don’t know him personally and you don’t know my teacher. Don’t judge off of hear say please. Because a kind mans reputation is up for questioning and its very sad that adults feed into the hear say. Please stop. It’s getting ridiculous!

    • the Bold Truth says:

      I do know your teacher- very well for the last 5 years– and I know what kind of respect he does NOT show to himself and students from an adult perspective. I am able to have an open mind and if this is what he really said outloud with children present then he deserves to be discplined. Not a very good example that I want my children to follow !!! So : Please Read” keep following your christian values and you will eventually (when you grow up) see that this was wrong.

  28. “I hope Tim Tebow sits on a hypodermic needle, gets AIDS and dies.”

    Well, that’s nice.

    LIke I said, it’s a sad state of affairs in this country that someone like Tebow has things like this said about him, and yet the Hollywood sewerpipe is held up as a role model for kids. “Hey, look at that thong going up Snookies butt! Isn’t that cool? I want one just like that!”. “Ohhh look! Snoop Dog got arrested for having 50lbs or mary jane! He’s cool!” “When does Dancing American Idol come on?”

    I saw a Tebow interview the other day after their overtime win over Chicago. SOmeone asked him what the best part of his day was. His reply was “Well, I went and spent the morning with this kid I’ve gotten to know that’s in the hospital with cancer”.

    Not a damn thing about the game he just won.

    And people wonder what’s wrong with this country

    As for this teacher, maybe we should look at bringing back prayer and the 10 Commandments to schools. God knows this teacher could use a dose of it

    • If any of you folks have a male playing on some of the sports teams. Ask them about the lanuage used by some coaches. I have heard it myself in years past and the same coaches are still in place. I don’t condone the comments or the lanuage but it’s there and has been for a long time. From both students and staff alike.

      • Surprisingly says:

        I hear it was a coach that made the comment………….

        Based on the paragraph below, it is good to see our school board leadership has the ability to be selective in their choice of words so as not to mislead the public and that technically, officially there was no complaint. Would have been nice for them to just speak the truth and not be “Clinton-like” in their response. I would have kept my respect for them. Now I can clearly see they are operating in unison – for better or worse.

        Murphy paused to consider the question and then replied “To the best of my knowledge no complaint has been filed by a student or a resident of Clarke County. Mr. Catlett, is that correct? Are you aware of a complaint that has been filed against an employee of Clarke County Public Schools by a student or a resident of Clarke County?”

        “We’ll, I’m reading this policy – Third Party Complaints Against Employees,” Assistant Superintendent Rick Catlett replied. “I guess technically, officially, no, I’m not in receipt of a complaint. I’m not aware of a complaint. Dr. Murphy, we are bringing it to the closed meeting of the School Board for a discussion tonight.”

        “That is correct,” Murphy replied.

      • I would probably say to you—if you don’t want your son to hear cursing on the playing field–you probably better not have your son play! I’ve played and been around sports my whole life and whether you like it or not–it is most likely going to happen in the heat of the moment. Right or Wrong it is going to happen!

  29. http://www.tv3winchester.com/home/headlines/Local_Teacher_in_Trouble_Over_Alleged_Tebow_Comment_137727593.html

    Well, well… so all the ranting here about free speech and assumptions that the comment was related to religious beliefs turns out to be a failed attempt to connect the dots. Rather, it would seem that there’s an ignorant homophobe on staff at CCHS.

  30. The Printer says:

    If you think what he said was bad, then maybe you should take a walk around the hallways at our local schools! Your kids are saying far worse things than what was said by this teacher and if your kid was sent to the principal’s office, you would be the same parents complaining about someone disciplining your “Little Johnny”! Your excuse would be ” There must be some type of miscommunication here”. Too Funny!

    • Aren’t teachers supposed to have some kind of “higher standard”, or are the kids being taught by people that have the same mentality as the kids themselves?

      • Teachers do have, and for certain are held to, a higher standard. However, they’re just as flawed as humans as the rest of us are. The comment (whether meant as a “joke” or not) was colossally stupid, but he was reprimanded for it, and rightfully so. BUt to use this as an excuse to both crucify the teacher and rip “teachers” in general is just about as low as one can get.

        • CLARKE EAGLE says:

          The comment was not a joke or stupid. It was hate speech made by a Clarke County teacher. You are worried that people are upset at this hate speech and calling for the teacher to be held accountable for his or her actions? This teacher should be fired. The punishment fell far short of what was necessary.

          I would bet everything that if this comment was made about blacks, gays, or muslims the teacher would be asked to resign or be fired. Don’t lecture everyone for trying to hold this “teacher” accountable for their hate speech.

          • Hate speech? That’s a little extreme. It was an off color comment made to a student, not a lecture to the class.

            You are right to be upset about such a hate speech…however this wasn’t what happened here.

          • I don’t see how this teacher could be fired. While a bad idea, it is probably protected under freedom of speech. You are only assuming that the comment was in reference to religion but religion was never mentioned. Maybe the teacher is just a Steelers fan?

    • goodgracious says:

      right on with that. Not saying the teacher was in any way right but the teacher has been disciplined for petesake.

      Not much happens to students who spout the same, or worse. People need to get a grip. It’s over and done

  31. The Printer says:

    It was a statement! Far from a speech! Like I posted earlier (but it failed to make an appearance on the board) It was an inmature statement made that is probably now a big regret on the teachers behalf.

    • I’m sure it is. The point here is that we have a teacher, someone that by the admission of students that have posted here, is looked up to, saying stupid stuff like what was reported.

      Unfortunately, it seems schools these days, especially colleges, are full of these types. Teachers/Professors that do stuff like make fun of or wish death on someone like Tebow ( who BTW hasn’t done a thing in the world to anyone) and espouse other “opinions” that range from centerist to far left.

      For example, just last year I had my son come home from his Senior year history class telling me that islam was a peaceful religion. Now while a majority of them may well be peaceful, I can assure you from all my travels to the Middle East, it isn’t that way everywhere. And yet here we had a history teacher teaching that postion as an absolute fact to kids that really don’t know any better. And they take it for gospel because the teacher said it.

      As far as this teacher goes, he’s already been reprimanded. Personally, I’d make him man up and apologize to the student body and move on.

  32. DAWN PRICE says:


    • While I agree that the world would be a better place if it was like it was many years ago, we need to realize that it’s not and it’s never going to go back to the “good ole days”. The sooner we realize that , the better. And I don’t agree that because kids are used to hearing such talk they think its ok. If a child is properly raised at home (and I’m in no way implying yours, if you have them, aren’t) then they know it’s not ok. I think it was in very poor judgement of this teacher and he or she was reprimanded. Nothing was “put under the rug”, this article proves that.

  33. holy moly says:

    it was a comment and an opinion..i think everyone can agree that was was a stupid comment. but, everybody is allowed to say something stupid..and more than likely regret it. My child told me about it..He said it was dumb..it didn’t make his opinion change..of what the teacher said or the opinion of the teacher….because he was raised to have his own opinion whether it was the same as others or not. The teacher should apologize at least..if that is what was said…but i don’t feel the need to lynch the teacher..or blow it out of proportion

  34. Tony Parrott says:

    Good Teacher
    Stupid comment

    John 8:7
    Enough Said

  35. I completely agree with Mr. Parrot. It’s over, now its time for the gossip to stop. Lets act like adults now and let it die.

    • holy moly says:

      I agree with ‘the printer’ and Tony…..People are human…move on….the others still complaining should really think about what else your children might also be hearing out in the real world…It shows them things aren’t always right that are said…but that it’s ok to form your own opinion. It makes the kids think n form their own opinion of what is right or wrong. It makes my child smarter I think. He knows that just because it’s said doesn’t mean that he has to agree…and also that some people don’t think before they speak. It happens to the best of us whether we want it to or not.

  36. shane burke says:

    i graduated in 06 and this is the first time i have visited this page. I’m not surprised in the least that i came across a situation with childish parents… and students who seem to be more perceptive to the reality of an off hand comment meant to be received as a joke. Some of you should be happy it happened. you now have a window of opportunity to push your religious or political agenda. I would now like to quote something i heard from a teacher in clarke county high school “some people should open mouth and insert foot ”. It almost seems as if you want to use this teacher as a religious sacrifice. ha. The gods of knowledge will now cleanse your child’s brain. Maybe that’s offensive, but you cant fire me. Your children can still read it, and either agree, disagree or maybe even both. The sad part is they still have several years before they are allowed to disagree with yours.

    FPN: (this comment was not directed towards everyone)

  37. Another Student says:

    People people, I can assure you the teacher in question feels awful about the remark that was intended to be nothing more than a really crude joke. While the remark cannot be justified, the intent was not to insult anyone’s religon and any claim to the contrary is the result of insecurity. I can also assure you that many of the children, whose innocence some of you assert to be protecting, have said alot worse.
    Yes the remarks weren’t ‘politically correct’ but the response has been above and beyond what is necessary. Finally, I can say from first hand experience on the issue that the majority of cchs like the teacher. And a good teacher is something the school needs.

  38. It's Just A Parent says:

    Really? Really? I use to love the Clarke Courier. Once a week reading the praises of the town, the goings on, the actual news. I’m sorry it is gone but really? This is how the county wants to be seen? Is this is who we have become? Spending time back stabbing, being over dramatic, mud slinging… If you want smut buy the Enquirer. This is no more mature then the students we are worried about. If you read past posting on the CDN, half the county does not respect the teachers anyways, move on, next topic, we get it. Maybe instead of wasting your time spreading rumors, step away from the computer and spend the time with your own children. Protect your kids by teaching them yourself. Maybe start with English by reading the great, inspiring, thoughtful remarks on this site. Can we please discuss something more relevant.

  39. [redacted] No one who has commented knows the conversation that went on in the classroom, nor do they know the teacher who said it. It seems the student who reported this is OVERLY sensitive to report an off the side comment that the teacher made. The teacher is adored by the students. Everyone should take a step back and think about any negative thing they’ve said about someone famous? This has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion or Tebow’s sexual preference. Get your facts straight. This has gotten way out of hand.

  40. this is dumb says:

    TheBoldTruth- Heres the bold truth, please grow up and let this go! Thank you! Its sad you are fighting with a younger adult.

  41. It is interesting to study a similar situation from england, where two match commentators were fired from their jobs because they told each other jokes when they didn’t know they had microphones on them. Since then, England has lost two great personalities, because people refused to let them do what they were good at and insisted on investigating them. I know this teacher, he did not want Tebow to die, I assure you of that. I believe that, like the soccer commentators in England, people should forget about this and let him do what he is best at doing, which is teaching. He is one of the most enjoyable teachers I’ve ever had. We all realize that this statement sounds terrible out of context, many statements do, for example, Ron paul lately suggested that we send politicians to the moon, we all knew he didn’t mean it. what he meant was that he didn’t want to put up with them, no one is accusing Ron Paul of hate speeches.